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Research on the Explosion of Type Ⅱ Supernova

Author: YangJianHui
Tutor: ZhangMiaoJing
School: Guangxi Normal University
Course: Theoretical Physics
Keywords: Supernova Progenitor model Core collapse Outbreak energy Equation of state
CLC: P145.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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This article on the evolution of the supernova progenitor stage physical process analysis and Ⅱ super prompt explosion mechanism outbreak energy. Ⅱ type of supernova type and outbreak mechanism, as well as the collapse of physical factors on stellar evolution and stellar instability; the new progenitor star model given by the supernova progenitor star structure, especially Woosley S. E et al 2008, as well as the existing problems in the the type Ⅱ supernova explosion process and solution. Related to physical factors in the the type Ⅱ supernova explosion process and numerical methods, such as electron capture, equation of state, the difference scheme and GR fluid dynamics method. Detailed discussion of the new model II-type supernova collapse, bounce and shock propagation process and to change the method of the equation of state parameter prompt explosion. The type Ⅱ supernova progenitor model structure affect the evolution of the supernova model, and plays an important role in the outbreak of the supernova. The evolution of the supernova explosion is very sensitive to the parameters of the model chosen, especially under the influence of the equation of state of the model parameters, the result of a supernova, there was a clear change. New progenitor model based on of Woosley. S. E and Heger.A provided in 2008 to study in the new progenitor model of core-collapse supernovae iron-core collapse and shock propagation, explosive power and II supernova The outbreak of the quality of the lower limit. And by the softening of the equation of state is constructed ultra prompt explosion model. The analysis results show that: the new model, due to the addition of substances the mixed and substance down factors, such supernova initial density. Model WW02 results compared to the progenitor star mass 12M ⊙, 13M ⊙, 14M ⊙ supernova collapse time τcollap (1) increases the value of 15 M ⊙ model is reduced. In addition, the shock propagation speed, the new model to be slower than the WW02 model the propagation velocity, but the propagation time is longer, has a good stability of shock propagation. In the outbreak of energy, the new model S14 outbreak energy than WW02 data, which is due to the S14 model light cracking energy and neutrino energy loss is small. Instantaneous outbreak model of the structure II supernovae, we modify nuclear physical constants Cb and nuclear matter compression modulus k0 to get the type Ⅱ supernova instantaneous outbreak better parameter group. These conclusions illustrate new progenitor model added material mixed, the substance fall more reasonable and realistic factors, has important implications for supernova outbreak, which has important significance for the study of supernova outbreak.

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