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Study on Application of Haccp in Operation Safety Management Among Surgery Patients

Author: DiYongHua
Tutor: XuLingZhong
School: Shandong University
Course: Social Medicine and Health Management
Keywords: HACCP Surgery Medical Safety Management
CLC: R197.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Background surgical safety as directly related to patient outcomes and safety, has been a common concern of both doctors and patients. Prevention of surgical safety problems occur, medical institutions, medical personnel responsibilities. World Health Organization, all levels of government and hospitals to address surgical safety issues has taken many measures, but the situation is still not optimistic. HACCP or \has been in the food, aquatic products processing and other industries widely used security control and achieved significant results, has now been applied to other industries and shows good effect. HACCP system is characterized by a focus on advancing the prevention and control of process hazard analysis to identify key aspects of control and take effective measures to control and provide security guarantees for the result, rather than the traditional sense of the final product testing, so the HACCP system is a preventive system. HACCP system has the following advantages: emphasize identification and prevention, complete scientific basis for recording traceability, making possible a reasonable potential hazards are identified, coordinated with the Quality Management System. Objective of this study is based on the worldwide and national security issues surgery breadth, severity and HACCP characteristics Questionnaires roll through investigation and analysis on the surgical operating room staff safety issues and problems of cognition and the introduction of the HACCP system safety management surgical patients, analyze and draw a flowchart of safety-related surgery, the hazard factor analysis, to determine the surgical patient safety issues and hazards key factors for surgical patient safety HACCP plan tables and checklists, to establish the key control point monitoring program to develop corrective measures aimed at establishing a new security system surgical patients. Materials and Methods This study first surgical safety questionnaire survey, including respondents general, awareness of the importance for surgical safety situation, the hospital where the surgery is currently in ensuring patient safety measures taken by the state and possible surgery security risks and other four aspects of the case, by mail distributed to the province eight three healthcare workers in hospital operating rooms, recovery after finishing the questionnaire data were coded, entered into a computer database created excel. Described using SPSS11.0 software for statistical analysis. In this study, Shandong Province, a three-level general hospital operating room patient safety management in establishing HACCP system: formation of the HACCP team, the group members and the operating room staff training in HACCP knowledge, analytical drawing flowcharts, conduct a hazard factor analysis , determine the surgical patient safety issues critical control points, HACCP plan for surgical patient safety tables and checklists to build each critical control point monitoring program to develop corrective measures. Results and analysis 98.66% of respondents believe that surgical management of patient safety work in which they are engaged is very important, most of the respondents to answer the hospital a patient wristband identification (77.85%), \%), surgical site marking system (77.85%) and emergency plans (97.99%) and other security measures, some respondents believe that theater in the transfer of surgical patients (80.54%), pathological specimens Management (40.94%), placed in position ( 87.25%) and other aspects of security risks. Studies in some hospitals of the operating room to establish patient safety management HACCP system: formation of the six-member HACCP team: working group to develop HACCP duties leader responsibilities team members responsibilities; conduct HACCP training and assessment: Draw patient surgery, then surgery patients into the operating room, surgical patient safety checklist, inventory items surgical instruments, surgical specimens sent, check blood flow, placed in position and operating room infection control flow; analysis of risk factors for surgical patients, surgical judgment Patient Safety Management CCP: car transporter function, the patient transfer process, check the patient, goods inventory, check blood transfusion, specimen submission, placed in position and infection control; develop HACCP plans operating room tables and checklists. Conclusions and Recommendations operating room patient safety management in the implementation of the HACCP system must be recognized and supported by management and requires the participation of many people and the additional time, resources and capital investments. HACCP is a system methodology, operating room patient safety management in the implementation of the HACCP system should own reality, a comprehensive measure of management workflow environment, personnel and other aspects of occupational characteristics make for their own reform measures to achieve the purpose of hazard control. Note HACCP only for significant hazard, rather than trying to control all hazards. Hospital in good working system, reasonable personnel structure and personnel professional quality is to ensure patient safety and the basis for the successful implementation of HACCP, only a combination of organic and health rules and regulations in order to form a complete patient security system. After establishing HACCP system must be effectively implemented, hazard analysis critical control point determination, the determination of critical control limits HACCP just the research phase of each subsequent monitoring of critical control points system, verification procedures, records and documents stored system establishment and operation is the application of HACCP implementation phase. HACCP (?) The department can not replace the current health care legislation.

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