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  1. The Remaining Oil Distribution Law Research on LiuQu Area in ChuanKou Oilfield,ZhangJingZuo/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/5
  2. Rich Sichuan Oilfield of Yanchang microfacies study of logging identification technique 2 reservoir deposition,GaoXinKui/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/6
  3. Characteristic Study of Chang2Reservoir in Qingyangcha Oil Field,ZhangHai/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/0
  4. Research on Characteristics and Distribution of Effective Sand Body in Shan1and He8Section of Suligearea,SunXiuHui/,0/46
  5. Researeh on the Reservoir Characteristics of the Chang8Formation in Maling Oilfield,QuChunXia/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/14
  6. Research on the Sedimentary Microfacies of the Js21、3Gas Layer of Upper Shaximiao Formation in Xinchang Gasfield,ZhaoZhiPeng/Yangtze University,0/35
  7. Geological Modeling and Application of Chang212Oil Reservoirs in the a Part of Dalugou Area in Ordos Basin,LiangLiWen/Central South University,0/20
  8. Research for Reservoir and Oil Layer Distribution Rule of theⅡ-Ⅲ Oil Layer of the Second Member of Hetaoyuan Formation in Dong Zhuang Oilfield,LiuWei/Yangtze University,0/24
  9. Selection and Evaluation of Favorable Areas of Yan10in Zhen250in Zhenyuan Oilfield Area of Ordos Basin,LiaoYanLing/Yangtze University,0/31
  10. Study on Reservoir Geological Modeling of Yan10in Zhen250District of Zhenyuan Oilfield,LiBin/Yangtze University,0/39
  11. Research on Sedimentary Facies and Reservoirs of Lishuwa District in Xia'ermen Oil Field,BaoQinYong/Yangtze University,0/23
  12. Favorable Area Prediction and Evaluation of Yan9Reservoir in Area of Zhen250,Zhenyuan Oilfield,WuChao/Yangtze University,0/44
  13. A Research of Semdimentary and Reservoir Characteristics of Fuyu Reservoir in Dan Bei Area,CaoChun/Yangtze University,0/151
  14. Research of Remaining Gas Distribution in Qiudong Reservoir,JiJiang/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/6
  15. High-resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Sendimentary Facies Research of the Fourth Member of Shahejie Formation of Weicheng Oilfield,ZhangYi/Ocean University of China,0/47
  16. The Study of Sedimentary Characteristics and Reservoir Heterogeneity of the1st Member of Qingshankou Formation in the Hei96-123Block, Daqingzijing Oilfield,ZhangXiLong/Ocean University of China,0/58
  17. Gasikule oilfield Youshashan formation sedimentary microfacies study V2,XuHuan/Southwest Petroleum University,0/10
  18. Shunan region Maokou group sedimentary microfacies study,ZhouBo/Southwest Petroleum University,0/11
  19. Microscopic Texture and Geochemical Characteristics of Primary Bauxite Ore in Pingguo, Guangxi Province:the Evidences for Metallogentic Environment Implication,LiXiaoFeng/Central South University,0/11
  20. Study on the relationship between the southern margin of the Yili basin in the western section of Xishanyao Formation sedimentary facies and sandstone type uranium deposit,WangXun/Nuclear industry, Beijing Institute of Geology,0/1
  21. Study on Chang6Reservior Sedimentary Facies and Logging Evaluation of Eastern Huaqing Oilfield,WeiJiKai/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/92
  22. Research of Sediment Facies and 3D Geological Modeling in Du 84 Dujiatai Reservoir,WangYan/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/47
  23. The Stratigraphy Comparison and Sedimentary Characteristics of Block123and Block124,Biyang Depression,YuXiaoDong/Xinjiang University,0/55
  24. Sedimentary Microfacies Research on Huoshaogou Member and Jianquanzi Member of Baiyanghe Formation in Danbei Oil Field,HuangHaiYu/Northwestern University,1/59
  25. The Qingshankou Formation Reservoir Description of Suotu Oilfield in the Southern Songliao Basin,ZhuGuangWei/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/3
  26. The Sedimentary Microfacies Characteristics and Evolution of the Middle-combination of Ordovician to the East Side of the Central Palaeohigh Ordos Basin,ZhouJunLie/Chengdu University of Technology,0/29
  27. Quantitative Discrimination of Carbonate Sedimentary Microfacies by Using Well Log Data,GaoXianWei/Chengdu University of Technology,0/33
  28. Reservoir Evaluation and Favorable Regions Prediction of Xu’er Gas Reservoir in Anyue Gas Field,HengYong/Chengdu University of Technology,0/21
  29. A Building Potential Study on Jurassic in Wangyaonan Ansai Oilfield,JiHongMing/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/31
  30. Research on the Reservoir Characteristics of the Yageliemu Formation in Yakela Gasfield,HuangChongChun/Chengdu University of Technology,0/32
  31. Geological Modelling of Chang-6Reservoir in Southern Baoziwan,DuanXiaoHui/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/29
  32. Ansai oilfield Chang 6_1 oil-bearing sedimentary microfacies study,ZuoMingMing/Northwestern University,0/117
  33. The Study on Tectonic Features in Heidimiao Oil Layer of Mao701Block in Aonan Oilfield,YeJianLing/Chengdu University of Technology,1/28
  34. The Research on Sedimentary Microfacies of Chang6Oil-bearing of Yangchang Formation in the Northwest of Ansai, Ordos Basin,LiuShaoHong/Chang'an University,0/28
  35. The Research on Geology Model Building of Chang6Reservoir of YNW Area in the East of Shanbei Slope,GongZeWen/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/21
  36. The Identification on Oil-Water Layer of Chang9in Wubao-yongning Oil-Field, Ordos Basin,HuangZuo/Northwestern University,1/130
  37. Research on Sedimentary Mode of Reservoir in the North of Saertu Development Area of Daqing Oil Field,JiaoYanLi/Zhejiang University,0/31
  38. The Study on Sedimentary Fades and Reservoir Characteristics on Yan9Oil-bearing in Northern Shaanxi,MengFanWei/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/35
  39. Fine Reservoir Description of Xing’anling Formation in Sudeerte Oil Field,SongLiuQing/Chengdu University of Technology,0/4
  40. The Comprehensive Reservoir Evaluation of the upper ES4 Member in Dongfenggang Oil Field,ZhaoZhenYu/China University of Petroleum,0/38
  41. 3D Geological Modeling of Chang10Reservoir of Gao52Block in Ansai Oilfield,ChenXiaoJuan/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/67
  42. Forecast of the Structure and Lithologic Trap or Shang2Block in Yudong Area,ShiYanHui/Northeast University of Petroleum,1/26
  43. Study on Detailed Structure Interpretation and Reservoir Prediction of Pu Ⅱ Formation in Lamadian Oilfield Block North-north One,WangYiHan/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/43
  44. Study on Remaining Oil Distribution of Pil-4.Oil Layer in Zhong216Station after Polymer Injection Flooding,FengWei/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/45
  45. Fine Reservior Description of Heidimiao Oil Layer at Block Da208in Honggang Oilfield,ShiYunFeng/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/48
  46. The Sedimentary Microfacies Studies of Chang8-9Oil Reservoir Group of Yancahng Formation in Yanding Area,YangYunXiang/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/91
  47. Reservior Characteristic and Exploration Target Preferred of Yanchang Formation in Suijing Area of Shanbei,WangZuo/Central South University,0/53
  48. Research on Changchun Ridge Tectonic Zone in the Reservoir Characteristics,WangChaoRan/Northeast University of Petroleum,0/59
  49. Ningxia old oilfield Chang 8 oil-bearing favorable target areas of,ZhouJunTing/Southwest Petroleum University,0/53
  50. Research on Sedimentary Characteristics of Fuyu Oil Reservoir in Changchunling Area,LiChunLi/Northeast University of Petroleum,1/42

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