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  1. Establishment of Seaweed Beds of Sargassum Thunbergii in Intertidal Zone,YuYongQiang/Yantai University,0/16
  2. The Structural Strength Analysis of Catamaran Bottom Supported Wind Turbine Installation Platform,ZuoLiaoKai/Jiangsu University of Science and Technology,0/2
  3. Influence of Plants-microbes on Phosphorus Forms in Tidal Wetland,LiWenHua/Chinese Academy of Forestry,0/75
  4. Composition,Photosynthetic Pigments and Activity of Microphytobenthos in Intertidal Zone of Xiamen,MuWenHua/Xiamen University,0/1
  5. Pollution of Heavy Metals and Pb-Sr Isotope Tracing in the Intertidal Sediments of Quanzhou Bay,QiuMinZuo/Huaqiao University,0/1
  6. Research on the Engineering Geological Environment and Its Suitability in the Intertidal Zone of Northern Lianzhou Bay,ZuoXuJian/Ocean University of China,0/5
  7. The research on monitoring system of remote sensing dynamic topography of intertidal,GuYan/Nanjing Normal University,0/60
  8. Distribution and Seasonal Changes of Macro-benthic in Dalian Changxing Island,YuFang/Liaoning Normal University,0/28
  9. Investigation on Intertidal Macrobenthos along the West Coast of Hainan Island,ZuoWenTian/Qingdao Technological University,0/9
  10. Habitat Diversity of Meiofaunal Community in Quanzhou Bay Intertidal Zone,ZhuoYi/Xiamen University,0/2
  11. The Study of Meiofauna Ecology and Nematode Community Structure in the Intertidal Zone of Qingdao Bay,ZhaoNing/Ocean University of China,0/71
  12. Effect of Human-disturbance to Marine Meiofauna in the Sandy Intertidal Shores of Qingdao,XuShuHui/Ocean University of China,0/39
  13. The Structural Strength Analysis of Wind Turbine Installation Vessel on the Intertidal Zone,CuiKai/Dalian University of Technology,0/37
  14. The Reserch of Mercury Flux and Speciation in Jiaozhou Bay Intertidal Zone,WangJinYu/Ocean University of China,1/65
  15. The Study of the Deposition and Erosion Change Base on the Field Observation of RTK-GPS in Eastern Chongming Intertidal Wetland,LiuYingWen/East China Normal University,0/77
  16. A Study on Enrichment of Rare Earth Elements in Intertidal Zone and Their Ecological Effects from Northern Hainan Island,HanZhuoRu/Hainan Normal University,,0/6
  17. Sediment dynamic processes over transitional zone of salt marsh-mudflat on Eastern Chongming Island,Yangtze Estuary,ShiBenWei/East China Normal University,2/101
  18. Study on remote sensing measurement methods with exposed intertidal beach topography,LiHuan/Nanjing Normal University,0/86
  19. The Macrozoobenthos of Intertidal Zone in Beibu Gulf (Guangxi),LiYongQiang/Qingdao Technological University,0/75
  20. Functional Groups of Macrozoobenthos in the Intertidal Flat of Jiaozhou Bay,XinJunHong/Ocean University of China,0/71
  21. The Ecological Study of Macrobenthos in Qingdao Bay Intertidal Zone,JiXiangXing/Ocean University of China,0/84
  22. Stopover Ecology of Shorebirds in Chongming Dongtan, Shanghai,JingKai/Fudan University,7/221
  23. Biogeochemistry of Biogenic Elements in the Intertidal Flat and Adjacent Seawater within the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Estuary,GaoLei/East China Normal University,4/487
  24. Sediment Dynamic Process of Intertidal Flats, Dafeng, Northern Jiangsu, China,LiZhanHai/East China Normal University,1/367
  25. Studies on the Spatial Distribution,Accumulation Characteristics of Heavy Metals and Assessments on the Ecological Economic Values of Bullacta Exarata in Tne Intertidal Wetlands,YeShuFeng/East China Normal University,1/431
  26. Case Studies of Eco-geology on Typical Islands in Ny-(?)lesund, Arctic and Zhoushan Archipelage, Zhejiang,YuanLinXi/University of Science and Technology of China,0/96
  27. Distribution Characteristics of the Modern Foraminifera Assemblages and Their Geoenvironmental Records in the West Bohai Bay,LiJianFen/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),3/216
  28. Effect of Intertidal Salt Marsh Vegetation on Sediment Dynamics,LiHua/East China Normal University,2/217
  29. Exposed intertidal apparent variation of CO_2 flux,YangPengJin/Ocean University of China,1/177
  30. The Study and Application of Remote Sensing and GIS on Tidal Wetland Based on Object-oriented Technology,TianBo/East China Normal University,3/1179
  31. 210Pb, 137Cs Tracing and Dating on Bohai Bay Coast: Modern Sedimentation and Implication,WangFu/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,3/396
  32. Environmental Geochemisty of Heavy Metals in the Intertidal Sediments from Quanzhou Bay, Fujian Province,YuRuiLian/Northeast Normal University,8/636
  33. Study on Ecological Responses of Artificial Mangrove to Key Environmental Factors in Zhejiang Province,JinChuan/Beijing Forestry University,0/62
  34. Geochemistry and Potential Ecological Risk of Heavy Metal Elements in the Surface Sediments of the Beihai Inter-tidal Zone,XiaPeng/First Institute of Oceanography of State Oceanic Administration,2/217
  35. Ecology of Macrobenthic Community in the Bridge Construction Zone at the South Bank of Hangzhou Bay, China,LiHuanHuan/Zhejiang Normal University,0/138
  36. Enzymatic Activity in Rhizosphere Soil of Muddy Tidal Sediment and the Behaviors of Heavy Metals in Yangze Estuary,ZhaoQing/East China Normal University,1/165
  37. Functional Groups and Ecological Significance Research of Benthos in the Intertidal Wetland, the Yangtze River Estuary,ZhuXiaoJun/East China Normal University,5/537
  38. Study of Distribution of the Heavy Metals from the Intertidal Sediments and Pollution Assessment of the Metals from the Intertidal Zone in Jiaozhou Bay,GuoJunNa/Ocean University of China,8/727
  39. Grain Size Characteristics of the Modern Tidal Sediments Along the Tianjin Sector of the West Coast of Bohai Bay,CheJiYing/Jilin University,2/270
  40. Research on Metazoan Benthic Biomass Size Spectrum in Two Significant Different Sediment Environments of the Southern Yellow Sea, China,DengKe/Ocean University of China,3/137
  41. Discussions on Bioremediation for Tanggu Intertidal Zone,HuGuiKun/Ocean University of China,0/208
  42. Ecology of Macrobenthic Community of Tidal Flat Wetland,GeBaoMing/Zhejiang Normal University,1/307
  43. Study of Influence of Shallow Sea and Tideland Offshore Engineering Environment upon Safety of Offshore Oil Installation,LiXiuFeng/Tianjin University,0/119
  44. Heavy Metals’ Distribution and Environment Evaluation of the Tidal Surface Sediments in Some Representative Islands of Guangxi,TangZuoZuo/Ocean University of China,2/243
  45. Study on Biodiversity of Macrobenthos in the Rocky Intertidal Zone of Qingdao,TangGuiMing/Ocean University of China,1/329
  46. A Preliminary Study on Plant-Microbial Remediation of Sediments Contaminated by Polychlorinated Biphenyls,GaoShiZhen/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,1/285
  47. Community of Macrobenthos in Gaoshaling Intertidal Zone, Tianjin,ZhangWenLiang/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,1/80
  48. The Ecological Impact and Effect of Habitat Disturbance on Macrobenthic Community in Tidal Flat Wetland,HuZhiYuan/Zhejiang Normal University,1/294
  49. Sediment Dynamic Process in the Intertidal Flat,XuXiaoJun/East China Normal University,0/220
  50. Preliminary Investigation on the Taxonomy and Ecology of Benthic Ciliates in Intertidal Area,DaiRenHai/Ocean University of China,1/77

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