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On Eryuehe’s Historical Novels

Author: SunGang
Tutor: ZhuDeFa
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords: Eryuehe historical novels narrative situation the complex of scholar worship narration of the ordinary dream of a powerful country
CLC: I207.42
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2005
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In aspects of narratology, personage, culture and comparative law, the thesis tries to analysethe serial novels of the emperor by Eryuehe.Foreword : Sum up the gratifying achievements of the creation ofChina’s contemporary long historical novels, point out the currentsituation of historical novels studies to which too less attention ispaid.Chapter 1 : From a narratology point of view, analyses artistic formsof the text based on narrative situation, rhythm and voice. As a whole,historical novels by Eryuehe adopt the method of a transient narrativesituation between the author and characters. Sometimes the narrativesituation lf characters or even the first person with little change isused. Narrative rhythm of equal narration and extending narration is usedalternately to create an effect of tension alternating with relaxation.At times equal narration is used to create a tense and exciting situation.Thanks to vivid quotation and concise transition, etc, voice of thenarrator is very faint.Chapter 2 : Choose three groups of representative characters to probeinto the world of dispositions. From” Great Kang Xi Emperor”,” YongZheng Emperor” to “Qian Long Emperor”, the author uses narration ofhero and power to portray three emperors, however, the narration of theordinary obtains more and more importance. A large numbers of chancellorsare also created to emphasize the three emperors. In addition, many folkfemales are portrayed, which become a bridge leading to the emperors forthe people.Chapter 3 : Announce emphatically that the culture of the palace inQing Dynasty was graceful, exquisite, complicated, over mature,hypocritical and cruec. Point out that folk customs and culture isheterogeneous, tolerative, secular and utilitarian, the description ofwhich can offer reality in detail and can conduce to build a historicalatmosphere. Analyse the relationship among scholars, emperors andtraditional culture. Inquire about the cultural origin of the complex ofscholar worship.Chapter 4: Compare Eryuehe with two other wellknown novelists ofhistorical works,ie, Tang Haoming and Gao Yang . Analyse emphatically thesimilarities and differences in their opinions of creation, history andculture.Conclusion: Analyse the text, pay heed to relationship betweenhistoric reality and artistic reality, the refined and the popular.Eryuehe is very popular among readers due to his unique opinion of historyand his distinctive narration. Highbrows and lowbrows alike can enjoy hisnovels, therefore, he’s established himself firmly in the literaryarena.

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