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Research on the Chemical Component and Antioxidation of Kumquat

Author: BaiZuo
Tutor: LiZhongHai;ZhongHaiYan
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Processing and storage of agricultural products engineering
Keywords: Kumquat Chemical composition Solid phase micro extraction GC Antioxidant Extraction Process
CLC: R284
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Kumquat, Department the Rutaceae (rutacea) Citrus genus (Citrus) the fruit of a small evergreen tree native to China. Since ancient times, our people will kumquat Edible fruit consumption as a high-quality medicine. Liuyang, Hunan province, the paper produced gold shells fresh fruit produced in Guilin, Guangxi Rover kumquat and Yangshuo production of the round solid kumquat fruit as raw material for the more systematic study aimed initially proved kumquat chemical composition of its biologically active components, for the gold Orange health functions and pharmacological features developed to provide a basis. Headspace - solid phase micro extraction (HS-SPME) and gas chromatography / mass spectrometry / computer combination with GC / MS / DS analysis technology kumquat puree and kumquat dosage, extraction time and extraction temperature of kumquat volatile substances extracted. Optimized extraction conditions: the kumquat puree dosage 5.0g, extraction time of 25 min, extraction temperature of 45 ° C. Under the above conditions, the present experiments identified 45 compounds, the analysis results show that: the the kumquat volatile components of these three species are, respectively containing alkenyl, alcohols, ketones, esters, and other compound, terpenes, D - limonene dominant; three varieties of kumquat containing three common component, they are: D-limonene, neryl acetate, 1 (10), 4 - juniper diene; addition, three kumquat contain its particular ingredients: Liuyang gold shells containing 2 - Yu alkenyl; The Guilin Luofu kumquat contains linalool Isocatuophillene; the Yangshuo circle solid kumquat containing 2,6 - bis (1,1 - dimethyl-ethyl) -4 - (1 - methyl-propyl) - phenol, 4 - 18 alkyl morpholine, isopropyl palmitate, the large root myrcene B, 2,6,10,14 - tetramethyl-heptadecane, ocimene. Distillation method uses synchronous heating the gold shells volatile oil using GC / MS / DS technology to analyze the detection and identification of a total of 30 compounds, including terpenoids dominant, a total of 11 kinds of advantages component of D-limonene ( The molecular weight of 136); in addition also contains the six kinds of alcohols, esters, aldehydes, ketones. Vacuum freeze-dried and then pulverized gold shells powder, the use of organic solvent extraction, extraction, and the extract adsorbed by chromatography (silica gel column chromatography, thin layer chromatography, and Sephadex LH-20 gel chromatography) separation and purification to give two compounds, followed by use of NMR, Mass and IR, UV spectra analysis, the identification of their structure, and confirm that these two compounds were limonin (chloroform part of chloroform: ethyl acetate = 5:95 elution) and orange leather glycosides (ethyl acetate portion with chloroform: methanol: water = 65:20:2 elution). The rate priority process indicators to Luofu kumquat carotenoids extracted by a single factor and orthogonal experiments to optimize the extraction process of the Rover kumquat carotenoids. The experimental results show that: the raw materials for the freeze-dried kumquat crushed to 60-80 mesh extraction solvent petroleum ether - acetone mixture 1:1 (V / V), solid-liquid ratio of 1:20, and the pH of the leaching solution value of 7.5, extracted twice, each about 40 ℃, the extraction time was 60 min. Under this condition, the carotenoid extract the highest rate, for 46.10μg / g. To gold bomb chloroform, ethyl acetate, n-butanol, water extracts of the test substance by gavage mice kumquat extract experimental control and VE were observed on serum SOD and MDA values the impact. The results showed that the ethyl acetate extract phase extract samples more active compared with other samples, the antioxidant effect is most obvious, its capacity and VE was not significantly different, indicating that it has a very strong antioxidant effects.

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