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The Study of Quantum Size Effects and Calorifics Properties in a Nanosphere

Author: YinXueAi
Tutor: YiLin
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Condensed Matter Physics
Keywords: Quantum effects Quantum devices Vibration spectrum Density of states Dyson equation
CLC: TB383.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Internal electronic and atomic number is the number of material the size is reduced to nanoscale , quantum effects such as the size effect , coherence effects and non-linear optical effects . Famous physicist Richard Feynman had predicted in a speech to the road of development of nanoscience . He put forward the idea of controlling individual atoms and molecules and nanotechnology to make it become a reality . From the development of the information society , we can know the generation and development of quantum devices and quantum information technology is inevitable , resonant tunneling devices , single-electron devices and quantum computers , etc. , these nanodevices has broad application prospects . Been of great concern due to the the nanoscale mechanical system unique physical properties and potential applications in nanotechnology . The isolated nanocrystals spectrum is discrete, and the low energy phonon spectrum exists an energy gap and the block body phonon spectrum until zero are continuous . At low frequencies, the large body vibration mode of the vibration mode of the nanocrystals , and the nanocrystals vibrational density with decreasing size, close to the block body . Any reliance on the dynamic nature of the density of the low frequency oscillator , such as low - temperature thermodynamic properties or low energy electron relaxation rate , the nanocrystals with the block body is very different . Because of the extremely small size of these systems and volume area ratio , can dramatically change the nature of their interaction with the environment . In this paper, the continuum theory and quantum many-body thermodynamic properties of the theoretical research and the substrate are weakly coupled nanoparticles . This study helps to understand the experimental results , and provide theoretical guidance for the manufacture of nanodevices . Representative of the elastic ball with an isolated nano-particles, the heat of the substrate as the resonator library, this thermal reservoir at low energy is continuous. Not stress boundary conditions , the use of the eigenvectors of the continuum theory isolated nanoparticles intrinsic oscillation mode . The Dyson equation Solving nanoparticles phonon propagation function obtained the density of states of the hollow nanoparticles and found that the interaction with the environment at low frequencies is very important . Studies have found that the hollow nanospheres vibration spectral broadening and obvious difference compared with the isolated nanoparticles the vibration spectroscopy studies of the hollow nanoparticles thermodynamic properties .

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