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Niacin on peripheral blood mononuclear cells of cAMP and the role of ABCA1 expression

Author: LiYingQing
Tutor: WenHongYan
School: Nanhua University
Course: Internal Medicine
Keywords: Niacin Monocytes ABCA1 cAMP
CLC: R541.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2006
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Objective: To observe niacin and PKA inhibitor Ro 31-8220 alone and in combination on cultured monocytes ABCA1 expression of cAMP and explore niacin regulate ABCA1 expression and cAMP / PKA pathway correlation. Methods: Patients by coronary angiography and blood lipid examination is divided into three groups: 1. Non-coronary heart disease group (set to blank control group); 2. Coronary heart disease high cholesterol group; 3. CHD normal human blood group; wherein 2,3, respectively, with the blank control group were, niacin, PKA inhibitors, niacin PKA inhibitor four subgroups. Sterile blood samples were collected patients femoral artery, isolated peripheral blood mononuclear cells to cultured cells of each group were incubated for 3 to 48 hours. Select 3,12,24 and 48 hours, etc. 4 time points, the use of reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction and Western blot blot were used to detect ABCA1mRNA and ABCA1 protein expression, using low pH was measured by EIA intracellular cAMP content , and explore niacin on monocyte expression of ABCA1 with cAMP correlation. Results: ① The peripheral blood mononuclear cells of ABCA1 expression and caMP content in 3h ~ 48h after this time period no significant change (P> 0.05); ② group of patients with coronary heart disease high blood mononuclear cells of ABCA1 expression of coronary heart disease than non-group monocytes ABCA1 expression was significantly decreased (P <0.05), while the normal coronary blood mononuclear cells of group expression of ABCA1 coronary heart disease than non-group monocytes ABCA1 expression was not significantly difference (P> 0.05); ③ niacin alone can significantly increase coronary heart disease and coronary heart disease high blood groups of normal human blood monocytes group of ABCA1 expression (P <0.05), while both sets of monocytes cAMP content increased (P <0.05); ④ PKA inhibitor Ro 31-8220 alone can significantly reduce coronary heart disease and coronary heart disease high blood group blood group of normal human monocytes ABCA1 expression (P <0.05), while these two sets of cAMP in monocytes decreased (P <0.05); ⑤ nicotinic acid when combined with the PKA inhibitor, niacin cause coronary heart disease and coronary heart disease high blood groups of normal human blood group ABCA1 expression in monocytes upward and the role of increased levels of cAMP was completely inhibited (P <0.05). Conclusion: ① niacin and Ro 31-8220 on peripheral blood mononuclear cells of ABCA1 expression and cAMP content, no clear correlation with time; niacin drug stability; ② peripheral blood mononuclear cells in ABCA1 expression and crown plasma cholesterol levels in patients with heart disease were negatively correlated; ③ niacin can be cAMP / PKA pathway in peripheral blood mononuclear cells increased ABCA1 expression, so that patients with coronary heart disease increased HDL-C levels.

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