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Design and Implementation of Cadre Management System

Author: HouChunShan
Tutor: XuGaoChao
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: management information systems management cadre and personnel system forces
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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With the rapid development of computer technology, computer application in the management of forces in the popularity of computer unit achievement of personnel management is imperative. The authorities force, the use of computer support for the troops to complete a highly efficient personnel management of day-to-day affairs, is a modern system of troop requirements of the forces of Personnel Management to promote the scientific and standardization of the necessary conditions; management of the computer can not match the advantages of rapid retrieval, Easy to find, the credibility of the high storage capacity, the confidentiality of a good, long life and low cost. These advantages can greatly improve the efficiency of personnel management, but also force more scientific and standardized management, and integration of the world’s military an important condition. Force personnel management according to different functions, such as the different branches, with different personnel management system, which determines the different needs of different units and personnel management systems.MIS (Management Information System),stressed in the management, stressed the modern information society, it is becoming increasingly popular. MIS is a new discipline, across a number of areas, such as management science, systems science, operations research, statistics and computer science. In these subjects on the basis of the formation of information-gathering and processing methods in order to create a system of vertical and horizontal intertwined.Information productivity as the most active, very early in the economic life of mankind is playing an irreplaceable role, but the information included in the force management to deal with high-performance systems and applications in the computer after the invention of the late 50’s. At present, people referred to in management information systems, usually refers to the computer as a tool for the management of information collection, storage, retrieval, processing and delivery so that it applies to organizations and forces in the field of management "- system" The system is in the early 70’s "post-industrial economy" era, troops in the management information system in its initial phase of the development of a single person - system, the system features a simple, low efficiency, the management of limited impact.Cadre management system, research and development aimed at the use of force has been the computer and network resources to standardize and improve the management of cadres, fast and effective access to staff attendance, leave, Gnocchi, as well as basic information management. This article focused on building human resources unit, using the idea of software engineering, security forces personnel and equipment to conduct a comprehensive, detailed investigation is understood that the use of a structured approach to information management system needs analysis system, information needs, functional requirements, Information and function, and so on, the design specification used to design the system overall logic model, so that the system work for the business to meet the needs of management.The article describes the beginning of the first management system developed in the background and significance of the situation at home and abroad, as well as the information systems unit of China’s problems and focused on the management information system (MIS) to develop the urgency. As early as the 1930s, Bird stressed the decision-making in the management of the organization. 50’s computer has been used for accounting, Gaelic, wrote in 1958: the lower the cost of management will be timely and accurate information so that better control. "At this time the term data processing has taken place. Management Information System is the three elements of the system point of view, the methodology of mathematics and computer applications, and this is precisely the three-point symbol of modern management. Management Information System is dependent on the computer And the development of development. Management information system is synchronized with the development of the computer. From the principle of speaking, any department or unit, with or without a computer, there’s information collection, processing and use, which have management information systems.In the rapid development of information technology era, we have fully affirmed the achievements of these at the same time not lose sight of the universality of some of the problems. First of all, over the past 10 years or so troops of the information system despite rapid development, but the success rate of what? Accordance with the relevant departments of the 225 has achieved the information technology unit of the survey, 52.24 percent of the troops that the troops of information Construction of the effectiveness of the general; do not think there is an ideal 21.79%; very good results that only 9.55 percent. Second, training, management and financial statistics module is also part of the force is gradually applied to play. But at the grass-roots and small departments, such as the use of poor. According to another 300 troops from various different positions of the middle-level cadres found that the body sections, the per capita amount of computer 0.4 to 1 of 33%, of which per capita computer cadres number 1 or more accounted for troops 37%. However, these forces of 97% of the computer is used to do word processing, 1 / 2 is used to browse the Web, or even 1 / 5 of the computer is often used to play the game. The majority of those surveyed agreed that: They did not force the realization of information technology. The use of force in the near future the number of encryption systems and related systems, play games and browse the Web situation is reduced, even to eliminate. The results of these surveys and analysis of the show: While our troops are currently using the computer has been more common, but many of the application of information systems did not achieve the desired results.These articles in the chapter on information management systems were analyzed. And the design of the target user, user features, all of the requirements described.Chapter III of the system is designed to achieve specific elaborated. First of all, this chapter of mysql and jsp introduced, and then the overall design of the database design and a detailed analysis of the specific features of the final detailed design and implementation of an analysis.Practice has proved that the system of software and hardware requirements low, run fast, simple and user-friendly, easy to manage and maintain, and is highly specific, practical and feasible, not only in stand-alone but also in the Running on the network, Yu is the practice in one examination and application software, the initial forces cadre management to solve the existing problems in the force to ensure the management of cadres, more convenient and efficient, so that the troops took to the management cadre of information technology, scientific, standardized The track.

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