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Induction of Immune Tolerance by Spleen Injection with Immature Dendritic Cells in Small Intestinal Transplantation of Rats

Author: ZhangGuoQiang
Tutor: WuWenXi
School: Nanjing Medical University
Course: Surgery
Keywords: Spleen injection Dendritic cells Immune tolerance Small bowel transplantation
CLC: R392
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Objective: To study by the spleen injection of bone marrow-derived immature dendritic cells (iDC) of the rat small intestine transplant immune tolerance induction . Method : separate donor F344 rat bone marrow-derived DC cell precursors , stimulated by GM-CSF, IL-4 in vitro cultured for 6 days after the detection of cell surface costimulatory molecules and MHC expression identification is imDC ; healthy adult F344 rats donor SD rats receptor . Were randomly divided into four groups ( n = 10 ) , the A group ( negative control group ) : 7 days before transplantation receptor through penile dorsal vein injection of saline 1ml ; B group ( negative control group ) : 7 days prior to transplantation , receptor splenic injection of saline 1ml ; C group (iDC dorsal penile vein injection group ) : 7 days prior to transplantation , receptors by penis dorsal vein injection of donor iDC cell number of 2 × 106 ; D group (iDC spleen injection group ) : 7 days prior to transplantation , receptor spleen injection of donor iDC cell number of 2 × 106 . One week after the injection of the four groups of rats underwent rat heterotopic segmental small bowel transplantation . Observation: transplanted rat survival ; 2 , seven days after the transplant , transplant intestinal pathology ; 3 TUNNEL assay transplanted intestinal cell apoptosis . : D small intestinal graft survival time (17.50 ± 1.05) d, significantly longer than group A ( 7.17 ± 1.17 ) d , group B (7.33 ± 1.51) d, C group (12.83 ± 2.79) d ; D group transplanted small intestine inflammatory cell infiltration , mucosal tissue structure damage is significantly lower than the A, B, C group ; a number of D group of small intestinal epithelial cell apoptosis (9.3 ± 1.7) , with respect to group A (25.3 ± 4.6) , B group (25.5 ± 4.7 ) a , C group (16.5 ± 2.1) months , transplant to a significant reduction in the number of intestinal epithelial cell apoptosis . Conclusion: immature dendritic cells in the spleen injection of donor sources to some extent induced receptor immune tolerance and prolong the survival time of recipient rats after small bowel transplantation . Group D transplanted small intestine inflammatory cell infiltration , apoptosis of mucosal tissue structure damage and mucosal cells was significantly lower than in the number of A, B, C group .

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