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  1. Preparation of Zero-trans Margarine Fat Based on Camellia Seed Oil through Enzymatic Interesterification,RuanXia/Nanchang University,0/62
  2. Studies of Fermentation of Donkey Milk with Lactobacillus and Co-effect of the Complex on the Immune System and Intestinal Flora in Mice,PengShanShan/Nanchang University,0/49
  3. Development of Colloidal Gold Lateral Flow Assay for Detection of Melamine,XiaJun/Nanchang University,0/67
  4. Study on the Purification, Physicochemical Properties and Monosaccharide Composition of the Polysaccharide from Momordica Charantia L. Vines,ZuoGuangXing/Nanchang University,0/262
  5. Study on Oligosaccharide from Soybean Residue Fermented by Neurospora Crassa,YeJun/Nanchang University,0/48
  6. Preparation and Properties of Texturized Rice Rich in Boiling-stable Resistant Starch by Improved Extrusion Cooking Technology,ZhangQian/Nanchang University,0/31
  7. Studies on Preparation and Application in Microcapsule of Cross-linked OSA Heat Treatment Cassava Starch,ChenZuoZuo/Nanchang University,0/70
  8. Effect of Dynamic High Pressure Microfluidization on the Properties and Structure of Amylose,YinYueBin/Nanchang University,0/39
  9. Study on the Fermentation Conditions and Volatile Components of Aspergillus Douchi,LinXiaoHua/Nanchang University,0/89
  10. The Gel Property of Citrus Pectin and Preliminary Study on Ultrasonic Extracting of Pectin from Eleocharis Tuberosa Peeling Waste,WangYing/Nanchang University,0/109
  11. Fermentation Process of Laeease Production from White Rot Fungi and Its Preliminary Appiication in Flour Products,LiZuo/Nanchang University,0/38
  12. Extraction and Physicochemical Characterization of Pectins from Some Special Resources and the Mechanism of Pectin Degradation Induced by Dynamic High Pressure Microfluidization,ChenJun/Nanchang University,0/217
  13. Preparation and Characteristics of Artificial Antibody and Single-Chain Variable Fragment Against Sulfadiazine,HuangYunHong/Nanchang University,0/156
  14. Production of Single-chain Variable Fragment Antibody Against Fumonisin B1and Its Preliminary Application in Immunoassay,ZouLong/Nanchang University,0/61
  15. Preparation and Characterization of Pectin Coated Vitamin C Nanoliposomes,ZhouWei/Nanchang University,0/89
  16. Construction of Novel Chemically Modified Electrode and Some Application in Food Analysis,LinXiaoYun/Nanchang University,0/250
  17. Study on the Synthesis and Surfactivity of N-sodium Medium Chain Fatty Acyl Glutamate,WangLinLin/Nanchang University,0/59
  18. Progress of the Taste of Sulfa Sweetener Modified with β-cyclodextrin,PengYeFang/Nanchang University,0/28
  19. Study on Separating and Purifying Process of Rebaudioside-A,FuJuanJuan/Nanchang University,0/37
  20. Study of the Interaction among the Main Components of Oil Microcapsule Wall Material and Its Microstructure Analysis,LiuFan/Nanchang University,0/117
  21. Research of ARM9-Based NIR Nondestructive Testing Instrument for Camellia Oil,HuYunLong/Nanchang University,0/53
  22. Development of immunomagnetic separation coupled fluorescent microsphere immunochromatographic assay and Its application for detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7,JieQuanYuan/Nanchang University,0/84
  23. Rapid Enrichment of Trace Aflatoxin B1by Immunomagnetic Bead and Detection by ELISA,XieFang/Nanchang University,0/73
  24. Study on Dietary Fibre from Soybean Residue Modified by Microbial Fermentation and Dynamic High-pressure Microfluidization,ChenLiLi/Nanchang University,0/104
  25. Study on Preparation Process and Properties about Nano-liposome of Cinnamomum Camphora Seed Oil,YangFang/Nanchang University,0/70
  26. Application of Local Cultural Elements in Packaging Desing,LeiHaiTao/Nanchang University,0/77
  27. Package Design of Wangge Herbal Tea,WangZuo/Nanchang University,0/20
  28. Food Packaging Design,Brand Color Semantic Analysis and Applied Research,ShiJing/Nanchang University,0/153
  29. Beverage Packaging and Design in Brazil,LuoJie(ROGER)/Nanchang University,0/24
  30. Study on the Interaction between Several Food Additives and Protein/DNA,MaYaZuo/Nanchang University,0/73
  31. Construction of Two Vectors to Express Deoxynivalenol Mimotope and Application Study,XuFuYong/Nanchang University,0/22
  32. Studies on Antibacterial Mechanism of ε-Poly-L-lysine Against Pathogens in Molecular Level and Its Effect on Intestinal Microbial Diversity,YeRuoSong/Nanchang University,0/16
  33. Study on Industrial Park Sewage Treatment Design、Commissioning and Operation,WangChao/Nanchang University,0/14
  34. Application and Analysis of the Technology for Treatment of Slaughterhouse Wastewater,XieXiaoBing/Nanchang University,0/11
  35. Study on Sales Person's Stimulation System in High-level Health Products of JZ Company,HuangLei/Nanchang University,0/94
  36. Automatic Feeding System of Blast Furnace,LiBin/Nanchang University,0/136
  37. Morphologies of W/WC Powders and Their Effects on the Structures and Properties of WC-Co Cemented Carbides,LeiChunPeng/Nanchang University,0/36
  38. Study on the Process of Coagulation Sedimentation+Mbbr in Treatment of Tungsten Smelting Wastewater,LiuYaoLan/Nanchang University,0/4
  39. Research and Design of Xingang's Steel Slag Micro Powder Processing Project,WangJingPing/Nanchang University,0/4
  40. The System Analysis and Reconstruction of Control12.5MVA Silicomanganese Furnace Electrode,ZhongAiHong/Nanchang University,0/7
  41. The Research of Error Compensation Technology about Gear Measuring Center,SongYuan/Nanchang University,0/59
  42. Small Household Electric Drill Product Design,WuShan/Nanchang University,0/47
  43. Teaching Reform and Innovation of Mold Design and Manufacturing Major in Higher Vocational Colleges,ZhangJian/Nanchang University,0/14
  44. The Study and Design of Embedded Multifunction CNC Platform Based on ARM,QianZuo/Nanchang University,0/20
  45. Surface Modification Process and Thermal Analysis of the Low Carbon Steel Welding Deposition,YuYeXiao/Nanchang University,0/82
  46. Study on Process and Weld Joint Quality of Local Dry Underwater Welding,ChenJianPing/Nanchang University,0/82
  47. Study on Ultrasonic Welding of Crystalline Material and Bulk Metallic Glasses Foils,XieChenYang/Nanchang University,0/52
  48. Halogen-free Flux with Low Content of Modified Rosin for the Lead-Free Solder Wire,YangHuan/Nanchang University,0/36
  49. Studying on Preparation and Properties of Halogen-free, Rosin-free,and No-clean Flux for Lead-free Sn-Cu Solders,GaoHan/Nanchang University,0/47
  50. Research on Slag-free Self-shielded Flux-cored Wire and Its Hardfacing Alloy Properties,LiuJunJun/Nanchang University,0/50

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