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Experimental Preparation and Manipulation of Optical Quantum Entangled States

Author: WangZhiWei
Tutor: GuoGuangCan
School: University of Science and Technology of China
Course: Optics
Keywords: Entanglement purification Measure of entanglement Entanglement witness Transverse entanglement Quantum dynamics description
CLC: O431.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Quantum informatics as an emerging and rapidly developing discipline, successfully combine information and quantum mechanics, microscopic particles of the principles of quantum mechanics to solve the classic bioinformatics and classical computers can not solve the problem. Due to its potential value and of great scientific significance, quantum information science as developed rapidly in the last ten years, the emerging discipline is being more and more cause concerns. Entanglement in quantum information science plays an extremely important role and its central role in the use of quantum information theory, such as quantum cryptography, quantum communication, quantum computing. Entangled quantum information theory is different from classical information theory, one of the important feature. Entanglement is so important, then defined on the entanglement from the theoretical and experimental measure of entanglement, and the detection of entanglement constitutes the most basic quantum information theory, the research in the field of hot and difficult. Working on the description, and the description of the entanglement of quantum states in quantum information processing and quantum evolution of the doctoral thesis, to detect, measure, and its operation has the following main contents: 1. The entanglement manipulation quantum system and the external environment coupling, leading to decoherence, in fact the application of quantum states are generally non-maximally entangled state, or mixed states, or both. Better applied to the entangled quantum information processing process, we need to manipulate the actual source of entangled purification, to our needs. Generally speaking, there are two entanglement distillation or purification protocol: a single copy operation, this agreement is classified as filtered agreement (the Filtering Protocols), we verified experimentally for the first time for the two-qubit mixed The state filter Agreement and prove through the filtering operation can effectively increase the the entanglement system; another multisection copy operation, such as at the same time every step of the two copies of the operating cycle protocol (Acid to Reduce Recurrence Protocols). Entanglement purification is not only of theoretical significance, there is a very important practical value, can establish unconditional Hao spoon key distribution protocol to build quantum repeaters improve quantum computing error threshold. Entanglement detection and measure entanglement detection and metrics is a core problem in quantum information. Entanglement witness operator in combination with our work describes experimental entanglement detection and measurement methods, such as localized decomposition, using an optical interferometer to directly implement entanglement witness operator measurement uncertainty relation of inequality to detect and measure entangled, and duplicate copies to Antisymmetric subspace projection, etc., these methods in conjunction with specific experimental environment can effectively reduce the number of measurements, a more direct judgment and estimates of the information to the system, has an important significance in the application . We will not only discuss the entanglement detection and measurement of the separation of variables, and also study a special kind of spontaneous parametric down-conversion process in continuous change between the transverse momentum entanglement, which involved more pump light and parametric light frequency spectrum information and the spatial distribution of information, has an important influence on the manipulation of the light of the parametric space distribution and frequency associated type. 3. Entangled application entangled dynamics have important applications in the described system quantum state and its dynamics evolution, which is the system one of the quantum properties. We introduce the method of describing the system evolution theory, one is then estimated by measuring the overall information system that is a quantum process chromatography, and another with the the entanglement properties directly describe the kinetics of the process of DCQD latter method can effectively reduce the number of measurements and can extract part of the information system, through less direct measurement the algorithm acceleration effect is more obvious in the case of high-dimensional.

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