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Research on Transparent Conductive Film of ZnO/metal/ZnO Structure

Author: ZhouRongFu
Tutor: JiZhenGuo
School: Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Physical Electronics
Keywords: Transparent conductive film ZnO nanometer metal film DC magnetron sputtering
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Because of the advantage in the low resistively and the high transmittance in the visible light, transparent conductive films are applied in many optoelectronics, such as transparent conductive electrode in liquid-crystal display, Solar battery, Heat Mirror, Surface Acoustic Wave Devices and so on.At the present stage, ITO film, one of the transparent conductive films is used mostly, but, due to the high cost, serious pollution of the environment and the grave damage to human beings, the film is limited to be developed. ZnO is a kind of Semiconductor Materials with the directly band-gap, which can open up the optoelectronics’devices area deeply. In addition, it has a relatively low cost. What’s more, Zn is one of the necessary elements for human bodies, basically there is no harm. In recent years, the research of ZnO transparent conductive film has aroused wide concern.This paper discussed the transparent conductive film of ZnO, especially the research progress and application prospect about it. Using nanometer technology, we prepared the transparent conductive film with ZnO/metal/ZnO structure.we change the film thickness and annealing temperature, and use X-Ray Diffraction, X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy,UV-VIS spectrometer,Hall Effect Measurement System to measurement characteristics such as fabric, optical properties, Electrical properties . We use ordinary glass as substrate in the experiment; prepare the film by the DC magnetron sputtering.The film of ZnO/metal/ZnO, extremely easily effected by the metal layer and the of ZnO layer, therefore, this research is divided into three stages: first, making the high quality of ZnO films, discussed the different thickness of ZnO films and electro-optical properties, Study the membrane structure, optical properties and electrical properties of the different thickness of the In film and Al film, Finally, based on the research of the first second items, we chose the best parameters and prepared the ZnO/Al/ZnO film and ZnO/In/ZnO film respectively, studied the property of ZnO/metal/ZnO film under the different thickness of Al film, In film and ZnO film, and different annealing temperature.Experimental results show that if the metal layers of ZnO thin is too thick, and it is poor conductivity, If the metal layer is too thick, although it can lower the resistively, but transparent is falling rapidly. So transmittance and electric conductivity is a pair of contradictory, looking for the best thickness of ZnO film and metal layer is the key of studying ZnO/metal/ZnO multilayer.From the result, we can find that the film with ZnO/In/Zno is as well as Zn/Al/ZnO film. In the visible light area, the transmittance approach 80% and the resistively reach 4.5×10-3Ohm-cm. As the annealing temperature risen, the transmittance enhanced, but the resistively increases rapidly.

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