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Study on Preparation and Applications of Taixi Anthracite/Polyaniline Conductive Composite Materials

Author: ZhangKun
Tutor: ZhouAnNing
School: Xi'an University of Science and Technology
Course: Mineral Processing Engineering
Keywords: Taixi anthracite polyaniline composite material carbon steel anti-corrosioncoating
CLC: TB332
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Taixi anthracite is a high-quality and scarce resource, and development of its highvalue-added utilization technology has caused high attention. Based on the special structureand performance of coal, preparation of functional coal/polymer composites is an effectiveway of implementing high value-added utilization of coal. For development of keytechnology of functional material utilization of Taixi anthracite, preparation of Taixianthracite/polyaniline(TXC/PANI) composites and its application in conductive compositematerials, anti-static materials and anti-corrosion coatings were investigated in this paper.TXC/PANI composites were prepared by in situ oxidation polymerization, and effect ofmass ratio changes of aniline(AN) and TXC on structure and performance of TXC/PANIcomposites doped with HCl was studied. The results show that surface morphology ofTXC/PANI presents layered stack structure. Conductivity of TXC/PANI diminishes with thedecrease of mass ratio of AN and TXC. The conductivity of TXC/PANI remains4.7×10-2S/cmeven if the mass ratio of AN and TXC is10/90. Compared with pure PANI, TXC/PANI hashigher thermal stability.Using TXC/PANI as functional filler and epoxy resin(EP) as matrix, TXC/PANI/EPcomposite materials were prepared by cast molding. The results show that TXC/PANI helps toimprove mechanical properties and anti-static performance of composite materials, which hashigher tensile strength and impact strength when the mass ratio of AN and TXC is75/25,indicating that TXC/PANI and epoxy matrix have good compatibility.TXC/PANI/epoxy anti-corrosion coatings were prepared with TXC/PANI as functionalfiller. The results show that the composite coatings can promote passivation of carbon steelsubstrate, provide anodic protection, and reduce the corrosion rate. With the same additiveamount of filler, the corrosion resistance of composite coatings is mainly improving with theincrease of PANI in filler. The corrosion potential of carbon steel electrode decreases with theimmersion time, while the corrosion current tends to increase, and composite coatings suffer different degree of damage, corrosion resistance also diminishes. The additive amount ofTXC/PANI should be controlled below10wt%(relative to EP). The composite coatings makecorrosion potential of carbon steel electrode increase, the corrosion current reduces1~3ordersof magnitude, while the impedance significantly increases. It was proved that TXC/PANI hasgood anti-corrosion performance.According to above analysis, the anti-corrosion mechanism of coatings is preliminarilyestablished.

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