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  1. Appreciating the Beauty of Life in Literature Teaching,LiYuGe/Central China Normal University,1/128
  2. Research on Secondary Students’ Leisure Life and Education for Leisure,GuanJian/Tianjin Normal University,17/679
  3. The Comparative Research on Moral Education between Chinese Middle School Language Teaching Materials and American’s,XiaGuiYun/Yunnan Normal University,1/437
  4. The Caring for Life of Taoism and Its Inspiration on Modern Education,ZuoZuo/Nanjing Normal University,3/556
  5. Implementation of the Life Education and Exploration of biology teaching in Shanghai,JiYuan/Shanghai Normal University,8/318
  6. The Research of University Students’ Death Attitudes and Life Education from the Viewpoint of Psychological Health,ChenSiGuang/Jiangxi Normal University,16/1100
  7. Development and Practice of School-based Curriculum of Biology in High School,LiYan/East China Normal University,8/459
  8. On Life Education in Family,Ji/Henan University,11/739
  9. Views on the Orientation of Life Emphasized Mathematics Education in Middle School,LiangWanFeng/Northeast Normal University,2/145
  10. Study in Chinese Teaching of Middle School in the Educational Visual Threshold of the Life,ZhaoMengYing/Northeast Normal University,7/334
  11. Life Education: A Kind of Value Pursuit in the New Moral Education Innovation,ZhangShiAi/Shandong Normal University,3/462
  12. The Meaning and the Application of Tao Xingzhi’s Life Education Theory in Moral Education of Secondary Vocational School,JiangBo/Shandong Normal University,3/453
  13. Discussion on the life - oriented secondary school geography education theory and practice,HuangGuoQing/Shandong Normal University,2/584
  14. Confucianism Classics Reading and the Life Education of Middle School Students,YangFan/Central China Normal University,5/563
  15. Education about Life and Chinese Teaching in Middle Schools,LiuHong/Hunan Normal University,7/579
  16. A Study on Tao Xingzhi’s Country Educational Thoughts,ZhengYanPing/Hebei University,3/397
  17. A Study of Life Education in Middle and Primary School in Taiwan,LiYan/East China Normal University,34/1558
  18. Research on Life Education to University Students,JiangXiaoPing/Nanchang University,26/955
  19. On Life Education and the Teaching of Junior Ancient Poems,SunHaiYan/Central China Normal University,3/341
  20. Talk about the Background and Enforcement of the Life Education,HuangJianChun/Fujian Normal University,23/1883
  21. Reflection on Life Education in the Middle Schools in Our Country,ChenZuo/Fujian Normal University,21/1238
  22. Toward the life of the classroom,YuXiaoFang/Nanjing Normal University,8/540
  23. College Life Education Empirical Study,DaiZuo/Nanjing Normal University,10/990
  24. On Life Beauty Education,MaoShaoHua/Henan University,2/196
  25. On Adult Life Education,WuPeiQi/Henan University,6/283
  26. On Education and Life Boundary,WangRuiYing/Henan University,5/526
  27. On Education and the Good Life of Human Being,XieJinLi/Henan University,1/208
  28. Ideological and Political Education and Socialization,ZhangZhenYun/Yunnan Normal University,4/617
  29. On the Sense to Research Inspection of Educational Life,ChenJian/Hunan Normal University,2/212
  30. A Practical Research about Chinese Teaching on the Life Education Theory of Tao Xingzhi,YangChunPing/Southwest China Normal,1/552
  31. Research of the Life Education on University Students,WangXiaoHong/Central China Normal University,22/957
  32. A Survey of Life Education in Junior High Schools in China,WuXiaoYan/Central China Normal University,20/584
  33. Creativity and Education: A Perspective of Individual Life,LiWei/Central China Normal University,4/206
  34. Care for Human Life,HuangShengYa/East China Normal University,1/370
  35. On Transcendence & Educational Pursuit,ZhangZhongQiang/Henan University,5/241
  36. Moistening Life:on the Modern Teacher’s Quality in the Life Educational Angel,WanZuo/Henan University,3/577
  37. A Study on the Approach to "Human Life" of Life Education,WangZhenCun/Henan University,6/411
  38. Care for life education in high school biology teaching,LiHui/Northeast Normal University,6/392
  39. Some Problems of Life Education Concept,MouZhongYan/Northeast Normal University,26/960
  40. Initial Measure on Healthy Life Education,ChenWeiHua/Central China Normal University,0/147
  41. Life and Education——Envisioning Some Reforms in Educational System,ChengHongYan/Central China Normal University,42/1736
  42. Formation and education of the young people living thinking,ChenJi/South China Normal University,6/210
  43. Senior Citizen Life Education Research,ChenJinXiang/Jiangxi Normal University,2/200
  44. Middle-school Student Life Education under Ethics Field of Vision,ZhuQingHua/Jiangxi Normal University,3/357
  45. The Research on College Students’ Values and Life Education,LiJunKai/Jiangxi Normal University,6/490
  46. Research of the Life Education on University Students,CaiLi/Central South University for Nationalities,6/783
  47. The Strategy Research on Applying Life Education to the Teaching of Chinese Reading,HouYanFeng/Northeast Normal University,4/390
  48. Research on Life Education in Primary School from the Viewpoint of Ecology,TangZuoZuo/Suzhou University,0/400
  49. On Theories and Practices of Life Education of High School Students,GuoZhiHong/Suzhou University,2/385
  50. To Infiltrate Life Education in Biology Teaching,LiYuHong/Central China Normal University,4/523

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