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  1. Microsurgical Therapeutic Effect of Cerebellopontine Angel Meningiomas Through Suboccipital Retrosigmoid Approach,ZhaoGuiFu/Shanxi Medical,0/6
  2. Differences between Pterional and Subfrontal Approach for the Effect of Removing the Tuberculum Sellae Meningiomas,LiuHaiBo/Ningxia Medical University,0/15
  3. Application and Clinical Value of CTA in the Microsurgery of Sphenoid Ridge Meningiomas,HuangTao/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/2
  4. MRV Guides to Make the Choice of Strategies for Parasagittal Meningioma Surgery,ZhongBo/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/4
  5. The Protection of Draining Veins Within or around Parasinus and Parafalx Meningiomas and It's Treatment of Micro-neurosurgery,WangMengYang/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/4
  6. The Study of the Expression of HIF-1a, VEGF-A, MMP-9Relating with Angiogenesis and Invasiveness in Meningiomas,WangDaPeng/,0/15
  7. The Value of Conventional MR and Diffusion-weighted Imaging in Diagnosis of Meningiomas,DingXueMei/North Sichuan Medical College,0/3
  8. Preoperative MRV Combined with Intraoperative Ulthrasound to Evaluate Surgical Treatment of Parasagittal Meningioma,LiZuo/Jilin University,0/16
  9. Microsurgical Treatment of Parasagittal Meningioma Clinical Stuey,LiZuo/Dalian Medical University,0/2
  10. The Expressed of HIF-1、STAT3and VEGF in WHO Grade Ⅰ Meningioma and Its Relationship with Invasiveness of Benign Meningiomas,LiuYingFeng/Lanzhou University,0/4
  11. The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Intracranial Sinus Anatomy and Preoperative Evaluation of Para-intracranial-sinus Meningiomas,LiShiQing/Fujian Medical,0/10
  12. Study on the relationship between LRIG1 and the proliferation of meningioma and its significance,XuZhanYi/Central South University,0/23
  13. A Study between Aquaporin-4and Peritumoral Brain Edema in Meningiomas,PengLong/Southern Medical University,,0/47
  14. Clinical Significance of MCP-1, IL-17in Serum of Patients with Glioma,ZuoZuo/Shandong University,0/55
  15. Tuberculum Sellae Meningioma Microsurgery Surgical Approach Choice and Clinical Analysis,HongZhengAn/Anhui Medical University,,0/81
  16. The Potential Mechanism of High Mobility Group Box 1 Protein on Meningioma Pathogenesis and Invasion,DongYueQing/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,0/80
  17. Lateral Approaches to the Clival Region,FengDongXia/Fudan University,0/170
  18. Molecular biology and clinical features of multiple meningiomas,GongJie/Shandong University,0/111
  19. The Role of Intracranial Tumor Imagings with Multiple Brain Function Imaging Agents,HeGuoRong/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/39
  20. Expression and Function of Midkine and Pleiotrophin in Meningiomas,TongYing/Zhejiang University,0/87
  21. A Primary Study of Biological Characteristics of Meningiomas by Using cDNA and Tissue Microarrays,TaoYingQun/Second Military Medical University,0/173
  22. Recurrence after total resection of meningiomas with growth hormone receptor , glucocorticoid receptor expression,ZhaoXu/Shandong University,0/82
  23. Anterolateral skull base surgery dura outsider Microsurgical anatomy of road -related,TaoCunShan/Second Military Medical University,0/191
  24. Meningioma tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase -3 gene promoter CpG island methylation studies,OuYiBo/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/131
  25. Expression of RIZ1 Gene in Meningiomas and Its Role in Malignant Meningioma Proliferation,LiuZhenYang/Second Military Medical University,0/111
  26. STAT3 and VEGF expression and the development of human meningioma and glioma Correlation,ZhangMaoXiu/Shandong University,0/338
  27. Microsurgical Treatment of Meningiomas Invading Major Dural Sinus,GuoKui/Jilin University,0/32
  28. The Expression and Significance of LRP16 Gene and in Human Meningioma,RenHeCheng/PLA Postgraduate Medical School,0/44
  29. A Study on Correlation of Overexpression of CENP-F to Genesis and Proliferation Activity of Meningiomas,HuZaiHu/Anhui Medical University,,0/18
  30. Expression of Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) in Meningioma and the Relationship to Pathology Classification,YangBin/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/45
  31. Clinical Evaluation on the Therapeutic Effect of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Intracranial Meningiomas,ChenQun/Suzhou University,0/46
  32. Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinases 9 and p53 in Meningiomas Associatied with Angiogenesis,Invasiveness and Peritumoral Edema,MaChunXiao/Zhengzhou University,0/107
  33. The Report of a Case of Tentorial Meningioma,XuLiang/Wuhan University,0/26
  34. A Case Report of Sphenoid Wing Meningioma with Epilepsy,WangJunMin/Wuhan University,0/36
  35. Study on the Expression of PR AR in Meningiomas,ZhouQingFeng/Zhejiang University,0/64
  36. Study on the Expression of TGF-α Ki-67 in Meningiomas and Malignant Grade,WangYongQing/Zhejiang University,0/68
  37. Meningiomas abnormal expression of cathepsin and clinical value,NiLanChun/Suzhou University,0/59
  38. MR findings with pathology of the meningioma subtypes,DuXiaoSong/Shanxi Medical,0/61
  39. The Expression and Significance of P73 in Medulloblastoma,PanXin/China Medical University,0/33
  40. Relationship between benign meningioma recurrence and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) and Bcl-2 gene expression studies,GuoNing/Qingdao University,0/36
  41. Grading and Differential Diagnosis of Diffuse Astrocytomas with in Vivo Proton MR Spectroscopy,LiuHongJun/Tianjin Medical University,0/23
  42. Petroclival meningiomas diagnosis and treatment,ZhangQingHao/Zhengzhou University,0/110
  43. Expression of E-cadherin and Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator in Meningiomas Associated with Invasiveness,LiZhiXiao/Zhengzhou University,0/41
  44. The Study of the Effect of Psychological Intervention on the Emotion and Neuroendocrine System of Patients with Non-frontal Meningiomas before Surgery,LiHongYan/Jilin University,2/188
  45. Microsurgical Treatment of Parasagittal Meningiomas (28 Cases Report),WangZhe/Jilin University,0/88
  46. Clinical Characteristics and Recurrent Factors Analysis of Recurrent Meningioma,ZhangZeLi/Shandong University,0/69
  47. Analysis of Clinical Related Factors of Postoperative Epilepsy of Meningioma in Earlier Period,ZhangBo/Jilin University,1/96
  48. Expression and Significance of P21, FN in Meningiomas,ZhaoZuo/Zhejiang University,0/40
  49. Meningiomas E- cadherin and β- catenin expression and significance,ZhouKaiYu/Zhejiang University,0/73
  50. Expressions of EphB4、EphrinB2、mvd and Ki-67 in Human Brain Tumors and Their Pathologic Significance,ZhangJianZhong/Nanchang University,0/44

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