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Fair Thought of Marx and Engels and Its Contemporary Significance

Author: XiaYing
Tutor: WeiChangLing
School: Zhengzhou University
Course: The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords: Marx Engels Equity Theory Contemporary Significance
CLC: A811
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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The fair is the eternal pursuit of human society since ancient times, humans have never stopped the pursuit of social equity. Thinking of Marx and Engels's fair to criticize the idea of ??human history has been fair, the inheritance and beyond the product, has reached an unprecedented level in the theoretical basis and ideological content. Fair idea of ??Marx and Engels, is an important part of the theory of scientific socialism. Marx and Engels in the process of establishment of historical materialism, profound critique of the capitalist society of equivalent exchange concealed behind substantial inequities. Marx and Engels, the historical roots of the the unfair capitalist society social profound analysis of the proposed social social equity research body, and the free and comprehensive development to determine the pursuit of social justice theme and purpose, draw social equity is always rooted in a certain economic base, the fair is always just the existing economic relations between the concepts of conservative aspect or revolution, consecrated the performance of the basic points, and very forward-looking discusses future society historical conditions of fair implementation. Social equity, Marx and Engels pointed out that the fair with the times, class and relative advocated by the bourgeois society, and from a historical perspective fair profound criticism. They believe that social justice is a relative of the scope of fair concept is always due, from place to place, varies from person to person, there is no eternal fair. In the writings of Marx and Engels, fairness, equality, justice, and other areas which are mostly used in the same sense, they did not make a clear distinction between these areas. Fair concept connotation with the history of the development are constantly changing. Fair idea of ??the theoretical level, the ideological foundation for building a fair society in practice and theory guide. In order to study the fair thought, must-depth study of the Marxist concept of the fair, to play the guiding role of the scientific practice of building a socialist harmonious society today. In this process, only by adhering to the fundamental principles of historical materialism and historical dialectics, to be able to put forward the actual contemporary fair thinking. China is now in and the long-term is in the primary stage of socialism, such a historical stage of the fair, the same can not be absolute, but only relative. Social distributive justice can not meet the social needs of the fast-growing, and elicited a lot of social problems, therefore, re-interpretation and combing fair thought of Marx and Engels, and as a reference for proposed theory countermeasures to solve such social problems focus on building the harmonious culture is to continue to promote the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, proposed to build a harmonious society great practice requirements.

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