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Synthesis of LMOGs and Their Properties

Author: XuYang
Tutor: MengQingXin
School: Changchun University of
Course: Polymer Chemistry and Physics
Keywords: THIQ supramolecular self-assembly GNPs
CLC: O648.17
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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For the past few years, low molecular-mass organic gelators (LMOGs) constantly become the hot spot concerned by chemists closely owing to their special three dimensional network architectures and potential applications. Different from other materials, the aggregation of organogel constructed by the self-assembly of molecular-scale building blocks is often driven by multiple, weak interactions such as dipole-dipole interaction, π-π interaction, van der Waals force interaction and hydrogen-bonding interaction. It is widely accepted that the LMOGs aggregate into fibers, strands, tapes, etc., joined at "junction zones" to form networks that immobilize the liquid component, primarily by surface tension and capillary forces. In this paper, based on1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline(THIQ) which is a new gelator, a series of modified gelators were designed and attampt to prepared Gold nanoparticles (GNPs) in use of catalyzing.First, in order to hold the structure of self assembling, a series modified gelators containing fluorine and pyridine were synthesized according to Pictet-Spengler reaction and Bischler-Napieralski reaction. The result showed that only cis-(1S,3S)-6,7-Dimethoxy-1-(4-fluorophenyl)-3-hydroxymethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline can gelate a number of oganic solvents, the others represented either excellent solubility and crystallinity in variety solvents, or need to be further researched.Second, the exsiting of fluorine enhanced the heat stability of toluene gel and delayed the time of responding to metal ions including Ag(Ⅰ), Cu(Ⅱ), and Fe(Ⅲ) by compared the cis-(1S,3S)-6,7-Dimethoxy-1-phenyl-3-hydroxymethyl-1,2,3,4tetrahydroisoquinoline and cis-(IS,3S)-6,7-Dimethoxy-1-(4-fluorophenyl)-3hydroxymethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline.Third, the fluorine enhanced THIQ can in situ conversion from gel to single crystal. X-ray single crystal diffraction analysis and XRD analysis showed that fluorine contained THIQ derivative has the same way of self assembling which is driven by H-bond between amino and hydroxyl to form1D arrangement, then establish2D, and3D pattern by fluorine influence. This discovery provided an important basis in modifing gelators’structures.Forth, using PTC to load HAuCl4into toluene, then reducted the xero with reductant to obtain GNPs. It can be observed an uniform distribution and the diameter is aroud12nm.

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