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Effects of Different Acute Exercises on Adiponectin and Leptin in Obese Women

Author: HanDong
Tutor: CuiLiPing
School: South China Normal University
Course: Human Movement Science
Keywords: Obesity Exercise Adiponectin Leptin Insulin sensitivity
CLC: G804.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Adiponectin and leptin are both adipocytokine secreted by the Adipose tissue. It is well-known that obesity often combines with lower Adiponectin and higher leptin compared with the normal-weight, maybe some differences could be found after exercise between obese and non-obese subjects. The purpose of present study was to investigate plasma adiponectin and leptin response to different acute exercise in obese and non-obese women under the condition of the same energy expenditure, to further compare the effects of same exercise between obese and non-obese women and the effects of different acute exercise in the same group. It was to provide the dispute over the current studies with more experimental evidences, and to supply scientific weight losing with realistically theoretic evidence.Fourteen healthy female college students took part in the experiment, among them seven with normal weight and percent body fat (Group NO) opposed to eight obese students (Group OB). All the students performed two forms of acute exercises in a state of being fasted for 8 to 10 hours, one is 80% VO2max exercise for 30 minutes, the another 60%VO2max exercise for 40 minutes. Venous blood samples were obtained before, immediately after, and 30rain after of exercise, in addition to adiponectin and leptin concentrations were measured.Results:1 Compared with group NO, the vital capacity and VO2max significantly decreased (p<0.05) and diastolic blood pressure significantly increased (p<0.05) in group. OB. 2 Before exercise, both serum insulin (P<0.05) andleptin (P<0.01) of group OB were significantly higher than that of group NO, while serum adiponectin significantly lower than that of group NO. ISI was remarkably decreased(p<0.05) in group OB only before the 60%VO2max exercise compared with group NO (P<0.01)3 Insulin in two groups had different degrees of decline immediately after two acute exercises. Group NO declined more significantly after 80 % VO2max exercise (P<0.05; corrected for plasma volume changes), while group OB declined more remarkably after 60% VO2max exercise(P=0.166). After 30 minutes recovery of 80 % VO2max, exercise, insulin also was found significantly increased before(P<0.05) and after(P<0.01) the correction for plasma volume changes compared with immediately after exercise in NO.4 ISI in the two groups had different degree of increase immediately after two acute exercises. Group NO increased more significantly after 80 % VO2max, exercise (P<0.05; corrected for plasma volume changes), while group OB increased more significantly after 60% VO2max exercise(P<0.05; corrected for plasma volume changes). After 30 minutes recovery of 80% VO2max exercise, insulin significantly decreased (P<0.05; corrected for plasma volume changes)compared with immediately after exercise in NO.5 No significant changes occurred in plasma leptin and glucose concentrations with exercise (uncorrected and corrected for plasma volume changes). But noticeable decrease trend was found in leptin immediately after 80 % VO2max exercises (-4.5%) and 60 % VO2max exercises (-14%) and leptin concentration continue to decrease after 30min recovery(-16.5% and -3% respectively compared with immediately after exercise). Same changes also were found in group OB after 60% VO2max exercises. 6 Noticeable decrease trend was found in adiponectin immediately after 80 % VO2max exercises in group NO(-8.3%,-17.3% uncorrected and corrected for plasma volume changes respectively) and OB(-2.6%,-15.4 uncorrected and corrected for plasma volume changes respectively), but not immediately after 60 % WO2max exercises. Contrary, increase was found in group OB (+5.3%), but this increase disappeared when corrected for plasma volume changes, after 30min recovery, adiponectin again increased (8%) when corrected for plasma volume changes. But these changes all failed to reach significance.7 Changes(%) of leptin significantly correlated with changes(%) of insulin(r-0.859, p<0.05) and changes(%) of ISI(r=-0.878, p<0.05) in group NO immediately after 80% VO2max exercises. None significant correlation between the changes of adiponectin and the changes of insulin or ISI was found in two acute exercises.Conclusions:①Maybe same acute exercise has different effects in insulin on different group of people ; @Acute exercise could improve ISI. To obese women, 40min 60 % VO2max exercise was more useful, to non-obese women 30rain 80%VO2max exercise was more useful; The improving of ISI affected by the acute exercise just maintains short time;③Acute exercise could decrease leptin concentration although it is hard to reach significant changes;④To obese women, 40rain of 60 % VO2max exercises was more useful to maintain or improve adiponectin concentration after acute exercise;⑤In acute exercise, the changes of insulin and the improving of ISI were not through adiponectin.

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