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The Genetic Diversity Analysis of Three Marine Economy Animals

Author: ZhuLiJing
Tutor: ShenSongDong;ChenShuYin
School: Suzhou University
Course: Cell Biology
Keywords: The four corners of clams Coelomactra Large yellow croaker COI 16S rRNA Microsatellite
CLC: S917.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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In this paper, the mitochondrial COI gene fragment of the 16S rRNA gene fragment sequences and microsatellite marker analysis of the 1.40 clams, Coelomactra two Veneridae, of marine shellfish as well as the large yellow croaker population genetic characteristics. Four corners clams, Coelomactra and large yellow croaker phylogenetic research, germplasm resources surveys, genetic diversity protection as well as strains cultivate and breed improvement to provide the basis of molecular biology. Nantong (NT) and Lianyungang (LYG) four corners clams (Mactra veneriformis), COI sequences for PCR amplification, sequencing and sequence analysis. Sequence analysis showed that 32 haplotypes were detected in the sequence of two groups of 49, 50 variable sites. The two groups haplotype diversity were 0.978 (NT) and 0.897 (LYG), both groups have a rich genetic diversity, and the Nantong groups richer than Lianyungang groups. Similar to the four corners of the clams have been published in GenBank sequence (no.AY874531, AB040846) were greater than 90%, with Chinese clam (M.chinensis), the genetic distance of 0.16. Mitochondrial COI sequences than is consistent with the results of the results with traditional morphological classification. Three groups of 23 individuals (Jiangsu Nantong NT, Changle, Fujian CL, Shandong Jimo JM) Coelomactra 16S rRNA PCR amplification and sequencing analysis. The sequence obtained after comparison to 446 bp, GC content of 41%, 32 variable sites. NJ tree and sequence variation can be seen, the the Changle genetic structure of populations is significantly different from the other two groups. The biotin - bead adsorption the microsatellite enriched Act (FIASCO), screening (Coelomactra antiquata) microsatellite molecular markers, Coelomactra. Obtained containing 38 microsatellite sequences of not less than 5 times the number of repetitions. Perfect type of 68.4%, non-perfect 26.3%, mixed 5.3%. In addition to the probe used in CA and GA two repeat ATTG, CGTG, TGTTG repetitive sequences. Number of microsatellite repeats are mainly concentrated in the 5-46 times, up to 70 times. And 38 primers were designed by PCR screening, a total of 14 pairs of primers amplified target fragment. Applied research to lay the foundation for Coelomactra microsatellite molecular markers. COI sequences were amplified by three groups of 65 individuals (Jiangsu 28, 18, Zhejiang, Fujian, 19), and sequence analysis. Sequence analysis showed that 18 variable sites than on the 625 bp sequence only AT content of GC fairly large yellow croaker COI sequence haplotype was relatively small, Jiangsu genetic diversity of the wild population was significantly higher than in Fujian cultured population, Zhejiang breeding population genetic diversity center.

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