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  1. The Design and Implementation of Online Banking Analog System,WangHuanHuan/Jilin University,0/38
  2. The Design and Implementation of the City Traffic Management System,TianBoDun/Jilin University,0/67
  3. On Illegal Possession Purpose of the Contract Fraud Identified,WengHengYuan/China Youth Political College,0/55
  4. Technique Research on the Cross-well Seismic Anisotropic Medium Wavefield and Parameter,MaYeChi/Chang'an University,0/56
  5. Technique Research on Denoising Methods in2-D Crosswell Seismic,WenBo/Chang'an University,0/36
  6. Study on the Ground Fissure in the Loess Area of Fen-wei by Fine Seismic Exploration,LiuZhi/Chang'an University,0/15
  7. Design and Implementation of Inner OA System in Physical Bureau in Panjin City,PeiZhen/Jilin University,0/22
  8. Study on the Issues of the Procedure of Criminal Jury Trial,GuoHang/China Youth Political College,0/87
  9. Illegal Evidence Exclusion of Discretion,CaiLiYing/China Youth Political College,0/1
  10. On Defense Evidence Disclosure Obligations,ZhangYan/China Youth Political College,0/2
  11. Analysis the Retrial Procedure’s Start,TianZuoZuo/China Youth Political College,0/0
  12. New Theory about Criminal Presumption,LiuHuiHui/China Youth Political College,0/4
  13. On the Legal Regulation of Technical Investigation of China,ZuoDanNi/China Youth Political College,0/10
  14. On the Legal Control of Criminal Search,ZhangYunXiao/China Youth Political College,0/35
  15. The Dossier System in the Perspective of the Principle of Direct Trial,ZhangXiao/China Youth Political College,0/84
  16. The Legal Regulation of the Criminal Identiifcation Opinion,SunPeng/China Youth Political College,0/151
  17. On the Range and Owner of Reading Files,YangHuiNa/China Youth Political College,0/169
  18. Research on Illegal Obtained Evidence Exclusionary Improvement,ZhaoGeng/China Youth Political College,0/793
  19. Legal Regulation of Technical Investigation Measures,LiuYi/China Youth Political College,0/2
  20. Farmland ecosystem Collembola diversity and environmental indicators research,YinTao/Heilongjiang University,0/30
  21. Technology Research on the Crosswell Seismic Data Multi-Domain Abnormal Noise Suppression Method,DingHu/Chang'an University,0/17
  22. A Study on Metal Ore Seismic Exploration Technology of Imaging Method,SongLiFang/Chang'an University,0/30
  23. Crosswell Seismic Wave Field Polarization Properties Analysis and Application,ZhaoYi/Chang'an University,0/29
  24. High-precision Joint Velocity Inversion with Seismic First-break and Reflection Travel-time,WeiJianPing/Chang'an University,0/40
  25. Study on Separating Methanol/water Mixtures Using Copolymerization Pervaporation Membrane Modified by Nanometer SiO2,LiuXianHong/Tianjin Polytechnic University,1/156
  26. Multiple seismic attributes neural network target prediction applied research,ZhangLiang/Chang'an University,2/178
  27. Study on Methanol/water Pervaporation of AA-AN Copolymerization Membrane,ZhangHao/Tianjin Polytechnic University,0/143
  28. Complex the region static correction technology research,ZhangLi/Chang'an University,8/316
  29. Earthquake constrained impedance inversion and applied research,WangDongYan/Chang'an University,5/927
  30. Graft Polymerization of Acrylic Acid onto Polyphenylene Sulfide Non-woven Initiated by Low Temperature Plasma,LiYingNa/Tianjin Polytechnic University,1/169
  31. Rayleigh wave inversion method and its application,WangZanWen/Chang'an University,4/398
  32. Two-dimensional stack migration technology research and compare methods,WuDi/Chang'an University,2/329
  33. PPS non- woven carpet hydrophilic modified,LinYaLi/Tianjin Polytechnic University,1/150
  34. Mountain Coal Seismic exploration technology and applied research,JieTuanJie/Chang'an University,3/222
  35. Prospecting System hardware and software engineering precision shallow earthquakes,YangHengHui/Chang'an University,0/64
  36. Study on the Cross-hole Seismic Tomography with First Break Travel Time Based on the Ray Theory,QiuBinHuang/Chang'an University,1/167
  37. The Research of 2-D Seismic Forward Modeling Method,ZhuJun/Chang'an University,12/1337
  38. Study of Processing Method and Technique of Surface-consistence,ZhouXinLong/Chang'an University,2/256
  39. Research on Wavelet Transform in Sediment Gyration of Seismic Record,WuZhiCheng/Chang'an University,1/112
  40. Three-component Borehole Seismic Analysis and Application of Polarization,MaHaiJun/Chang'an University,1/129
  41. The Planning Study to Hebei S City A Thermoelectricity Cogeneration Projects,ZhuangYiFeng/North China Electric Power University (Hebei),1/52
  42. The Application of Research Time-lapse Seismic Technology in the Development Block of Oil Field,XueTao/Chang'an University,4/241
  43. The Application of Walkaway VSP Technology in the Oilfield Development,SunZhiGuo/Chang'an University,0/116
  44. Application Research of the Reservoir Prediction to the Marine 3D Seismic Data,DingJuan/Chang'an University,5/161
  45. Synthetical Research on Seismic Multi-parameters Reservoir of Middle-Upper Ordovician in the Estern Region of the Tarim Basin,GuoShuJun/Chang'an University,1/73
  46. Technique Research on the Separation of the Cross-well Seismic Wave Field,BiYouYi/Chang'an University,2/128
  47. Study on the Near-surface Seismic Waves Tomography Method and Technology,JinXi/Chang'an University,0/164
  48. Technique Research on the Enhanced Resolution of the Cross-well Seismic Wave Field,LinPeiJu/Chang'an University,0/113
  49. Inclined hole seismic reflection imaging technology research methods,LiaoMaoHui/Chang'an University,2/72
  50. The Study on Pre-stack Amplitude Correction and Moveout Correction Method of Cross-inclined Well Seismic,TianZhongYing/Chang'an University,0/72

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