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  1. Development of Sensitive Optical Chemical Sensors with Dual Functional Catalytical Nanomaterials,WenFang/Tsinghua University,0/230
  2. Design, Snthesis and Recognition Optical Chemosensors,WangXiaoMeng/Xiangtan University,0/0
  3. Multi Fideld Coupled Dynamics Research of Micro Resonant Chemical Gas Sensor,YangQing/Yanshan University,0/8
  4. Preparation and Application of New Fluorescent Nanosensors Based on Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET),FengLiJuan/Northeast Normal University,0/8
  5. Preliminary Study of Chemical Sensor Based on Micro/Nano Fibers Fabricated by Electrospinning Technology,LiLe/Harbin Engineering University,0/100
  6. Biomimetic Oxidation of Chlorophenol Catalyzed by Metal Phthalcocyanine and Its Application in Chlorophenol Detection,LiDaPeng/Wuhan University of Technology,0/152
  7. Design of In-situ Detection System of CO2in Seawater,WangPing/Zhejiang University,0/3
  8. Studies on Fabrication and Properties of Oriented Film Materials Based on Layered Double Hydroxides,SunZhiYong/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,1/166
  9. Preparation, Characterization and Sensitive Properties of a Series of Functional Materials for Organophosphates Detection,HuangJia/University of Electronic Science and Technology,0/177
  10. Synthesis and Characterization of HFIP Functionalized Hyperbranched Polysiloxane,WangLiShuo/Tianjin University,0/21
  11. The Study of Finite Anchoring Liquid Crystal Device’s Optical Characteristic,FengBo/Dalian Maritime University,2/30
  12. The Online Detection Technology Based on Quartz Crystal Microbalance and Functional Polymers,FanZuo/Zhejiang University,0/159
  13. The Preparation and Application of Several Metal Complexes Used as Fluorescence Probe,HuLiQiang/Hunan University,0/248
  14. Anodic Aluminum Oxide Photonic Crystals: Fabrication and Applications,LiuYiSen/South China University of Technology,0/236
  15. Fabrication and Properties of Colorimetric Sensors for Metal Ion and Silicon Material Based on Natural Cellulose Substance,JiangYuFeng/Zhejiang University,0/42
  16. Development and Sea Trial Study of Electrochemical Sensors for Seafloor Hydrothermal Vent,PanYiZuo/Zhejiang University,0/40
  17. Synthesis and Characterization of Optically Active Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymers,LouLiPing/Zhejiang University,0/281
  18. Ions and amino acids recognized by photochemical sensor,ZhangDengQing/Fudan University,0/452
  19. Molecular Design, Synthesis and Optoelectronic Properties of light function iridium complexes,ZhaoQiang/Fudan University,1/761
  20. Study of High Temperature Proton Conductor, Its Preparation, Construction, Performance and Application,FangJianHui/Shanghai University,0/279
  21. Peroxidase in a single neutrophil cells , the determination of hydrogen peroxide , reactive oxygen species,LiWenPeng/Shandong University,0/415
  22. Reseach on the Effect of Information Conduction of Calcium Ion,GuoYi/Tianjin University,2/385
  23. Studies on Novel Carrier Based Ion-Selective Electrodes and Molecular Imprinted Polymer Electrochemical Sensor,XuZuo/Southwest China Normal,3/602
  24. Study on the Preparation of Porous Plastic Fiber Optical Probe and Its Application,XieZengHong/Fuzhou University,1/334
  25. Novel Fluorescence Sensors Based on Covalent Immobilization under UV Radiation of Fluorescent Carrier,JiaoChenXu/Hunan University,0/357
  26. Study of Polyoxometalates on Anodic Aluminum Oxide/glass Carbon Electrode Electrochemical Properties and Application,WangShengTian/Jilin University,2/595
  27. Preparation of Fiber Optical Chemical Sensor, Development of Instrument System and Applied Techniques in Biologic Medicine and Environmental Monitoring,LiXinXia/Xinjiang Medical University,0/636
  28. Synthesis and Covalent Immobilization of Naphthalimide and Other Derivatives as New-type Fluorescence Carriers for Optical Fiber Chemical Sensor Preparation,NiuChengGang/Hunan University,3/301
  29. The Chemosensory Mechanism of Beet Armyworm Spodoptera Exigua (Hübner),LiJianXun/Southwestern University,0/333
  30. Development and Applications of Novel Chemo/Bioanalytical Methods and Modeling Algorithms for Analytical Data Processing,KongBo/Hunan University,1/199
  31. Fluorescent Chemosensors and Logic Gates Based on Dicyanomethylene-4H-pyran and Cyanine Derivatives,GuoZhiQian/East China University of Science and Technology,1/509
  32. The Basic Research on Fiber Grating Sensing Technology,QianYing/Jilin University,4/696
  33. Study of Optical Chemical Sensor with Eggshell Membrane,TangJieLi/Jilin University,0/55
  34. Synthesis, Characterization and Fluorescent Sensory Properties of Fluorescent Conjugated Polymers,FengJiChang/Zhejiang University,1/396
  35. The Research on Characteristic of Soil Humic Acid and Chemical Sensor,ZhongTongSheng/Hunan University,4/522
  36. Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of Environmentally Sensitive Polymeric-materials,CaoZuo/Zhejiang University,0/313
  37. On-Line Pre-Processing and Fiber-Optic Chemical Sensor for Detection Biological Specimen of Propofol,DingHaiYan/Xinjiang Medical University,0/62
  38. Preparation of Molecular Imprinted Polymer and Its Molecular Recognition Function,LiuXiaoYu/Northwest Normal University,2/748
  39. Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of Novel Functional Monomers Containing Quinoline Derivative and Fluorescent Property of Polymers,WenXiaoWei/Suzhou University,0/129
  40. The Research on Preparation and Performance of Fluorescence Chemical Sensor and Their Application in Environmental Analytical Chemistry,GuanAiLing/Hunan University,1/501
  41. Design, Synthesis and Properties Study on Optics and Electronics Organic Small Molecular Materials,ZhouYiFeng/Zhengzhou University,0/340
  42. Novel Fluorescence Sensors Based on Covalent Immobilization of Fluorescent Carrier,ChenLiXin/Hunan University,0/155
  43. Study on the Fluorescent Chemosensors for Metal Ions Based on Quinoline Derivatives,ChengGuo/Hunan University,1/235
  44. Study and Application of the Film Chemically Modified Electrodes in Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Analysis,LiHongKun/Shandong Normal University,1/315
  45. Study on the Ion Recognition Characteristics of CdS Thin Film Photoelectrochemical Cell,PanWei/Sichuan University,1/308
  46. Studies on the Optical Chemical Membranes for Lead Ion Based on Organically Modified Sol-gel,HongSongZuo/Fuzhou University,0/107
  47. Research and Application of membrane chemically modified electrode,LiJun/Shandong Normal University,1/182
  48. Novel Fluorescence Chemical Sensors Preparation and Their Application in the Environmental Analysis,GaoPanFeng/Hunan University,1/317
  49. Study of Nano-material Modified Electrode and Its Application to Electrochemical Detection of Bioactive Molecule,ZhouYuYan/East China Normal University,1/300
  50. Based on UV / VIS absorption principle fiber chemical sensing process monitoring of drug dissolution methodological studies,YaoJun/Xinjiang Medical University,0/105

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