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Research on the Conditions and Effects of Self-association of Anthocyanin from Spine Grape

Author: WeiJiaJing
Tutor: DengJieHong
School: Hunan Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
Keywords: Spine Grape Anthocyanin (SGA) Self-association Purification Degradation Kinetics
CLC: TS201.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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With the development of social economy, health problems become more and more concerned. Pigment is an important additive in food processing, and anthocyanin is a kind of important natural plant pigment, with bright color and wide source and unique physiological functions. But it has poor stability, which greatly limits its application in the field of food. Spine Grape has abundant anthocyanin of high yield and low price, which is a broad prospect of development of resources of the pigment. But the peel in edible or after processing is discarded, resulting in the waste of raw materials. In order to solve these problems, this paper to grape as the research object, the conditions (anthocyanin concentration, pH, temperature, time, purity) of self-association of Spine Grape anthocyanin (SGA) were systematically studied; The characteristic of self-association of SGA in different solutions with simulating water and alcohol conditions of Grape juice and wine were discussed; The article also studied the thermal and light degradation kinetic of self-association of SGA. The results are expected to seek the new technology for anthocyanin stability, provide technical support for Southern Wine, grape juice with color stability and strengthening.The main results are as follows:1With degree of self-association and the kinetic constants of K as the basis, through the single factor experiment, the optimum conditions of SGA from self-association is: concentration of crude extract of SGA0.240mmol/L, pH value3, time60min, temperature20℃; It can obtained three kinds of pure pigment, with anthocyanins followed by HP-20resin and polyamide resin. Under the condition of pH value3, temperature20℃, comparing them from the characteristics of self-association, the results showed that, self-association occurs easily order:anthocyanins of crude extract> anthocyanins after one purification anthocyanins after two times purification, since the strength of the self-association order: anthocyanins after two times purification> anthocyanins after one purification> anthocyanins of crude extract.2The article studied the rules of difference of self-association of SGA in water and alcohol solution, and the results showed that, no matter what solution system, anthocyanin from self-association of strength increased with the increase of anthocyanin concentration, but as a whole, the strength of self-association in alcohol solutions was greater than in water solutions, and anthocyanin in alcohol solutions is prone to self-association than in water solutions. 3It was proved that the thermal degradation of SGA after self-association was accordant with the first-level reaction equation of kinetics. No matter how the purity of anthocyanins, the activation energy (Ea) of occurrence of anthocyanins of self-association was greater than anthocyanins without self-association, which showed the stability of anthocyanins of self-association was improved to some extant; For the SGA of self-association, the activation energy needed for the degradation of anthocyanins of different purity was ordered as Ea (anthocyanins after two times purification)> Ea (anthocyanins after one purification)> Ea (anthocyanins of crude extract). This result indicated that the thermal stability of anthocyanins after two times purification was the best. By using the principle of chemical reaction dynamics, the thermal degradation prediction model of SGA after self-association was established.4It was proved that the light degradation of SGA after self-association was accordant with the zero-level reaction equation of kinetics. No matter how the purity of anthocyanins, the reaction rate constant (ko) of occurrence of anthocyanins of self-association was less than anthocyanins without self-association, which suggested the stability of anthocyanins of self-association was increased; As the SGA of self-association, through the analysis of ko and half-time (ti/2), the light stability of anthocyanins of crude extract was weaker than anthocyanins after purified. In the dark and indoor condition, the light stability of anthocyanins after one purification was better than anthocyanins after two times purification, but under uv light, the light stability of anthocyanins after one purification was weaker than anthocyanins after two times purification. By the analysis of variance, the absorbance of SGA in indoor light and uv light had significant differences with the absorbance in the dark condition.

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