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Research on Knowledge Acquisition System in the Innovation of Complex Product

Author: FuZhenTong
Tutor: ChenWei
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Management Science and Engineering
Keywords: Complex Product Innovation Knowledge Acquisition SD
CLC: N941.3
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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The world is at an age of rising and rapid development of knowledge economy. Innovationis the driving force of the economic development. Knowledge is not only the foundation ofinnovation, but also the headspring of enterprise sustainable innovation. In order to realizerapid and sustainable innovation, enterprises must obtain, accumulate, and use newknowledge continuously. Complex product innovation is base on knowledge, involving teamsfrom multiple areas to design the product which is restrained by the specific need of thecustom and the limitation of the enterprise resources. Complex product manufacture is animportant part of national industrial system, playing a crucial role in national economy. Tosome extent, the technological level and innovation ability of complex product system reflectthe level of a nation’s industrial development. Nevertheless, knowledge acquisition, as thevery first step of the innovation process, has been the critical factor which affects theinnovation performance of complex product. Therefore, doing researches on the knowledgeacquisition of complex product innovation is an effective way to promote the knowledgemanagement and independent innovation ability of complex product innovation. It also has asignificant meaning in enforcing the national innovation-driven strategy and promoting theinternational competition.First, through collecting the domestic and overseas related materials, and referring to theexisting research results, this paper defines the concepts of complex product, complex productinnovation, and complex product innovation knowledge acquisition. It illustrates theinteractive relationship between complex product innovation and knowledge acquisition,putting forward the components and basic process of knowledge acquisition in complexproduct innovation. Second, this paper applies the component analysis to obtain theinfluencing factors of knowledge acquisition in the complex product innovation. This paperconstructs the conceptual model and related research hypothesis of knowledge acquisition incomplex product system innovation by using WSR method. The variables and dimensions ofvariables are designed in this paper. It uses the data which is obtained by questionnaire survey,to test the conceptual model and hypothesis, study the influencing factors of knowledgeacquisition in complex product innovation. Third, this paper constructs the knowledgeacquisition system in complex product innovation based on the characteristics of the knowledge acquisition in complex product innovation. The knowledge acquisition systemconsists of three subsystems, which are knowledge resources supporting subsystem,knowledge acquisition processing subsystem, and knowledge acquisition managementsubsystem. This paper designs the incidence relation function of subsystems by deeplyanalyzing every subsystem. It reveals the correlation mechanism of the subsystem of complexproduct innovation knowledge acquisition system. Forth, this paper constructs the workingmechanism of knowledge acquisition system in complex product innovation. The workingmechanism is made up of dynamic mechanism, knowledge acquisition decision-makingmechanism, and knowledge acquisition matching mechanism. The components and functionsof three mechanisms are also illustrated in the paper. Fifth, this paper constructs a simulationmodel of the knowledge acquisition system in complex product innovation by analyzing thecausal relationship between knowledge resources supporting subsystem, knowledgeacquisition processing subsystem, and knowledge acquisition management subsystem. Thesimulation experiment tests the effectiveness and reliability of the model. This paperdistinguishes the key variables in complex product innovation knowledge acquisition systemby the degree to which the variables in the system feedback loop affect the system. And itconfirms the system working leading loop which circles the key variables. At last, combiningwith the bottleneck of Chinese complex product innovation knowledge acquisition, this papergives the countermeasures and advice for promoting the knowledge acquisition performancein complex product system from the following three dimensions: optimizing the systemworking environment, strengthening system operational management, and perfecting thesystem working mechanisms.

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