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  1. Experimental Study on Blue Light Killing Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus(MRSA),WangNing/Bengbu Medical College,0/7
  2. The Efficacy of the Treatment of Acne with the Type of Wind-heat of Pulmonary by Traditional Chinese Medicine Combined with Red Blue Light and the Changes of Interleukin-1and Interleukin-6,YuXiaoZuo/Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/36
  3. Sequence Analysis and Blue Light-influenced Expression of CmWC-1Ma CmWC7-2Gene from Fungus Cordyceps Militaeis,ShenJunLiang/Jiangxi Normal University,0/27
  4. Effect of light on the proline synthesis and its relationship with ABA under drought stress,WangHuiChun/Yangzhou University,0/76
  5. Screening and Identification of Regulator Involved in Hypocotyl Phototropism to Blue Light in Arabidopsis,XiaoHuiLi/Henan University,0/22
  6. Effect of Environment Factors on Citrinin Production by Monascus,WangJing/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/41
  7. Screening and Preliminary Functional Analysis of Transcription Factors Interacting with CRY1in Arabidopsis,ZengZuo/Hunan University,0/21
  8. The Investigation on Interface Luminescence and Interface Modification of Organic Light-emitting Device,ZuoZhengFu/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/0
  9. The Preparation and Research on White Organic Light-emitting Diodes (WOLED),NiWeiDe/Lanzhou University of Technology,0/105
  10. Synthesis and Properties of Multi-armed Structure of Fluorene-based Blue Materials,LiuDong/Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications,0/28
  11. Primary Observation of Posterior Lens Capsule Stained by Trypan Blue in Vitrectomy,CaoZuo/Suzhou University,0/11
  12. Study on Regulation of Envitonmental Factors to Citrinin Production in Monascus,BanZhao/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/69
  13. Study on the Transcriptome Changes of Saccharina Japonica Under Blue Light Induction,DengYunYan/Graduate School , Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Institute of Oceanography ),0/31
  14. Molecular Cloning and Functional Characterization of Apple Cryptochrom Genes MdCRYl and MdCRY2,MaoKe/Shandong Agricultural University,0/74
  15. Synthesis and Characterization of Different Morphology ZnO Nanomaterials,ZhengJianHua/Shandong Normal University,1/227
  16. Design、Synthesis and Optoelectronic Properties of Spirofluorene Compounds for Blue Light Emission,LiChuanJiang/Wuhan Polytechnic University,0/51
  17. Molecular Design, Synthesis and Light-emitting Properties of Novel Ionic Iridium Complexes,HeLei/Tsinghua University,0/188
  18. The Inolvement of Cytosolic Ca2+Signals in Hypocotyl Phototropism Induced High-Intensity Blue Light in Arabidopsis Thallana,QiaoXinRong/Henan University,0/97
  19. The Effect of PRRs Genes on Signal Transduction of Red Light and Blue Light in Arabidopsis Thaliana,XiangFen/Hunan University,0/42
  20. Effects of Blue Light Irradiation on the Expression of MicroRNA in Saccharina Iaponica,LiWei/Graduate School , Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Institute of Oceanography ),1/66
  21. For High Efficiency Organic Light-Emitting Materials: Design, Synthesis and Performances Study,LiuYang/Shandong University,2/561
  22. Study of Blue Light Receptors and Genes in Laminaria Japonica Aresch,YaoJianTing/Graduate School , Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Institute of Oceanography ),0/160
  23. Study on Performance Optimization and Influential Factors of Organic Electroluminescence Device,LiWeiZhi/University of Electronic Science and Technology,4/764
  24. Synthesis and Properties Characterization of Small Molecular Blue-light Emitting Anthracene Derivatives Suitable for Solution Process,WangZhiQiang/Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology,1/231
  25. Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Light-Emitting Materials with Highly Morphological and Environmental Stability,JieLingHai/Fudan University,1/471
  26. Arabidopsis thaliana CRYPTOCHROME 1 structure and function of the relationship between the biochemical mechanisms of,SangYi/Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,3/247
  27. Blue Light Damage to Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells and Protection of Blue Light-filtering Intraocular Lens,ShengZuo/Fudan University,0/129
  28. Design, Synthesis and Optic-Electronic Properties of Novel Ladder-Type Poly(p-phenylene)s,QiuSong/Jilin University,0/231
  29. Investigations on Zn1-xCdxO Alloy Semiconductor Films with Tunable Band-gaps,MaDeWei/Zhejiang University,2/313
  30. Several optical functional materials and optical ultrafast optical excitation dynamics,LiuKangJun/Fudan University,3/351
  31. Synthesis and Luminescent Properties of C-9 Fluorenyl Substituted Anthrancene Derivatives as Blue Light-Emitting Materials,WangJing/Shanghai University,0/95
  32. Studies on White Organic Light-emitting Devices,XueQin/Jilin University,0/118
  33. Synthesis and Properties of Fluorene-based Blue Light-emitting Materials Containing Electron-donating and-withdrawing Groups,LinZuo/East China University of Science and Technology,0/183
  34. Study on the Role of SAP97 in Light-induced Outer Retinal Edema,RenHui/Fudan University,0/21
  35. Proteome Comparative Analysis of the Seedling of Cry1Cry2 Mutant and Columbia Wild-type-4 of Arabidopsis Thaliana,LuoZeYu/Hunan University,1/144
  36. The Effect of Different Wavelengh Lights on Cultured Human Retina Pigment Epithelium Cells in Vitro,TangYiLing/Shanxi Medical,2/54
  37. Theoretical Study on Optoelectronic Properties of Organic Blue Emitting Materials,HuiGuanBao/Beijing Jiaotong University,0/231
  38. The tomato blue light receptor gene Phototropins RNAi vectors and Overexpression carrier Construction and Transformation of Tomato,Yu/Sichuan University,0/168
  39. Study of Porcine Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cell Replicative Senescence Stimulated by Blue Light,CuiLanJun/Tianjin Medical University,2/64
  40. Blue-light Absorbing Intraocular Lens and Pig Retinal Pigment Epithelium Protection in Vitro,ZhuLiLi/Zhejiang University,0/22
  41. Comparison of Vision Quality with Blue Blocking IOL vs. Tinted Aspheric IOL,GuoLing/Dalian Medical University,0/57
  42. Function Analysis of Soybean Cryptochrome Gene and Establishment of Soybean Transformation System via Agrobacterium-mediated Method,LiMaoFu/Guizhou University,0/248
  43. Fabrication of p-type ZnMgO and ZnO Thin Films Codoped with Al-N and In-N Via DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtering,YeYuMin/Zhejiang University,0/138
  44. The Research on New Fabrication Method, Luminescent Property and Mechanism of Porous Silicon Materials,LuYingZuo/Tianjin University,2/287
  45. Clinical and Antibacterial Efficacy of High Intensive Narrow Band Blue Light on Acne Vulgaris,LiuWei/Sichuan University,0/136
  46. Blu- regulation Arabidopsis auxin biosynthesis, polar transport mechanisms and random GFP :: cDNA fusion gene inserted Cloning and functional analysis,ZengJianXin/Hunan Agricultural University,0/182
  47. Blu-ray kelp gametophyte development and Mechanistic Studies,ShiCuiJuan/Graduate School , Chinese Academy of Sciences ( Institute of Oceanography ),0/128
  48. Transport Properties of 2-Dimensional Electron Gas in AIGaN/GaN Heterostructures,YaoWei/Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy , Chinese Academy of Sciences,0/457
  49. White organic electroluminescent device and characteristics,LiZuo/University of Electronic Science and Technology,1/314
  50. The Animal Model Research of Rat Retina Pigment Epithetlium Cell Replicative Senescence Induced by Blue Light in Vivo,KeYiFeng/Tianjin Medical University,0/74

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