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The Unique of Zhou Zuo Ren’s Petty Bourgeoisie Writing and Its Contemporary Significance

Author: YinLi
Tutor: XiaoBaiRong
School: Guangxi Normal University
Course: Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords: zhou zuo ren Petty bourgeoisie writing unique contemporary significance
CLC: I206.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Zhou zuo ren is a great writer.the history of modern Chinese literature can not erase the memories of his book——"human’s literature", which has established the new literary direction of May Fourth Movement. The essays that Initiated and development by he and his brother Lu Xun,has set a model of modern prose, has been looked as the two peaks of the modern prose.Their success is so big that no one else can achieve. How ever,because of his stain in war against japan,attached to the period, the only standard is the political standard, his name has not be so ofen related to the modern literary, few people talked about his personality and his writings, it was he as a sinner must pay out for who betray his country and the nation.In the 20th century 80’s, multiple standards to replace the only political criteria, the seal of Zhou zuo ren’s study was carefully recovered, the value of his literary achievement was a little bit to re-discover, re-assessment, and gradually form a hotspot which about Zhou zuo ren’s study, those researches on him were more objective, comprehensive, and achieved remarkable results. Looking at existing researches on Zhou zuo ren, mainly in political and literary achievements against the two laws, rather literary achievements studies also focused on his literary views and prose, both awards. Such as Mr. Qian Liqun, Mr. Shu Wu, and Mr. Ni Mo Yan, Mr. Li Jingbin, and Luo Gang, Huang kai fa, Zhao Jinghua, Gu Lang chuan, Ha ying fei etc. all this scholars make study about Zhou zuo ren from the liberal, humanitarian, cultural and other aspects of traditional multi-perspective,those studies help us to understand the Humanitarianism of his papers,and open many doors for us, showing an objective, three-dimensional zhou zuo ren.In many studies, specifically from the perspective of the bourgeoisie that cut over the research about zhou zuo ren, the author has not yet found.In fact, zhou zuo ren his own petty bourgeoisie has great influence on his literary conception and creating, so that his writing presents a unique charm, which makes durable resistance to reading his work and highly respected. With the timeless value and charm. Contemporary popular culture, the bourgeoisie, petty bourgeoisie written unprecedented prosperity, but both the general public or professional critics, the evaluation of contemporary writing is not high bourgeoisie, the petty bourgeoisie of contemporary writing is considered vague, impetuous false, these texts are always lost soul, these works flooded, people mistakenly believe that writing is a waste petty bourgeoisie, the dross, there is no merit. This is biased, Petty still has merit in writing, such as its freedom of expression, adherence to the natural character is worthy of recognition. Deviation of this understanding is the germinal point of this paper. Caused a dramatic contrast to identify the reasons behind this, and tries to write the contemporary bourgeoisie,looks for a little inspiration and reference, this is the purpose of this paper. Therefore, this paper start from the perspective of the bourgeoisie, trying to find Petty zhou’s unique writing, this unique existence with its own bourgeoisie what kind of relationship, to explore the unique charm of writing deep ideological roots, and the Contemporary Petty inspiration to write reference. This is innovation of this thesis.This Paper is divided into three chapters, plus conclusion, the paper is made of four parts.In the first chapter, I try to carding cognitives about "Petty" which from West and East, focus on clearance, "Petty" external representation and the concept of inner spirit, makes the "bourgeoisie" to have a clearer understanding; confirm zhou zuo ren’s "Petty" role, the bourgeoisie which is different from other’s. the "Petty" role determined zhou zuo ren’s writing is not from traditoinal writing,which is more about grand narrative and ideology. It is filled with "Petty" style, in genre, language, style all aspects of culture and embodies the "Petty bourgeoisie" style and spirit.zhou zuo ren’s writing is different from ordinary Bourgeoisie writing, unique in the subject matter outside the main embodiment, the inner spirit and style in three aspects, the paper tries to traditional culture, Western culture and Japanese culture to find unique roots which deeply behind ideological,find out the combined effects of a variety of cultures, created the unique charm of zhou zuo ren’s" Petty" writing. The Theories of the traditional culture, Western culture and Japanese culture and learn, always adhere to human nature, world vision, permeated with individual freedom, independent, people-oriented spirit, it is this spirit, the writing makes zhou zuo ren’s thought look like with a thick quality. It is what I want to say in the second chapter.In the last chapter,I tried to find the failure to identify the crux of the contemporary bourgeoisie writing, contrast with zhou zuo ren Petty writing. Try to point out that the contemporary bourgeoisie writing is lost Humanism, Enlightenment ideals and rationalism were subversive, to write into the field of extreme individuals. According to Habermas’s public space theory, that the individual in the field of literature and harmony in the public sphere, focusing only on individuals, starting from personal experience, writing personal space, can only narrow in scope, character is built upon common. But only people-oriented, starting from the people, can lead to public space by the personal space to be recognized. This is exactly the significance of this thesis lies the practice.

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