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On Translation of the Bible from the Perspective of Feminist Translation Theory

Author: JianLiLi
Tutor: HuDeXiang
School: Central China Normal University
Course: Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords: feminism feminist translation theory interpretation of The Bible translationof The Bible "neutral" or "gender-inclusive language"
CLC: H059
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Feminist translation theory, which rose in the process of "cultural turn" in western translation studies at the end of the1970s and in the early1980s, is the product of the combination of the latest advances in translation theory and the vigorous development of the feminist movement. The theory, as a rising star of the translation industry from its new female perspective and in a distinct political stance, has made an indelible contribution to translation studies.The theory in particular has opened up a new theme of gender in the study of subjectivity of the translator for the translation industry.It strongly underlined the subjectivity of the translator and stressed that the translation is women’s political writing, trying to eliminate sex discrimination in translation studies.Feminist translation theory is not without sources.Feminist thinking originated from liberal feminism in the18th century, on the theoretical basis of gender theory or the theory of gender differences. Feminism has been affected by deconstruction, post-colonialism, cultural studies and modern theories in the process of development, reflecting these effects to the theory of translation since the1980s.Feminist translation theory from a feminist standpoint theoretically functions for women, in other words, it tries to make women appear in the language in the translation so as to let the world see and hear a woman. We can find the theoretical origin in the thought of the Western women critics, translation theorists and translators-Barbara Godard, Sherry Simon and Luis von Flotow.The purpose of feminist translation theory is firmly opposed to placing women in the lower social strata and making translation subsidiary to literature. For this reason, feminists need to explore the process of feminization of translation and deconstruct traditional translation theory based on structuralism as well as gender logic consisting of the philosophical basis.Therefore, the translation of gender roles, prescriptive in nature and "loyal" Ethics and the language features and the role are questioned. Feminists hold that the original is equivalent to the translation in the status and demonstrate the reality that language reflects gender discrimination and strengthens gender discrimination. Translation is not a mechanical conversion of language, but a creative activities related to cultural intervention and coordination.The Bible is not only a Christian classics, but also the convergence of historical and literary texts of the ancient Hebrews. For a long time, The Bible, as the precious legacy of world culture, had a great influence on literature, art, and moral values of the western world as a whole. A long time the translation of The Bible holds an important position, especially in the late ancient Rome as well as the process of the development of the national language of the Middle Ages. The translation of The Bible plays a most important role. There are many masculine language, image and metaphor in the early Bible so that it is hard to avoid not to consider God as male. With the rise of feminism, women Christian became awakening to the situation of women’s oppression. Women began to trace the source of The Bible, the role of interpretation of The Bible and the translation of The Bible as the continuation of the patriarchal church tradition. They realized the attitude of Christianity towards women and the negative communication of women’s role and image on the part of The Bible. The Bible is not only the basis of the Jesus tradition, but also is fostered out by the culture that women was inferior and worthless. The Bible is the foundation of western culture literature, regardless of religious or feminist research that can not avoid The Bible. Some feminists have not only failed to avoid The Bible, but also been the first to interpret and translate The Bible to dilute the biblical patriarchal.This article intends to draw on the analysis of feminist translation theory and deal with the exploration of the translation of The Bible under the guidance of feminist translation theories and methods.This paper attempts an overview of western feminist translation theory, feminist reinterpretation of The Bible from a feminist point of view, the translation of The Bible by means of "neutral" or "gender-inclusive language "and the proposition of several amendments of the translation of The Bible, which resolves the concept of feminist translation.This paper mainly employs the methods of deduction, induction and illustrative analysis to reveal the research and practice of the translation of The Bible on the basis of feminist translation theory. Then, according to the revelation of this theory, this article explores how feminists reinterpret The Bible from the perspective of feminism and propose several amendments of the translation of The Bible by virtual of feminist translation theory. Finally, we summarize and analyse research results.The new era of western feminist translation theory has so far little impact on the Chinese translation theory and practice and has not yet formed a scale in volume terms.And the translations of The Bible are quite different. Although most of scholars in the translation community are in favor of the use of feminism to propose amendments of the translation of The Bible, they have not employed the theory as the basis and only concerned with novelty and rebellion of the feminist translation theory and criticism of feminist translation of The Bible. Therefore, this paper attempts an overview of western feminist translation theory, the biblical interpretation in feminist vision and the embodiment of feminist translation theory in the translation of The Bible to resolve the concepts of feminist translation theory.Through the illustration of the importance of the use of feminist translation theory in The Bible translation, due attention of more scholars can be paid to feminist translation in order to maintain the vitality of the Chinese translation industry.

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