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Analyses on Leaf Protein of the Photo-thermo-sensitive Male Sterile Maize

Author: AnXiaoZhen
Tutor: LiWeiPing
School: Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course: Botany
Keywords: Corn Male sterility Proteomics
CLC: S513
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Male sterility in plants is nature, a common genetic phenomenon, the use of male sterility in plants can be plants, hybrid seeds, heterosis and improve plant disease resistance and reproductive performance. Therefore, the crop Male Sterility Mechanism and Application Research, has been a hot spot in the field of plant genetics and breeding at home and abroad, for decades has received the attention of many scholars. Essentially to reveal the mechanism of infertility, both from the scientific value, or has a very important practical significance. It is based on the importance of our Thermo - photo Sensitive sensitized sterility corn conducted a preliminary study of male sterile corn and fertile corn seed germination, planting field trials at the protein level, its a protein extraction, electrophoresis and mass spectrometry analysis. The test first store male sterility maintainer lines seed germination experiment, seed germination optimum temperature and reagents through a series of tests, which filter out to keep the Department of the corn seed, and thus a large number of processing male sterility. Seed germination with H202, H2SO4, NaOH, and of KNO3 of the different concentrations of seed treatment, results showed that 95% H2SO4, 30% NaOH, 30% H2O2 treatment better. 25 ℃, the optimal temperature. Compare germination rate of 30% H2O2 treatment was best. Male-sterile plants because the experiment has four characteristics: its tassel degradation, no flowers, no spikelet tassel is white, so the seed obtained artificial pollination, fertile seeds saved. Maintainer line of seed corn after pollination. Identification of the male sterile line plants. 18 lines of male sterile line maintainer line. Male sterile line and its maintainer line four times (seedling stage, jointing stage, milky stage and mature) SOD, POD, CAT and soluble protein were measured and analyzed. The results showed that the decreasing trend in the corn first increased and then a downward trend in the four periods of SOD, POD overall variation is gradually reduced; CAT activity gradually increasing trend; soluble protein increased firstly. This phenomenon indicates that the corn in the overall four times the antioxidant capacity first increased and then decreased trend. The value of the male sterile line and maintainer line: the male sterile line of maize leaf SOD values ??were lower than to keep the Department of corn leaves, male sterile lines of corn stalk SOD values ??than to keep the Department of corn stem infertility Department of corn root SOD value to keep the Department of corn root similar; male sterile line of blades POD below maintainer line, sterile line of stem and root the POD value and maintain the Department's little difference. Sterile line of leaves, stems and roots CAT values ??are lower than the the maintainer line the CAT value. The protein content of the leaves and roots of the CMS line lower protein content than the maintainer line, but in the sterile line of stem protein content was significantly higher than the protein content maintainer line. SOD, POD and CAT are the plant antioxidant important indicators reflect the plant's ability to scavenge free oxygen, drought-resistant disease resistance. Little difference values ??of stems and roots, leaves a big difference. SDS-PAGE protein analysis, screening of three aspects: (1) three kinds of leaf protein extraction methods were compared, the TCA / acetone method the strip and the lane clear is the best method of extraction. (2) through the optimization of the gel concentration, to determine the concentration of 15% of the gel concentration for optimal electrophoresis. (3) on the optimization of the amount of sample, 20μL of the sample volume the best effect, according to the number of stripes and the degree of clarity of the lane. SDS-PAGE electrophoresis, found that male sterile corn leaves and maize leaves maintainer line there are five differential bands molecular weight 14.4kD to the 166kD range. Male sterile line one more than the maintainer line with (No.1) to be identified by mass spectrometry, differential protein may annexin. The the annexin presence of animals, plants and the human body, is a calcium-dependent phosphorylation of proteins. Corn, may affect the combination of film and Ca2 led organelles dysplasia, and ultimately lead to infertility, may also affect fertility protein gene expression lead to infertility.

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