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A Study on Implicature in Gossip Girl from the Perspective of Relevance Theory

Author: ZhangHong
Tutor: ChengXiaoGuang
School: Liaoning Normal University
Course: English Language and Literature
Keywords: Implicature Relevance theory Cooperative principle Gossip Girl
CLC: H313
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Implicature is an important phenomenon in pragmatics. One factor to influence a successful communication is that whether both parties in communication could truly achieve implicature or not. Among the studies on implicature carried out by many linguists, some outstanding theories include Grice’s cooperative principle, Sperber and Wilson’s relevance theory, Horn’s Q-and R-principles and Levinson’s Q-, I-and M-principles. This thesis only chooses relevance theory to analyze implicature.Aim of this thesis is to systematically illustrate and analyze the concept, classification and generation of implicatures, and to figure out communicative strategies and then to promote a successful communication in the framework of relevance theory.This thesis firstly reviews different approaches to the study on implicature, including Grice’s cooperative principle, Sperber and Wilson’s relevance theory, Horn’s Q-and R-principles and Levinson’s Q-, I-and M-principles. Although every theory has its own merit and demerit, this thesis only focuses on the study of implicature from the perspective of relevance theory. On the following, this thesis introduces relevance theory. In relevance theory, communication is regarded as an ostensive and inferential one, including informative intention and communicative intention. Meantime, Sperber and Wilson come up with explicature and implicature. There are two steps from explicature to implicature:the first step is to obtain implied premises and the second step is to infer implied conclusions. Then in order to explain implicature from the perspective of relevance theory, this thesis uses some actual examples. In this part, some conversations are selected from popular American TV play Gossip Girl and then some classical conversations are picked out. According to the development of the play, implicatures of these conversations are analyzed from four aspects, including ostension and inference, cognitive context, optimal relevance and consequences of relevance theory. Through analyzing, it is obvious that characters always express their thoughts in an indirect way, which generates implicatures, and then achieve successful communication. At last this thesis illustrates findings of the study, limitations of the study and suggestions for future study.This thesis analyzes implicature in the framework of relevance theory. During the process of analyzing, it is clear that features of this thesis are the followings:firstly, it can help both English learners and fans understand characters’ characteristics deeply and appreciate TV plays at a higher level, and then form a good way of learning English. Secondly, it proves the feasibility of analyzing TV plays from the perspective of pragmatics. Finally, it helps people find out communicative strategies and skills for successful communication by means of analyzing TV plays from the perspective of pragmatics.

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