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  1. Study on Anti-Leukemia Cell Effect in Vitro of MITC from Mustard Seed,HouJie/Hainan University,0/0
  2. Study on single carbonyl derivatives of curcumin analogues with antitumor activity.,WangJing/Shanghai Normal University,0/25
  3. Growth Inhibition Activity on K562and Synthesis Studies of Unsaturated Sulfur-containing Compounds,LeLiang/Chongqing University of Technology,0/0
  4. Research on Anti-tumor Effect and Molecular Mechanisms of a Novel Naphthalimide Derivative7d in P53-deficient K562Cells,LiYiQuan/East China University of Science and Technology,0/29
  5. Effect in Proliferation and Apoptosis of Recombinant Human Vascular Endothelial on K562and K562/A02Cells of Myeloid Leukemia,LiYaZuo/Henan University,0/1
  6. Alkaloid of Betacyanin Induces Apoptosis in Human Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Cell Line-K562,LinHaiZhu/Chongqing University of Technology,0/3
  7. Study of Bortezomib Enhance the Cytotoxicity of CIK on K562and K562/ADR Cells,GuoXiaoJia/Lanzhou University,0/6
  8. Effect of the DLL4/Notch1Signaling Pathway on Growth of the Leukemia Cell Line K562Cells,ZhangHanHua/Fujian Medical,0/6
  9. The Effect of Emodin Derivative on Proliferation Inhibition and Apoptosis Induction in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Cell K562and Imatinib-resistant K562/G01,LiBoJun/Fujian Medical,0/13
  10. NF-κB Mediates Effect of Glucosylceramide Synthase on P-glycoprotein in Leukemia Drug-resistance Cell Line,ZhangXiuFen/Suzhou University,0/14
  11. The Function of C3aR1Gene in Leukemia Cell Lines,LiZheng/Suzhou University,0/8
  12. Effects of the CUE Domain-containing Protein2on Imatinib Resistance in CML Cells,ZhangHongJu/Beijing Union Medical College,0/45
  13. Down-regulation of P-gap and CLC-3Expression by Curcumin Reverses Multidrug Resistance of K562/ADM Cells,DiShanShan/Jilin University,0/45
  14. The Role of Autophagy in the Mechanism of Multidrug Resistance and Apoptosisinduced by Arsenic Trioxide in Leukemia Cells,ChengJuan/Lanzhou University,0/130
  15. Study of Oligosaccharides of Hyaluronic Acid on the Reversal Effect of Tumor Multidrug Resistance in Vitro,ZuoHongJuan/Shandong University,0/93
  16. A Preliminary Study on Effect of Acidic Serine Protease ASPNJ on Human Chronic Myeloid Cell Line K562,BaoQiQing/Jilin University,0/29
  17. Effects of Apollon Antisense Oligonucleotide on the Proliferation and Apoptosis of K562Cells,LiuZuoZuo/Binzhou Medical College,,0/5
  18. Effects of Livin Antisense Oligonucleotide on the Proliferation, Apoptosis and Drug Resistance of K562Cells,XieShaoHua/Binzhou Medical College,,0/12
  19. Study of the Expression of WWOX in Human Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia by Transplanting K562Cells into Nude Mice,YeHaiYan/Hunan Normal University,0/9
  20. Effect of Bortezomib with Ara-c on Proliferation Inhinbition and Apoptosis Induction of K562/ADM Cell,YangZuoZuo/Nanchang University,0/11
  21. Molecular Mechanism of OrphaninFQ Combined with Adriamycin Reverse Multi-drug Resistance of K562/ADM Cells,WangXiaoXia/Lanzhou University,0/24
  22. The Regulation of Shh Signaling in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Stem/Progenitor Cells,SuWenXia/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/191
  23. Knockdown of MRP4by Lentivirus-mediated SiRNA Improves Sensitivity to Adriamycin in Adriamycin-resistant Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells,LiuZuo/Lanzhou University,0/70
  24. The Effects of Sequential Treat with Bortezomib and Cytarabine on the Gene Expressions of SHIP, mTOR and NF-κB Within K562Cells,ZhaoGuangWei/Hebei Medical University,0/47
  25. Study of the Association between Regulatory Regions of the WWOX Gene Methylation and Its Expression in Leukemia Cell Lines of HL-60and K562,HuangShuGui/Hunan Normal University,0/57
  26. Up-regulated PTEN Expression Increases the Chemosensitivitv in K562/ADM Cells,ZhangHong/Central South University,0/65
  27. Study on the Correlation between EphA4Receptor with Its Downstream Signaling Protein and Invasion of K562Cell,ZuoZuo/Southern Medical University,,0/73
  28. Investigation for DC-CIK Cells Reversing K562/ADM Multidrug Resistance,SuRongYing/Liaoning Medical,0/74
  29. Infantis Bifidobacterium/Recombinant Human Decorin Tumor Targeted Gene Therapy System and Its Effection on K562Cell Effect,GengFei/Shanxi Medical,0/10
  30. The Relationship between DANCE and the Change of Cell Metabolism Mode,WuXiaoHua/Jinan University,0/0
  31. The Effects of Matrine on the Expression of MICA in K562and K562/ADM Cell Lines and Its Impact on NK Cytotoxicity,ZhangHongLi/Lanzhou University,0/59
  32. Study on Reversing Effect and Mechanism of Deoxyschizandrin,QinXiaoQing/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,1/142
  33. Study of Yiqi Yangyin Jiedu Decoction on apoptosis in K562/AO2 cells,ChenYiWei/Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/19
  34. Study on the Apoptosis of Cancer Cells Induced by Exopolysaccharide from Trichoderma Pseudokoningii,HuangTaoTao/Shandong University,0/88
  35. The Molecular Mechanisms of K562 Cells Apoptosis Induced by Xue Fu Kang and It’s Compositions,LiuJia/Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/21
  36. Research of the Molecular Mechanism of Polyphylloside Against K562Leukeamia Cell,ZhangHua/,0/1
  37. The Two-ways Regulation of Oxymatrine on Cells Deirved from Bone Marrow,HaoCaiQin/Shanghai Normal University,0/8
  38. Research on Synthesis and Biological Activity of Novel Diselenides,Selenides Compounds,ZhaoLiWei/East China University of Science and Technology,0/110
  39. In Vivo and in Vitro Anti-tumour Effects of Selenium-protein Polysaccharide Extracted from Rich Selenium Agaricus Blazei,ChenChe/Lanzhou University,2/402
  40. Anti-tumor Activity of the Total Glucosides of Radix Paeoniae Rubra and the Underlying Mechanisms in S180 and K562,XuHuiYu/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,2/434
  41. Anti-tumor Effect of IC162 on K562 Leukemic Cells and Molecular Mechanisms,KuangWenYong/Central South University,0/192
  42. Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells into Hematopoietic Cells,LiuYuZuo/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,0/364
  43. Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Facilitated the ex Vivo Expansion and Short-term Engraftment of Cord Blood CD34+ Cells in NOD/SCID Mice,FeiXiaoMing/Nanjing Medical University,0/142
  44. Matrine-induced γ-globin Gene Expression and Erythroid Differentiation of K562 Cells: An in Vitro Study,ZhangCuiMei/Southern Medical University,,0/193
  45. The Molecular Mechanisms of BMI-1 in Tumorigenesis,ChenFengHua/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,2/461
  46. Study of Function of OAZ Gene during Differentiation of K562 Cells,JiangLi/First Military Medical University,0/106
  47. The Anti-tumoral Effect of Curcumin Combined with Imatinib on Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Cell Lines in Vitro,ZhangKunZhong/Fujian Medical,0/275
  48. Proteomic Analysis of Multidrug Resistance Related Proteins in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Cell Lines and Study on the Mechanism of MDR,LiZuoJuan/Central South University,1/404
  49. Study of a Grb2 Inhibitor (Peptidimer-c) on K562 Cells,YeYunBin/Fujian Medical,0/132
  50. The Anti-leukemia Activity of CTL Induced by Exosomes Derived from Leukemia Cells,ChenShaoZuo/Zhengzhou University,0/193

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