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  1. The Effects of Cognitive Tags and Affective Tags in Mental Accounting on Consumer Decision-making,XuHua/Jinan University,0/277
  2. Salary System Optimization Research of SN Company,XuHua/Ningbo University,0/2
  3. Study on Syndromes of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Chronic Atrophic Gastritis and It't Relationship with Images of Gastroscope and Pathological Change,XuHua/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/17
  4. The Study of Impact Factors of Solar Radiation in Particular Areas of China,XuHua/Ocean University of China,0/102
  5. Research on Uplift Process and Uplift Mechanism of Lesser Khingan Range in Cenozoic,XuHua/Jilin University,0/15
  6. A Study on the Promotion Mechanism in Lenovo’s M&A Performance: Under the Perspective of Synergistic Effect,XuHua/Beijing Jiaotong University,0/566
  7. Research on Humanoid Robot Gait Planning of Crossing Obstacle,XuHua/Chongqing University,0/2
  8. Research on Bilingual Lexicon Construction between Chinese and English from Comparable Corpora,XuHua/Suzhou University,0/38
  9. Design and Implementation of the Quality Evaluation System of Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College,XuHua/University of Electronic Science and Technology,0/11
  10. Teacher Survey and Countermeasure Research of Henan Normal University in Their Basketball,XuHua/Henan Normal,0/37
  11. Some reflections on the protection of human rights Chinese perspective of Constitutionalism,XuHua/Inner Mongolia University,0/3
  12. Shi Lu’s Realistic Paintings and Freehand Paintings,XuHua/Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts,0/154
  13. The Analysis of the Anaphora Structure "Personal Pronoun+a+NP",XuHua/Harbin Normal University,0/10
  14. Study on the Function of Caspase-3Protein in Lung Cancer Cells by the Heavy Ion Irradiation,XuHua/Lanzhou University,0/24
  15. The Preliminary Research on the Mechanism of the ProtectiveEffect of Angiopoietin-1on Mice Pulmonary Micovascularendothelial Cells Induced by Lipopolysaccharide,XuHua/Suzhou University,0/132
  16. The Research of Former Stage of High Power Frequency Conversion and Three-level PWM Rectifier,XuHua/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,0/108
  17. Reflective Crack Propagation and Fatigue Life for Asphalt Concrete Pavement on Semi-Rigid Base Course,XuHua/Guangxi University,1/626
  18. Analysis of the Bending and Vibration of Functionally Graded Material Timoshenko Beams,XuHua/Yangzhou University,1/81
  19. Study on Lumping Kinetic Modeling of Pyrolysis for Heavy Vacuum Gas Oil and EPSOS Perfecting,XuHua/Tsinghua University,0/25
  20. Investigation on the Interfacial Charge Transfer of Graphene by Raman Spectroscopy,XuHua/Lanzhou University,0/652
  21. Crude Oil Spot Price Influenced by Speculators’ Psychological Expectations Based on Double-deck Complex Network,XuHua/Tianjin University,0/58
  22. The Primary Study on the Correlation between ABO Blood Group and Leukemia,XuHua/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,0/201
  23. The Turbulence Processes of Stellar Convection and Its Effects on the Oscillation of a δ Scuti Star,XuHua/Graduate School , Chinese Academy of Sciences (Yunnan Observatory ),0/42
  24. Blind short-term burst signal processing technology,XuHua/PLA Information Engineering University,13/546
  25. Effects of Soil Properties and Soil Water Contents in the Winter Crop Season on CH4 Flux During Rice Growth Period and Its Mechanisms,XuHua/Nanjing Institute of Soil Science,7/404
  26. Clinical Observation and Empirical Study of High-dose of Tortoise Plastron as an Enrichment of Kidney on Aplastic Anemia with the Deficiency of Yin,XuHua/Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/138
  27. Evolution of the occasion of the artistic spirit of the Han and Wei,XuHua/Central China Normal University,2/478
  28. Familism in Chinese enterprises,XuHua/Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,1/656
  29. The New Views on Mohism: The Textual Research for the Lose Contents of Mozi and Mohist Theory,XuHua/Anhui University,0/243
  30. Selection and Identification of Cancer-specific Aptamers and Their Preliminary Application,XuHua/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,0/406
  31. Research on the Determinants of the Capital Structure of Insurers,XuHua/Southwestern University of Finance and Economics,0/618
  32. Air Pollution and Water Pollution Management Model,XuHua/Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering,0/339
  33. Synthesis and Application of Polycarboxylic Acid Dyes and Polycarboxylic Ester Dyes,XuHua/Dalian University of Technology,0/45
  34. Research on Marx’s Thought of Social Harmony,XuHua/Anhui University,0/510
  35. A Stochastic Control Theory Perspective on Supply Chain Management under Uncertainty,XuHua/Zhejiang University,0/191
  36. Modern management mode in the Hunan Provincial Expressway Construction Management,XuHua/Central South University,3/369
  37. Study about Monitoring System and Fault Diagnosis Based on LabVIEW and the Fractal Theory,XuHua/Wuhan University of Science and Technology,3/288
  38. A Research on the Teaching Design of Senior Physics Exercise Lesson in the New Curricular Reform,XuHua/Central China Normal University,4/448
  39. Study of the Effect and Mechanism of Matrix Metalloproteinase-26 on the Angiogenesis of Breast Carcinoma,XuHua/Jilin University,0/68
  40. Research on Landscape Dynamics of Agricultural Ecosystems in the Flooded Area of the Yellow River from 1938 to 2002,XuHua/Henan University,1/145
  41. Preliminary Observation of Treatment with L-carnitine in Infertile Patients with Varicocele,XuHua/Xinjiang Medical University,0/81
  42. Study of Honesty in a Harmonious Society,XuHua/Shandong University,0/356
  43. Gradual Change and Reflection,XuHua/Nanchang University,1/137
  44. Lung Protection by Perfusion with Hypothermic Protective Solution to Pulmonary Artery during Cardiopulmonary Bypass,XuHua/Nanchang University,0/88
  45. Analysis of the Disparity of the Modern Logistics Management between China and Other Modern Countries,XuHua/University of Foreign Trade and Economic,8/1260
  46. Research of the Effect of Gubiqing to Knee Joint Oteoarthritis Combined with Synovitis,XuHua/Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/81
  47. The Inquire into the Land Reservation System of the Small and Moderate Cities,XuHua/Sichuan Normal University,0/247
  48. An Empirical Research of the Earnings Management on Listed Companies under Special Treatment,XuHua/Dalian University of Technology,1/496
  49. The Expression and Significance of Metastasis-associated MTA1 Gene in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line HepG2 and Its Heterogeneous Sublines,XuHua/Jinan University,0/83
  50. The Sustainable Analysis of Finance Management on Maanshan Iron & Steel Company Limited,XuHua/Hohai University,1/373

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