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  1. The Uyghur Rabab and Its Heritage in the Context of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Forms,WaReSi.ABuLiZi/Xinjiang Normal University,0/19
  2. Review of the the Erhu Music Since the Founding of New China,XuYueTao/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  3. Study on Guizhou Lusheng music culture and its social function,LiuYan/,0/17
  4. Talk about "the First Erhu Rhapsody",SongChenZuo/Fujian Normal University,0/35
  5. Erhu Tune a Flower Playing Research,ShenNanNan/Fujian Normal University,0/64
  6. Study on Quanzhou Nanyin Clappers,ChenEnHui/Fujian Normal University,0/10
  7. A Research on Teaching Practice of Pipa under the Guide of Musical Aesthetics Abstract,WangZuoZuo/Jiangxi Normal University,0/10
  8. The Liangshan Yi Moon Lute Music and Its Inheritance and Development Research,YangZuoBing/Sichuan Normal University,0/12
  9. Development and thinking of the erhu bow technique.,WangHui/Central Conservatory of Music,0/54
  10. Analysis on Ruanqu in That Distant Place,YuYing/China Conservatory of Music,0/0
  11. Study on the Playing of a Chance Meeting and Its Role in Pipa Teaching,XiaZuo/China Conservatory of Music,0/0
  12. Exploration to Technology Applied in Banhu Play Art,ZuoZuoZuo/China Conservatory of Music,0/0
  13. Banhu Concerto HanTingqiu Analysis and Research,WangShiQuan/China Conservatory of Music,0/0
  14. The Analysis of Modern Erhu Repertoire,ZhangYiYing/China Conservatory of Music,0/0
  15. Study of the Characteristics of Qu Xiang's Bamboo Flute Arts,ZhangZhongZhong/China Conservatory of Music,0/3
  16. On the Religiousness in the Music Creation of Liu Dehai,ZhuHuiZuo/China Conservatory of Music,0/7
  17. A Study in the Recomposed Process of the Modern Composition of Erhu,MaKe/China Conservatory of Music,0/0
  18. The "Qin Erhu" Art Research,ChenXiaoRu/China Conservatory of Music,0/0
  19. The Scientific Unity of Diversified Arts of Sheng in China,WeiLin/China Conservatory of Music,0/1
  20. Simple Introduction the Traditional Techniques and Characteristics When Playing Erhu Within Stringed and Woodwind Music of Jiangnan,SunYiZuo/China Conservatory of Music,0/0
  21. The Inheritance and Innovation of Dulcimer Performance Techniques,XuYiFang/China Conservatory of Music,0/1
  22. Twenty-one String Zithe:Development and Classification of Solo Tunings,WangNing/China Conservatory of Music,0/3
  23. A Study on Art Features and Re-composing of "the Forth Erhu Rhapsody" by Wang Jianmin,ZhangLei/China Conservatory of Music,0/1
  24. The Erhu Art in the Formation and Development of the Wuxi Area,XuYangLei/China Conservatory of Music,0/2
  25. A Study of Liu Dehai's Philosophical Thoughts on Pipa Art,LiJia/China Conservatory of Music,0/1
  26. Zither Sad Music Beauty,WangJun/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/36
  27. A Study on Inheritance and Protection of Yichang Sizhu,TianCuiHua/Central South University for Nationalities,0/13
  28. The Feminine Beauty and the Masculine Beauty of Chinese Pipa Music,HeNan/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/30
  29. The Study on the Protection and Development of Traditional Craft Tianqin in Longzhou,LiuRui/Yunnan Agricultural University,0/38
  30. Gong-drum Poetry Teaching Method Research,YuanJingJing/Guangzhou University,0/30
  31. The Research Dissertation of Comparison and Implementation in Erhu Pedagogy,XieHuanBin/China Conservatory of Music,0/1
  32. The problems of the theory of the relationship between erhu bowing and musical tone,SunMingYang/Jilin College of the Arts,0/8
  33. The Instrumental Acoustic Research of Xinjiang Uygur Satār,WangShuYa/Xinjiang Normal University,0/11
  34. Li Meng More Sound and its Contribution to the Development of Guzheng Art Works in This Field,LiuSiYin/Jiangxi Normal University,0/34
  35. Researches on Pipa Concerto <Chunqiu>,LiuDouDou/Jiangxi Normal University,0/11
  36. Discuss Ion on Topic of Erhu's Teaching Materials-Science、System、Specification,TangXueQing/Jiangxi Normal University,0/18
  37. Comparison and Reflection of Traditional Zheng Music and Modern Zheng Music,GuiXin/Jiangxi Normal University,0/31
  38. Qing Dynasty dulcimer exams,WuQiong/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/27
  39. "Henan song" erhu concert version of its,WuZuo/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/83
  40. Interpretation of Guzheng performance techniques and historical theme music performance of the two degree creation - to guzheng Concerto "Ling'an regret", "West Chu overlord" as an example,LiYueQing/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/99
  41. An analysis of the accompaniment of Sheng,RenYang/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/17
  42. Wang Zhongshan Guzheng music art feature research - to "sea mountain", "hidden", "Wang Qinchuan" as an example,ChenYunYu/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/100
  43. Wang Zhongshan Guzheng music new technique research,WangFan/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/85
  44. Play the development and innovation of techniques in twentieth Century eight, the ninety's in the creation of Zheng music,WangFang/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/84
  45. Erhu "river water" the concert version compared with the spectrum,HanJing/Wuhan Conservatory of Music,0/27
  46. The research of Shaanxi Erhu Art,HaoYiJie/Shaanxi Normal University,0/50
  47. A Research About Dombera Manufacturing Under the Vision of Intangible Cultural Inheritanee,LiuZhuoQun/Xinjiang Normal University,0/12
  48. The Study on the Art of Making Uyghur Musical Instrument Dutar,ALiYe·TuErDi/Xinjiang Normal University,0/10
  49. Investigation and Research of Modern Drum Playing Music,TianChaoChao/Hebei Normal,0/8
  50. The Different Aspects of Tone Colour in the Traditional Repertoire of Liu De Hai,GaoSiChao/China Conservatory of Music,0/1

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