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  1. Bacille Calmette-Guerin(BCG) or BCG-PSN by Inhalation Affected β-defensins and Toll-like Receptor Gene Expression of Respiratory Tract,HouSongPing/Jilin University,0/153
  2. Statistical-Dynamic Features of Interdecadal Spatial-temporal Evolution of Regional Climate in East Asia under Global Change Background,ShiXiaoZuo/Nanjing University of Information Engineering,7/678
  3. The Stable Isotopic Composition Measurement of Aliphatic and Aromatic Compunds in Aerosol and a Preliminary Study of It’s Application in Source Apportionment,LiuZuoHong/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/521
  4. Size Distribution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Aerosol of Guangzhou and Characteristics of EC and OC in Aerosol of Guangzhou and HongKong,DuanZuoChun/Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,1/848
  5. Aerosol inversion modeling and grid computing middleware based on MODIS data,TangJiaKui/Institute of Remote Sensing Applications,4/708
  6. Laboratory Investigation of Therapeutic Effects during Inhaling Aerosolized and Vaporized Perfluorocarbon in an Piglet Model of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrom,WangXiaoGuang/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,0/70
  7. Influence of Absorptive Aerosols on Atmospheric Correction Algorithm in the East Asian Area and Ocean Color Related Issues,LiLiPing/Ocean University of Qingdao,0/328
  8. Instantaneous Mass Transfer from Moving Microdroplet Surfaces,GuanGuoQiang/Sichuan University,2/432
  9. Study on the Oscillation Characteristics of a Single Aerosol Microparticle in an Electrodynamic Balance,FengZhaoHua/Sichuan University,0/114
  10. An Experimental Study of Wound Aerosol Dressing,SunHongTao/First Military Medical University,0/167
  11. Observation and Numerical Study of the Microstructure of Aerosol in Sandstorm and Their Effects on Precipitation,NiuShengJie/Nanjing Institute of Meteorology,6/681
  12. Synthesis of a New Cationic Liposome and Study on Transfection and Expression of Human Beta Defensin-2 in Eukaryotic Cells,LeiHan/Third Military Medical University,0/276
  13. Morphological Characteristics of Atmospheric Aerosol Particles and Dry Deposition Fluxes for Trace Metals in Qingdao Area,QiJianHua/Ocean University of China,6/554
  14. Study on the Maxing Shigan Aerosol with the Research Mode of "The Semi-bionic Extraction Method,WeiXiaoHui/Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/522
  15. APRAMVI and Its Application to the Aerosol Indirect Effect,WangYu/University of Science and Technology of China,1/133
  16. Study on Transport Mechanisms of Bio-aerosol Produced by Mouth in the Indoor Environment,LiuShuSen/Tianjin University,9/330
  17. The Microcosmic Properties of East Asian Aerosols and Influences of Surface Heterogeneous Reaction,YuXingNa/Fudan University,1/426
  18. Isolation and Characterization of Model Viruse and Its Application in Bio-protective Equipments and Facilities,YuLong/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,0/88
  19. Application of Single-Particle Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (ATOFMS) in the Study of Mixing State of Aerosols Research in Urban Atmosphere,YangFan/Fudan University,1/380
  20. Shanghai air pollution and atmospheric emissions inventory high concentrations of fine particulate matter formation mechanism,FuQingYan/Fudan University,5/1404
  21. Characteristics, Source and the Formation Mechanism of Aerosol in Mega-city, China,XuZuo/Fudan University,3/1205
  22. The Transformation of Aerosol Components during the Long-range Transport of Asian Dust and the Formation Mechanism of Haze in Mega-city, China,HuangZuo/Fudan University,3/976
  23. Study of Tropospheric Aerosols over Wuhan Based on a Raman/Mie Lidar,ZhangJinYe/Wuhan University,3/492
  24. Spaceborne Lidar Retrieval Based on Layer Classification and Data Fusion,MaYingYing/Wuhan University,1/477
  25. Radiative Forcing Effect of Dust Aerosol over Northwestern China,SuZuo/Lanzhou University,1/269
  26. Dust Aerosol Optical Properties Retrieval and Satellite Monitoring of Duststorm over Northwestern China,GeZuoMing/Lanzhou University,4/505
  27. Efficient Methods for Aerosol Dynamics and Thermodynamic Equilibrium Predictions,ChengYu/Shandong University,0/256
  28. The Statistic Law and Fractal Characteristic of Aerosol’s Scattering Pulse Signal Counting Distribution,PengGang/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,2/104
  29. The Mass Distribution Information Model and Application for Aerosol Counting,YangJuan/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/87
  30. Composition, Distribution and Sources of Biogenic Secondary Aerosols,LiLi/Shanghai University,2/425
  31. Comprehensive Observation of Dust Aerosol Over Loess Plateau,WangZuo/Lanzhou University,4/433
  32. A Laboratory Study on Emission Characteristics of Gaseous and Particulate Pollutants Emitted from Agricultural Crop Residue Burning in China,ZhangHeFeng/Fudan University,6/797
  33. Characteristics, Source, Long-range Transport of Dust Aerosol over the Central Asia and Its Potential Effect on Global Change,LiJuan/Fudan University,4/722
  34. Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Olfactory Complaints and Study on Pathogenic Mechanism of Olfactory Injury by Virus Infections,GuanJing/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/166
  35. Preliminary Research about Mycobacteriophage D29 therapy Against Drug-resistance Tuberculosis Infection Disease,YangWenHui/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,5/248
  36. Characteristics, Sources and Long-range Transport of Heavy Metals of Aerosols Over China and Its Impact on Air Quality and Marine Ecosystem,ZhangRong/Fudan University,3/359
  37. The Source and Formation Mechanism of Typical Atmospheric Pollutants in Cities Over China and Their Impact on Air Quality and Coastal Primary Productivity,JiangZuoLun/Fudan University,0/340
  38. Physical and Chemical Characterization of Atmospheric Aerosols in Various Ocean Regions and Urban Shanghai,ZhangMin/Fudan University,0/161
  39. Identification of Biomass Burning Source in Aerosols and the Formation Mechanism of Haze,DengCongRui/Fudan University,1/339
  40. Clinical and Experimental Studies on Titanium-frame Keratoprosthesis,DongYing/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,1/32
  41. Characterization of Sub-micron Aerosol and Its Change Processes in BIV (Beijing and Its Vicinity) Region,ZhangYangMei/Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences,0/216
  42. Simulation of Radiative Forcing of Typical Aerosols and Their Effects on Climate,WangZhiLi/Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences,0/160
  43. The Effects of Atmospheric Aerosol on Visibility, Clouds and Precipitation,LinYanFen/Fudan University,1/838
  44. Observational and Numerical Simulation Studies on Cloud and Precipitation Formation under the Polluted Urban Atmospheric Environment,FengCaiYun/Lanzhou University,1/250
  45. Key Techniques Research on Laser Guidance Information Fields Simulation,LiHua/National University of Defense Science and Technology,0/0
  46. Characteristics and Formation of Inorganic Fine Particluate Pollution in Typical Regions of China,ZhaoQing/Tsinghua University,0/104
  47. Observation Study of Ecosystem Carbon Exchange in Grassland Over Semi-arid Loess Plateau,JieJing/Lanzhou University,0/312
  48. Research on Atmospheric Blur Removing Algorithms of Remote Sensing Images,WangZhenGuo/PLA Information Engineering University,0/269
  49. Study of Indoor/Outdoor Microbial Aerosol Diffusion and Risk Assessment by the Natural Wind Field,LiuWei/Tianjin University,1/186
  50. Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Acoustic Agglomeration of Coal-fired Fly Ash,ZhangGuangXue/Zhejiang University,2/216

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