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A comparative study on Marx and Inpet theories

Author: ShuChang
Tutor: LiPeng
School: The Central Party School
Course: Political Economics
Keywords: Marx Schumpeter Innovation
CLC: F091.91
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Schumpeter is considered to be the first economist who putforward the innovation theory. Marx’s works does not expound theinnovation theory systematically, but still contain a lot of expositionrelating to innovation. The works which have rich content andprofound influence also cover many aspects of innovation theory.Schumpeter agrees much with these theories. As we all known,innovation theory is not the main research object of Marxisteconomics, therefore, his exposition on innovation is not in the formof systemic chapters, but scatters in all his works. Marx pay not lessattention on the role of innovation in social development thanSchumpeter does. He devoted much to the development of innovationtheory. In the view of this, this dissertation mainly summary andanalyze Mars and Schumpeter’s views on innovation theory tocompare their different perspectives. Currently, scholars tend tocompare their innovation theories based on class stand or criticizetheir views based on Bourgeois angle. In this dissertation, the authortry to avoid this situation above, just compare their views oninnovation theory purely in the point of economic theory view.Starting from the basic theory of value, one the one hand, thisdissertation try to trace the Source of ideas and the standpoint of them,one the other hand, this dissertation attempt to construct their bothinnovation theory building including the source of innovation, theprofit of innovation, the motives of innovation, the result ofinnovation and so on. For the integrity of the theory, this dissertationalso do some research such as both Marx and Schumpeter’sideological origin, class stand and values learning from existingresearch methods. After showing the picture of innovation theoreticalsystem as completely as possible, this dissertation compares thesimilarities and differences between them and do best effort to giveimpartial reviews.It should to be noted that though the author support the labortheory of value and against the utility theory of value, but thisdissertation adopts a neutral attitude. As Schumpeter said, the bestway to evaluate a person’s academic point of view is grasping his theoretical system comprehensively. The neutral attitude towardsMarxism and non-Marx indicates that blindly support or oppose areincorrect. The scientific method is to insist on eliminating the false,retaining the true and advancing with the times. In three-yeargraduate student career, the biggest gain is learning the methods ofscientific research.The dissertation is divided into five parts. The first part is thebrief introduction, which introduces the background, the significanceof the topic and research status of the research on innovation theoryof Marx and Schumpeter. The second part combings Marx’sstatements related to innovation. In order to avoid confining theexiting theories to set his innovative ideas and strive to reflect theoriginal appearance of his innovation theory, this dissertation mainlysummarizes his statements according to the logic of Marx. The thirdpart combings Schumpeter’s innovation theory including source ofinnovation、innovation、entrepreneurs、capital、profits、credit、capitalism、 socialism and so on. The fourth part elaboratesSchumpeter’s views in the eye of Marx. This part is not onlySchumpeter’s criticism of Marxist economics, and more directlyreflect his class stand and source of the theory of value. This part ismeaningful to comparative study. The sixth part, according to theconclusions of the preceding analysis and discourse,compares thesimilarities and differences of Marx and Schumpeter’s innovationtheory and summarizes the full text.

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