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  1. Stable Isotope Geochemistry Research of LaLa Iron Oxide-Cu-Au-U (IOCG)Deposit,WangZuo/Chengdu University of Technology,0/36
  2. Study on Mineralization of Epithermal Gold Deposits in Eastern Heilongjiang, China,ZhangXiaoKun/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/190
  3. Study on the Characteristics of Ore-forming Fluid and the Genesis of Porphyry Copper Deposit at Muji Village,GaoMing/Shijiazhuang University of Economics,0/18
  4. Study on Fluid Geochemistry in ZHAOTONG Lead-Zinc Deposit,Yunnan,QiuWenLong/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/78
  5. The Characteristics of Ore-forming Fluid and Genesis of the Xihuashan Tungsten Deposit in Southern Jiangxi,XuTai/,0/138
  6. Characteristics of ore forming fluid of gold deposits in southwestern Guizhou and its significance of Carlin type,ZhangJinLing/Chengdu University of Technology,0/45
  7. The Geology, Geochemistry and Metallogenesis of the Hongshiyan Pb-Zn-Cu Polymetallic Ore Deposit, Wenshan, Southeastern Yunnan Province,LiZhiQiang/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/62
  8. Study on Geological Characteristics of Pb-Zn Deposits in Mayuan, Nanzheng County,ChenBaoZuo/Chang'an University,0/15
  9. The Inclusion Characteristics and Its Geological Siganificances of Dalingshang Tungsten Ore in Wuning, Jiangxi,ZhangWanWan/,0/125
  10. The Geochemical Characteristics of Ore-forming Fluid and Ore Genesis from the Xiangshan Uranium Orefield,WuYu/,0/182
  11. Xiangshan uranium ore field scientific deep drilling effect of variable rock uranium mineralization alteration,GuoJian/Nuclear industry, Beijing Institute of Geology,0/1
  12. Study on the characteristics of ore-forming fluids, Cenozoic origin and evolution of the Lanping Basin,YangYanBo/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/73
  13. The Study of the Geochemistry and Ore-forming Regularity of Jiapigou Gold Deposit, Jilin Province, Northeast China,LiuXiangWei/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/84
  14. Characteristics of Mineralogy and Metallogenesis of the Xiabao Ag-Pb-Zn Deposit, Jiangxi Province,LuRan/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),2/75
  15. Yunnan Honghe Lvchun Malaysia Jianshan copper arsenic polymetallic ore deposit geochemistry,ChenXiaoLei/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/29
  16. Metallogenic Characteristics and Ore System of the Nailenggele Polymetallic Orefield in Western Tianshan, Xinjiang, NW China,ZhangLiCheng/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/26
  17. Spatial-temperal Evolution of the Magmatism and Mineralization in the Gejiu Supergiant Sn Poly Metal Lie Distirct and Insights into Several Key Problems,ChengYanBo/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/318
  18. The Metallogenesis Research of Yaojialing Zn-Au Polymetallic Deposit in Tongling, Anhui Province,LiuShaoFeng/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),1/196
  19. Ore-forming Fluid and Geochcmieal Characteristics of the No.5Ore-body of the Shuangwang Gold Deposit Shaanxi,China,LiuBiZheng/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),1/59
  20. Genesis and Geology and Geochemistry of Copper-Molybdenum Deposit of Chigou, South Qinling,ShenZhiChao/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/84
  21. Geochemical Characteristics of the Dahongshan Copper-iron Ore Bed, Yunnan,LiuWei/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/110
  22. The Study on Ore-forming Fluids in the Yata Carlin-type Gold Deposit, Guizhou Province,XiaoDeChang/Chengdu University of Technology,0/129
  23. Research on the Geochemical Features and Genesis of the Panlong Lead-Zinc Deposit in Guangxi,FuSongWu/Central South University,0/147
  24. The Ore-forming Fluid Characteristics and Mineralogenetic Epoch of the Dayin’gezhuang Gold Deposit in Jiaodong Region,LuJing/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/146
  25. Ore-forming Fluids Characteristics of Pangushan Tungsten Deposit in Jiangxi Province,WangQunYing/Yangtze University,0/173
  26. Research on the Skarns Formation Mechanism of the Shizhuyuan W-Sn Polymetallic Deposit,Hunan Province,ChengXiYin/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/252
  27. Study on the Genesis of Ling Long Gold Deposit in Shandong Province,ZhaoYongYue/Jilin University,2/265
  28. Ore-Controlling Structure of Orefield and Ore-forming Chemical Kinetics of Mineral Assemblage Area in Tongling,LiJinWen/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,5/445
  29. The Genetic Model of Jinfeng (Lannigou) Gold Deposit Based on the Coupling of Metallotectonics and Ore-forming Fluid,ChenZuoHong/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,4/676
  30. The Ore-forming Fluid and Mineralization of Skarn Fe Deposits in Handan-Xingtai Area, South Hebei,ZhengJianMin/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),4/541
  31. Studies of Relationship between Hydrocarbon and Ore-forming in Fluid Flow and Its Application for Ore-exploration,XuQingHong/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/179
  32. Geochemical Relationship between Tin Mineralization and A-type Granite,LiZhaoLi/Institute of Geochemistry,1/582
  33. Feature and Sources of Ore-Forming Fluid in the Huize Lead-Zinc Ore Deposits, Yunnan Province, China,ZhangZhenLiang/Institute of Geochemistry,2/592
  34. East Qinling orogenic belt law of Henan section of gold mineralization and its formation mechanism,YangQunZhou/Central South University,3/475
  35. The Genetic Model of Mississippi Valley-type Deposits in the Boundary Area of Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces, China,ZhangChangQing/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,5/780
  36. Study on Geological Characteristics and Genesis of Polymetallic Metallogenic Belt on the Periphery of the Jinfosi Pluton in the Western Part of the North Qilian Mountains,KangHongJie/Lanzhou University,1/193
  37. Study on the Metallogenic Mechanism of Changpo-Tongkeng Tin-polymetallic Deposit, Dachang, Guangxi,LiangZuo/Chang'an University,1/292
  38. The Study of Fluid Inclusions Geochemistry and Tectonic Geochemistry of Lead-zinc Deposits: Taking Huize and Songliang Lead-zinc Deposits for Examples, In the Northeast of Yunnan Province, China,LiBo/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/234
  39. The Fenghuangshan Skarn Copper Deposit Mineralization Process Study at Tongling, Anhui Province,ZuoZuoZuo/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,2/390
  40. Study of Ore-forming Fluid in Weishancheng Au-Ag Polymetallic Metallogenic Belt, Henan Province,YangYan/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),2/127
  41. The Metallogenetic Mechanism of the Huize Lead-Zinc Ore Deposit and the Occurrence of Germanium, Yunnan Province, China,LiuFeng/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,3/337
  42. Ore-Forming Fluid Geochemistry and Genisis of the Huanxiangwa Gold Deposit in Western Henan, China,DuanCunJi/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/240
  43. The Au-existence State and REE Geochemistry of Zhushanchong Gold Deposit,YeJun/Guizhou University,1/183
  44. Characteristics of Ore-forming Fluid and Ore Genesis of Dahu Gold Deposit, in Xiaoqinling Gold Area,ChenLi/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),7/449
  45. The Metallegenic Regularity of the Jinqingding Gold Deposit Field and Ore Prospecting, in Rushan, Shandong Province,LiuShanBao/Chang'an University,3/246
  46. Geochemical Feature of Ore-Forming Fluid in Mayoumu Gold Deposit, Tibet,HuoYan/Chengdu University of Technology,1/176
  47. Characteristics and Genesis of the Washan and Jishan Porphyry Iron Deposits in the Ningwu District,LiuShaoFeng/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),1/295
  48. Characteristics and Genesis of the Luowei Silver-lead-zinc Deposit in Guangxi Province,TuWei/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/114
  49. Study on the Geological Characteristics and Genesis of the Bainaimiao Cu Deposit in the Siziwangqi Inner Mongolia,WangZhongJie/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/124
  50. Lanping Jinding lead-zinc mineralization fluid evolution of geochemical research,GaoHuiWen/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/59

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