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  1. Inhibition of p38Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase Pathway Attenuates Cerebral Vasospasm after Experimental Subarachnoid Hemorrhage,ZhangXing/Nanjing University,0/60
  2. The Effect and Mechanism of High-dose Ang Ⅱ on the Expression of ACE and ACE2in Vascular Endothelial Cells,ChenHuan/Southern Medical University,,0/105
  3. The Role of Progesterone in Regeneration after the Optic Nerve Injury and Change of GLT-1and Activated P38-MAPK,ChenQian/Hebei Medical University,0/24
  4. The Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Preconditioning on Focal Cerebral Ischemic Reperfusion Injury in Rat,HuangShuo/Jilin University,0/75
  5. Research on the Influence of Neuro-immunodulation Based on Substance P and Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide on Mouse Skin Allograft Survival,YuShaoJie/Central South University,0/0
  6. Effects of Rho/ROCK Signal Pathway on AGE-induced Morphological and Functional Changes in HMVECs,WangJiPing/Southern Medical University,,0/38
  7. Investigation of the Signal Transduction in Ectopic Expression ofγδT Cell-ligand HMSH2in Stress and the Dynamic Expression of HMSH2during the Cell Malignant Transformation,MoChen/Beijing Union Medical College,0/67
  8. Adiponectin Inhibits the Apoptosis of Cardiomyocytes Induced by Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress after Exposed to Tunicamycin through P38-MAPK,FuMingHuan/Shanxi Medical,0/53
  9. Mechanism study of acupuncture effect on myocardium of spontaneously hypertensive rats p38/MAPK signal transduction pathway,ZhangYue/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/47
  10. Mechanism study of acupuncture effect on spontaneously hypertensive rat aorta shape and the P38/MAPK signal transduction pathway,ZhangYi/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/52
  11. Induction of DNA Damage and Cellular Senescence by TNF-alpha in Human Fibroblasts,SunZhaoLiang/Shandong University,0/63
  12. The Effect and Mechanism of OrexinA on Deep Layer Neurons from Medial Entorhinal Cortex and Prefrontal Cortex in Rats,ZhangDan/Chongqing Medical University,0/12
  13. Effects of Astragalus Membranaceus Injection on Endothelial Progenitor Cells from Human Peripheral Blood and Its p38 MAPK Signaling Pathways Mechanisms,XuHanSong/Central South University,0/303
  14. An Experiment about the Effect of Hypoxia and P38 MAPK Inhibitor SB203580 on Lipopolysaccharide Induced TNF-α Expression in Murine Macrophages,LiuFengQin/Shandong University,0/513
  15. Experimental Study of the Effect of Antitumor and the Molecular Mechanism of Honokiol,DengJunFang/Zhejiang University,3/301
  16. 5-LOX Activation and the Mechanism after Ischemic Injury in PC12 Cells,LiChengTan/Zhejiang University,0/166
  17. Pravastatin Preventing for Atherosclerosis in apoE-/- Mice via Effects on p38 MAPK, IFN-gamma/STAT1 and IL-6/STAT3 Signal Pathway,ZhouXiaoXu/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/589
  18. Airway Inflammation and Mucus Hypersecretion is Regulated Through p38 MAPK/MMP-9 Pathway,LiuDaiShun/Sichuan University,0/362
  19. Roles of Proapoptotic Protein Bim in Apoptosis of Mouse Thymocytes and Human T-ALL CEM-C7 Cells Induced by Dexamethasone and Effects of BimS Recombinant Adenovirus on Human Burkitt Lymphoma Raji Cells,ZhaoYaNing/Sichuan University,0/173
  20. Experimental Study on Mycophenolate Mofetil Treating Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease,WangLi/Second Military Medical University,0/70
  21. The Role of Activin Receptor-Like Kinase 5 Inhibition in Inflammatory Lung Injury,MaBing/Second Military Medical University,0/52
  22. Studies on Immunopathogenesis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Mechanism of Immunotherapy,LiuBinGuo/Second Military Medical University,0/240
  23. Design, Sythesis and Screening of TNF-α Inhibitor,ZhouXinMing/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,0/285
  24. Studies on Sema4C Gene Expression, Function and Mechanisms during the Process of Myogenic Differentiation,WuHaiTao/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,1/142
  25. A Study on Effects of Aquaporin-4 Expression in Brain Edema Formation after ICH and the Regulation Mechanism of Aquaporin-4,ZhouJingHua/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/267
  26. Mycobacterium tuberculosis - macrophage interaction,LeiJianQiang/Fudan University,0/574
  27. Effects of Hypoxia on Osteogenic Differentiation of Bone Marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Vitro,JiangLingYong/Sichuan University,1/272
  28. Human epidermal growth factor receptor tumor biological significance of the functional expression in E. coli membrane and the p38 kinase signal transduction pathways,WangYuTian/Fourth Military Medical University,0/125
  29. Experimental study of P38 MAPK role in the inflammatory response in cardiopulmonary bypass lung tissue in rats,DongXiao/Peking Union Medical College , China,2/363
  30. Expression of p38 MAPK Signal Transduction Pathway and Effect of HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor in Diabetic Nephropathy,WangLiZuo/Hebei Medical University,0/481
  31. P38MAPK mechanism of action in diabetic nephropathy,WeiZuoPing/Chongqing Medical University,0/416
  32. The Change of p38 MAPK Activation and the Effect on Morphology and Electrical Physiology in Rat Hippocampal Neuron Following Kainic Acid Administration,LiuZhiLiang/First Military Medical University,0/334
  33. Regulatory proteins β-arrestin2 and chemotactic effect transcription of cytokine,SunYue/Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,0/185
  34. Patients with heart failure clinical study of cardiac remodeling mediated factors,YangLiXia/Third Military Medical University,1/221
  35. The Inflammatory Reactions Evoked by MG Participate METH-induced Striatum Neurotoxicity,QiaoDongFang/Southern Medical University,,0/99
  36. The Mechanisms and Biological Significance of Small G Protein RhoB Expression Induced by Non-genotoxic Stress,LiYiDong/Second Military Medical University,0/110
  37. Ⅰ.Correlation Research on the Expression of P75NTR、Bax、Bcl-2、Caspase-3 and Apoptosis in Rat Cortical Neurons Following Mechanical Injury Ⅱ.Toxic Effect of 1-trichloromethyl-1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydro-carboline (TaClo) on Rat Dopaminergic Neuron,XinTao/Shandong University,0/495
  38. Expression of CD137L in Colorectal Cancer Tissues and Its Biological Function,YangLin/Southern Medical University,,0/123
  39. Roles of Toll Like Receptors in Innate Immunity and Cell Injuries,LiHui/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/303
  40. Novel Roles of Aquaporin 5 in Lung Cancer and Pulmonary Epithelial Defense Function Against P. Aeruginosa,ZhangZiQiang/Fudan University,0/255
  41. p38 MAPK in the Pathogenesis of Allergic Rhinitis Rat Model,LiuJie/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/142
  42. The Mechanism of Cadmium-induced Cytotoxicity in Rat Hepatocytes,WangJiCang/Yangzhou University,5/312
  43. Bicyclic alcohol on immune hepatic fibrosis in rats and its mechanism research oral 2.Beagle dog fumarate tenofovir topiramate furosemide esters and BP0018 plasma pharmacokinetics and bioavailability studies,GuYu/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/295
  44. The Role of 12-lipoxygenase on p27kip1 Expression in Experimental Diabetic Glomeruli,JiaYe/Jilin University,0/141
  45. The Role of Toll Like Receptor-4 Signal Pathways Activation in Gastric Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury,WangJianMing/Kunming Medical College,0/387
  46. The Protective Effect of Albumin on Lung Injury in Trauma/hemorrhagic Shock Rats,ChenZuoBing/Zhejiang University,0/126
  47. The Therapeutic Observation on Heart Function and Mechanism on Ventricular Remodeling with Jian Xin Soup,WangXiaoYan/Central South University,1/207
  48. One kind of targeting the Met receptor signal suppression in a new chemotherapy sensitizer polypeptide sensitizing effect and mechanism of,LouXiuQin/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/117
  49. Metformin on growth inhibition of lung adenocarcinoma and its mechanism,WuNing/Second Military Medical University,1/605
  50. P38 MAPK Contributes to the Growth Inhibition of Leukemic Tumor Cells Mediated by Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells,Tian/Beijing Union Medical College,0/167

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