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Studies on the Differences of Drought Resistance of Robinia Pseudoacacia Clones

Author: MaoPeiLi
Tutor: CaoBangHua
School: Shandong Agricultural University
Course: Forest cultivation
Keywords: drought stress Robinia pseudoacacia clone drought resistance
CLC: S792
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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Four clones of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) W1, L1, L59, L78 were tested in order to study the difference of their ability of drought resistance and water consumption by pot experiments. Two treatments were conducted, one was a long term soil water stress treatment, and the other was to offer a water grading content. The main results were as follows:Robinia pseudoacacia clones have different abilities of drought resistance. According to the result of fuzzy mathematics comprehensive appraisal analysis of some important indexes, the abilities of four black locust clones’ drought resistance were ranked as follows, W1>L78>L59>L1. Four clones were divided into two groups on the base of their photosynthesis characteristics and mechanisms of drought resistance, the high-WUE group including W1 and L1 and the high-photosynthesis rate group including L59 and L78.Robinia pseudoacacia has strong automatic regulation ability and rapidly responsibility to drought by adjusting its’ metabolism under the condition of drought stress. Following drought stress intensity’ increment, four black locust clones’ physiological indexes fluctuate under the condition of sustained soil water stress much more than under the treatment of controlling soil water content.The result showed that water stress had inhabited the growth of clones. Twelve days after water stress, while the soil water percentage decreased to 10%, the growth of seedling height decreased significantly. W1 can still keep certain growth, the growth of L78 and L59 were very small, and L1 stopped growing.Robinia pseudoacacia clones’ photosynthesis was very responsive to <WP=10>drought stress, Pn of black locust clones decrease linearly following soil water contents decreasing. And temperature is an important factor, too. From 20℃ to 30℃, Pn of black locust clones is high relatively. But over 30℃, Pn become small. Under 3 treatments of soil water content, Pn of W1 was the highest in 70%FFC, L59’s Pn in 50%FFC, L78’s in 30%FFC. As drought grade increasing, Ci, Chl contents(including Chla Chla+b Chla/b) increase and the CO2 assimilation ability decrease. The responses of W1, L1 were faster than L59, L78 .The variation of Pn was related to the changes of Tr, Gs, Chl and other indexes. Robinia pseudoacacia has a strong osmotic adjustment and the order is L78> L1> L59> W1. Under water stress condition, soluble sugar and protein contents were increased quickly and soluble protein was decreased. It was apparent there was a critical point. And the critical value of each clone’s is different.Under water stress, the defensive enzymes of black locust clones played important role. W1 and L1 improved the activity of SOD, CAT and POD to protect cell stability, but L59 and L78 only improve the activity of SOD and CAT. The water partitioning ratio among leaf, stem and root under normal condition was about 3:2:5 respectively. But the ratio varied under drought stress. The water ratio was increased in leaf of W1 and L78; increased in root of L1 and L59. Then there were no apparent changes in stem.With the aggravating of drought stress water consumption of clones were decreased quickly. At the beginning, the water consumption was greatest during the slight drought stage. W1 and L1 can been divided into one group, L59 and L78 belong to another based on the water consumption characteristic.

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