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The Design and Realization of Remote Diagnosis Platform Orient Car Electronic

Author: GuoNing
Tutor: LanShuMei
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: Long-distance Diagnosis H.264 Database C/S Model
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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In 1988, the open concept of telemedicine systems in the United States had been put forward, it generally agreed that an open telemedicine system should include long-distance diagnosis, expert consultation, information services, distance learning and online testing, and other parts However, due to inadequate attention and funding research into less manpower and other reasons, the industrial area of long-distance diagnosis relatively slow progress compared with the medical industry has achieved significant results.Overseas, in January 1997, the first Internet-based (Internet) industry’s long-distance diagnosis seminar at Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology co-hosted, more than 50 representatives from 30 companies and research institutions have presented.Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from October 1996 to start to develop the next generation of Internet-based remote diagnosis system model, the work will soon be on the manufacturing sector, computer and instrumentation industry, Boeing, Fort, Segate, Intel, etc. 12 large companies for their support and co-operation.In addition, the University of Michigan is also active in machinery for processing and manufacturing of remote diagnosis system, and on the Internet to set up a propaganda site.Many international organizations have also conducted through the network equipment, advice and fault diagnosis technology and the development of a number of formats and standards for information exchange, the companies also added to their products to connect the Internet.In China, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, have advanced to the standards, or has already begun preparations for the began working in the industrial area of remote diagnostics research. Huazhong University of Science and Mechanical College of Information, the national "Ninth Five-Year Plan" (pre-scale) projects (PD9521908), with financial support from the establishment of a central fault diagnosis.This is a virtual laboratory, it can provide long-range signal acquisition, signal analysis and fault diagnosis service, as well as from Internet for students in engineering testing and signal analysis of the experimental.First of all, in the power plants establishment of internal monitoring and diagnosis of distributed systems, and then through the Internet to state monitoring and fault diagnosis to the extension of the Research Institute and the University of fault diagnosis, the realization of the Internet-based remote fault diagnosis, the current state of their good run.In short, the long-distance diagnosis of this development also reflects the human society is entering the Information Society.Use of the Internet to carry out long-range car is a new diagnostic technology and industry, and diagnostic system is a complex system involving computer networks, communications technology, electronics, automotive fault diagnosis technology, and many other technical issues.Automotive Electronics long-range fault diagnosis system, to ensure that the vehicle in good running condition to reduce traffic accidents, traffic congestion, long-term accumulation of failure data can also design and the development of automobile manufacturing units in the design, manufacture, assembly, etc. To improve the sector’s first-hand reference for the development of China’s auto industry provides a good way of feedback.Therefore, we hope that in the long-range study of the diagnosis, for contributions to the development of China’s auto industry modest.Forces from the practical point of view, the task force to go out every year, especially implementation of the actual equipment, live ammunition exercises, and other tasks, the need to spend a lot of the equipment, vehicle dynamic safeguard is a vital factor which affect and restrict task completing .From the actual needs of the army, to establish a remote diagnostic platform for improving and promoting the formation of combat will play a positive role.In addition, through the practice of this project will establish foundation for own army.Vehicle remote fault diagnosis, that is, in the on-board Internet access, under the network environment to achieve communication between workers or pilots and maintenance experts in the remote fault diagnosis.This article will combine the world’s most extensive coverage of the Internet to establish a long-range automotive electronics fault diagnosis system.The establishment of long-range video automotive diagnostic systems, mainly for two types of vehicles, first the failure of the vehicle difficult after sold to all over the country, and the other is in the field of local transportation task appeared difficult fault of the vehicle.Its main function is to: of the problem, "car video remote diagnosis system" for remote diagnosis.Upon completion of the system, the establishment of a nationwide repair stations, service stations, in order to achieve the service station to the scene and technical maintenance center in the maintenance of experts convened by video, automotive technology experts, the network through the use of video, voice consultations, on-site guidance to diagnose vehicle maintenance to ensure that Vehicles across the country receive real-time diagnosis, maintenance and technical services(.G.722)。Automotive diagnostic systems and remote audio and video functions to achieve the use of audio-visual HaikangWei provision of the development package, using video compression technology standard H.264, audio compression technology standard used OggVorbis (the equivalent of G.722). Development tools used Borland’s C + + Builder 2007, the database using Microsoft’s SQL Server 2000, board development kit used HaikangWei provide the 4.3 version of the SDK and the independent development of the streaming media package. The main sub-systems following several modules: module registry, the local audio and video encoding module, remote audio and video decoding module, the streaming media server module, client module streaming media, user management and control modules, network communications modules.I focus on the following aspects of work carried out: the completion of automotive electronics for remote diagnosis of the overall design of the platform.In-depth understanding of TCP / IP, UDP, RTP, and so on the platform used in the automotive remote diagnostic communication protocols, such as methods to achieve.The use of web-based database technology to build fault diagnosis center database. Finally, the establishment of an experimental diagnostic center in the local area network simulation run, and run the diagnostic platform.This article is divided into six chapters, each chapter of the overall arrangements are as follows:The first chapter of the car were diagnosis of long-range outlined in the second chapter of the diagnostic system needs analysis, the third chapter of the database system has been designed, in the fourth chapter of the system to the application of the technology described, the fifth chapter Introduced a software system, the sixth chapter is summarized and prospects. After testing the system and the actual operation, had met the basic requirements.A practical remote fault diagnosis system in the Automobile Enterprises, research institutes, car manufacturers, car sales in support of collaborative enterprise, in order to continue to develop and perfect.Car remote fault diagnosis technology has been widely abroad and the importance of research, but because of domestic-based networks, such as economic and technological conditions, domestic In this regard relatively late start.However, the realization of long-distance diagnosis for automotive electronics technology has enormous economic and social benefits, making this emerging technology has broad prospects for use. It is bound with the rapid development of China’s auto industry development.

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