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Aroma Compounds and Fermenting Process of Mussel Juice Condiment

Author: He
Tutor: YangRongHua
School: Zhejiang Technology and Business University
Course: Aquatic Products Processing and Storage Engineering
Keywords: Mussel cooking liquor Condiment Ferment Aroma components Characteristic aroma GC Aroma value
CLC: TS264
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Add water mussels in the process are subject to cooking and take out the meat, mussel cooking liquid is boiled sap concentrated by heating from. The mussel cooking liquor untreated directly into the sea, this is not only a waste of resources, environmental pollution is very serious. Mussel cooking liquor reddish-brown, with a strong flavor of the seafood, roasted and coke flavor, taste sweet, smooth taste and lack of smell slightly heavier. Mussel cooking liquor as raw materials processed into consumer favorite, seafood-flavored condiment, not only the development of a new type of aquatic condiments, increasing raw material added value, while at the same time to solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by the wastewater discharge . As the aroma of the spices is one of the important indicators of the sensory quality. This topic first analysis of the aroma component and the aroma characteristics of the mussels the cooking liquor, and thus for the mussel cooking liquid aroma insufficient, by adding a koji fermentation production process and after the brewing the aroma of the resulting condiment analysis of the ingredients, in order to obtain a unique flavor mussel cooking liquid condiments. The study first liquid-liquid extraction and headspace solid phase micro-extraction method to extract the mussel cooking liquid aroma components, and each component separation, identification by gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (GC-MS), and also with the the aroma value method evaluated the contribution of each aroma components of mussel cooking liquid aroma. The results show that: the entry space solid phase micro extraction wears comparison liquid-liquid extraction of low boiling point component extraction less effective, these ingredients larger contribution to the overall aroma of the mussel cooking liquid, for later study were selected headspace solid phase micro-extraction method to extract the aroma components of each sample. Variety given the cooking liquor seafood flavor, burnt, roasted aroma substances identified in the mussel cooking liquid aroma components, but also identified a relatively high content of the cooking liquid smell emphasis trimethylamine . In order to improve the the mussels cooking liquid aroma, the present study by mussel cooking liquid koji fermentation to obtain a new, pleasant aroma the mussels cooking liquid condiment optimum brewing process parameters: fermentation temperature of 40 ° C; 3d; fermentation time koji add 3%. Analysis of aroma components in the mussel cooking liquid condiments found a significant reduction in the contribution by the trimethylamine seasoning after fermentation, ethyl butyrate, 2 - methoxy-4 - vinylphenol Hong the contribution of the gas composition is greatly increased. Lu mussel cooking liquid condiment with commercially available aquatic condiment Scallops, oyster sauce aroma characteristics, the scallop exposed the characteristic aroma components mainly 3 - methylbutanal, 2 - ethyl 3,6 - dimethyl pyrazine; oyster characteristic aroma components as butyric acid, dimethyl sulfide, and the characteristic aroma components of mussel cooking liquid condiments butyrate, ethyl butyrate, 4 - methyl phenol, 2 - methoxy - 4 - vinyl phenol, etc.. The characteristic aroma components of different aquatic condiment display a greater difference. Descriptive analysis found that the three different aquatic aroma of seasonings, you can use the following descriptive words to describe the its aroma characteristics: flavor, seafood flavor, salted egg yolk taste, yoghurt flavor, Maotai, caramel alcohol, glucose. Mussel cooking liquor condiment glucose alcohol and Maotai distinct, the slight smell various aroma more balance, coordination; the scallop exposed seafood flavor, salted egg yolk flavor and caramel highlights, and other aroma obvious; oyster sauce seafood flavor most proposed, but there are also some yoghurt flavor. Through sensory evaluation and aroma components of multivariate resolution can be found in the mussel cooking liquid seasoning brewed, the smell the control indicators by trimethylamine; glucose alcohol control indicators were by and 2 - methoxy - 4 - vinylphenol.

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