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Preparation and Properties of Ti-based TiO2, SnO2 Electrodes

Author: RenZhi
Tutor: WangLinShan
School: Northeastern University
Course: Applied Chemistry
Keywords: TiO2 SnO2 Thin-film electrode Sol-gel Electrochemical properties
CLC: O646.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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TiO2 is an important high performance and high functional materials , some performance such as semiconductor , electrical and optical properties are outstanding . For a long time , it is an important material used in various fields . SnO2 nano- typical n-type semiconductor , has a large surface area and high activity , low melting point , good thermal conductivity , the sensitive material, electrical , optoelectronic displays , transparent electrodes , solar cells , liquid crystal display , catalysis widely used. Used in this experiment is the sol-gel method to prepare thin film electrode , electrode materials and preparation methods affect the electrode structure , thereby affecting the electrode electrochemical properties of the main factors . Associated with the obtained electrode and electrochemical workstation , using the Chronocoulometry method , a potassium hydrogen phthalate as the target organisms , experimentally determined ratio of the sol , the calcination temperature , the calcination time , the coating thickness and the coating layer number conditions , the test results show that the oxidation current varies linearly with the concentration of a substance that can be used to determine the concentration of organic pollutants in water . Detection methods such as SEM and XRD analysis of the prepared electrode surface morphology, elemental composition and structure . By cyclic voltammetry , AC impedance method to test the electrodes , cyclic voltammetry (CV) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) were studied Ti/TiO2 of cyclic voltammetry Electrochemical Characteristics of Ti/SnO2 film electrodes in sulfuric acid solution safety behavior and interface impedance and capacitance . The experimental methods used in the experiments is relatively simple , secondary pollution is not generated in the preparation process , the power consumption is very easy to operate , in practice there are some feasibility . This study proposes to detect the concentration of organic matter , good prospects for development in the field of environmental monitoring .

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