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The Preparation of the Effective Composition about Hepato Protective of Aralia Taibaiensis and Evaluation on Pre-preparation

Author: LiZuo
Tutor: GuoDongYan
School: Shaanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Of Pharmacy
Keywords: Aralia taibaiensis Hepato protective Effective composition Preparation Evaluation on pre-preparation
CLC: R283
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Objective Study on the preparation technology of the effective parts forhepatoprotective in Aralia taibaiensis. Study on a method for the qualitycontrol and pre-preparation evaluation of the extract of Aralia taibaiensis.Establish the theoretical basis for the further research and development.Method The experimental drugs were systematically extracted by solutions(petroleum ether、chloroform、ethyl acetate、N-buoh) from Aralia taibaiensisaccording to solutions polarity. Establish the mice model about acute liverinjury induced by carbon tetrachloride.Detect the level of five index of serumand liver. The hepatic histological changes were observed by opticalmicroscope. Compare the effect of hepato protective from each part. Theeffective part was in macroporous adsorption resin to purification, withdifferent concentration gradient itself on ethanol,and made into differentdoses of solution, compare the effect of hepato protective from each elutionpart and Concentration response relationship with the Pharmacodynamicsexperiment again.Establish HPLC fingerprints of the anti-hepatic injury of Araliataibaiensis,for similarity analysis.To optimize the process of extractingeffective constituents from Aralia taibaiensis by central compositedesign/response surface methodology: the independent variables were ethanolconcentration, solvent fold and reflux time, the dependent variable wasextraction rate of total saponins in Aralia taibaiensis. Linear or no-linearmathematic models were used to estimate the relationship between independentand dependent variables. Response surface methodology was used to optimizethe process of extraction. The prediction was carried out through comparingthe observed and predicted values. Determine the conditions and parameterspurification process by extraction rate of total saponins in Aralia taibaiensis. To investigate the quantitative method in the form of fingerprintpeaks of Aralia taibaiensis as benchmark peak by TLC、UV、HPLC. HPLC were usedto study on apparent aqueous solubility,oil-water partition coefficient andstability of the extract of Aralia taibaiensis.Results Serum、liver and pathological proved that N-buoh extract couldsignificantly decrease the acute liver injury by carbon tetrachloride. Theelution things by70%ethanol from N-buoh extract could significantly hepatoprotective effect and does positively related to dosages. The establishmentof the fingerprint to determine the mode of the Aralia taibaiensis of liverdamage effective parts of10batch of fingerprint and similarity are above0.9.Based on the chromatographic fingerprint and pharmacological effectcorrelation, determine the preparation technology of Aralia taibaiensis is:70%ethanol,60minutes for reflux,13-fold solvent and3times for extraction.By HPD100macroporous absorbent resin,4BV deionized water for impurity,2BV70%ethanol elution at the speed of1BV/h., the content of total saponins is75%,relative of the fingerprint peak and TA-16is70%. Apparent aqueoussolubility of water is44.97mg/ml, oil-water partition coefficient in pH5.0buffer solution is1.73, high-humidity test results didn’t meetrequirements.Conclusion The effective parts for hepato-protective exists mostly at thepart of70%ethanol from N-buoh extract, the active ingredients ofhepato-protective might be combined with it’s saponins ingredients. Theactive extraction preparation process is simple, practical, and suitable forproduction.

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