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  1. Research on Vietnamese Science and Technology Policy Evolution after the Renovation,DingYingJun/Northeastern University,0/0
  2. Research on Leaders of Liaoning State-owned Enterprises Evaluation Assessment Management,HeZhuo/Northeastern University,0/10
  3. Present Construction Situation and Countermeasures Study about BenXi Iron and Steel Processing Industrial Park,ZhangHuiJie/Northeastern University,0/1
  4. Research of the Government Function in Promoting the Consumption of Rural Residents in Liaoning Province,GuoZuo/Northeastern University,0/2
  5. Study on Problems and Solutions of Food S afety Supervision System in China,ZhangLiXue/Northeastern University,0/4
  6. Researches on Social Assistance of Benxi,BianYang/Northeastern University,0/1
  7. Problems and Solutions of Supervision on Charitable Organizations in China,ShenJinLing/Northeastern University,0/5
  8. Research of Government Information Management in Public Crisis Events by We Media,LiuYanNa/Northeastern University,0/24
  9. Research on Issues and Countermeasures of Liaoning's Animation Industry,LiDongHui/Northeastern University,0/6
  10. The Study of the Development of China Public Transport,LiJia/Northeastern University,0/9
  11. The Research on the Administrative Accountability of Environmental Protection,QiYiGuang/Northeastern University,0/140
  12. Research on the Diversification of Governance Subjects in China’s Rural Area,LiuYanLiang/Northeastern University,0/116
  13. The Study on the Construction of the Harmonious Government,WangDongNi/Northeastern University,0/21
  14. Studies on the Cooperative Relationship between the Chinese Government and Civil Society,LiuRong/Northeastern University,0/48
  15. Research on the Idea of Personnel Administration in Max Weber’ Rational Bureaucracy Theory,DongJian/Northeastern University,0/140
  16. Studies of the Holistic Governance,ZhangJinQian/Northeastern University,0/190
  17. The Research about the Viewpoint of Deng Xiaoping’s Science and Technology,QiaoCuiYing/Northeastern University,0/73
  18. Study on Technological Opportunity in the Technological Innovation Process,ZhangZuo/Northeastern University,0/253
  19. On Technological Innovation Culture,WangZuo/Northeastern University,2/394
  20. Study on Flexible Incentives for Technological Innovation Subjects,TianFuJun/Northeastern University,0/42
  21. Research on User Involvement in the Process of Enterprises’ New Product Development,WuWei/Northeastern University,0/34
  22. Research on Enterprises’ Technological Innovation Adoption,ZhuLiXian/Northeastern University,0/51
  23. Technology as a Process,GaoFeiFei/Dalian University of Technology,0/207
  24. On the Nonlinear Mechanism of Enterprises’ Technological Innovation System,WuWei/Dalian University of Technology,0/376
  25. The Central Authorities Non-tax Revenue Enters the Management Study,BaiKai/Northeastern University,0/119
  26. Study on the Finance Supervision of Central Administrative Institutions’ Assets,GaoSong/Northeastern University,1/149
  27. The Ideological Innovation under the Background of Harmonious Society,XuYaBin/Northeastern University,0/78
  28. The Problems and Solutions of National People’s Congress Supervision to Government,LiuShuang/Northeastern University,2/152
  29. Research of the Socialist Core Value System,HaoDongXue/Northeastern University,2/270
  30. Appraisement on the Renaissance of Schumpeter’s Innovation Theories,ZhangZhiHui/Northeastern University,0/168
  31. An Analysis of R & D Internationalization of Multinational Corporations and Its Motives,FengYiMei/Northeastern University,0/120
  32. The Impact of Information Technology on Accounting Education,FanRuoLian/Northeastern University,0/349
  33. Research on the Media Environment in the Era of New Media,WangXiaoDong/Northeastern University,1/497
  34. Different stages of development of modern design changes in design thinking,ZhangXiaoXia/Northeastern University,0/142
  35. Marx’s Theory of Practice in the Humanities Perspective,YangZuo/Northeastern University,0/111
  36. Values’ Conflict in the Social Transformation Period of Contemporary China,WeiChunYan/Northeastern University,0/215
  37. Study on Promoting the Quality of Innovation Subject,LiuXuMing/Northeastern University,0/33
  38. Review and Analysis of Foster’s Ecological Crisis Theory,LiuWei/Northeastern University,0/97
  39. Studies of Modern Computer Technology Innovation Process,GuGuiYing/Northeastern University,0/221
  40. Research on the Formation and Development of Marxist Theory of Religion,ZhangDan/Northeastern University,0/53
  41. Research on Karl Marx’s Productive Labor Theory and Its Development in Contemporary Era,ZhangBo/Northeastern University,1/64
  42. Discussion and Analysis on the Contradictions among the People under the View of the Socialism Harmonious Society,LiNa/Northeastern University,0/43
  43. Marx’s Civil Society Theory and Its Enlightenment in Establishing Harmonious Society,SunShu/Northeastern University,0/58
  44. Studies of the Essence of the Doctrine of Marx and Engels,GuoHaiNa/Northeastern University,0/80
  45. Countermeasure Analysis on the Problems in the Process of China Science Popularization,LiuChuanBin/Northeastern University,1/227
  46. Study on the Promotion of Enterprise’s Independent Innovation Capability,ShangZhenYu/Northeastern University,1/71
  47. The Shaping of China’s Government Image in Public Crisis Management,WangHuan/Northeastern University,0/140
  48. On the Marx’s Concept of Justice and Its Contemporary Significance,WenNuan/Northeastern University,0/90

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