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Experimental Research about Improving Students' Self-efficacy of Broadcasting Gymnastics Teaching in Primary School

Author: ZhaoLin
Tutor: ZhiErLin
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
Keywords: preliminary school self-efficacy broadcasting gymnastics teaching
CLC: G623.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology and productivity,people’s material life to obtain the safeguard, people pay more attention to their healthproblems, especially psychological and mental health problems. Psychological research hasgradually become the focus of attention in the research of self-efficacy in recent yearsgradually scholars’ interest, receiving more and more attention. Self-efficacy theo ry is thepsychology of social cognitive theory as the most influential of the school. Self-efficacy inhuman behavior operating activities is a powerful inner strength, to control and adjustbehavior has a very important role. Research has shown that the improvement of the standardof self-efficacy can promote the development of ability to improve related learning activities,self-efficacy belief to academic performance level has a certain effect. In the sports teaching,self-efficacy on students’ mastery of the skills is very apparent effect. In recent years, thedomestic and international sports and scholars began to self-efficacy in the sports field theimportant role and significance increased understanding and the understanding, they begin topay close attention to the research work and achieved certain results.Primary school students in the key period of psychological form, good self-efficacybelief and self-efficacy level can enhance students’ self-confidence, so as to improve thesuccess rate of skill learning. At the same time, because of the skills transfer of primaryschool students in sports field have higher self-efficacy level will migrate to the life andacademic and other fields, and the primary school students in other areas, and self-efficacybelief and self-efficacy formation play a good role in promoting, never in the future life,learning and work produce a far-reaching influence. So, on children’s sports teaching(broadcasting gymnastics teaching) self-efficacy research for the development ofundertakings of physical culture and students’ long-term development has very importantsignificance and valueThis study uses documentation method, expert interview method, experimental method,questionnaire survey and mathematical statistics and so on. Through those methods, thispaper focuses on students’ self-efficacy affect factors and indicators of primary schoolbroadcasting gymnastics teaching and preliminary concluded:First, Success or failure experience in elementary school broadcasting gymnasticsteaching of primary school students’ self-efficacy has an important influence on the formationof, success will make students build up good personal effectiveness of faith, and failure willreduce the ability of student’s own judgment.Second, Model demonstration formation of alternative experience raises the level of students’ self-efficacy and obvious effect.Third, Persuasion is the efficiency factor beneficial auxiliary.Fourth, Cardiac regulation is also influence self-efficacy formation is an important factor,including achievement motivation and goal orientation.Fifth, Efficiency factors usually is integrated to efficiency beliefs play a role, students inthe integration of many performance factors, using the rules may be vary from person toperson, but can be extracted from integration useful information to improve their own ability.Sixth, Efficiency factors on the efficiency of the influence of students’ beliefs accordingto the effect degree of difference influence from high to low in order to: success or failureexperience, alternative experience, verbal advice, cardiac regulation and physical andemotional state.Seventh, Because of self-efficacy level of ascension in the teaching of the experimentalstudy, the achievement improved. Self-efficacy level of ascension is a variety of performancefactors common stimulation results. The improvement of the effectiveness of students’ faithrequires some time as a prerequisite and guarantee.According to influence students’ self-efficacy formation of various factors and primaryschool students learning practice, this paper suggests:First, Due to the comprehensive application of the efficiency factors, effect is moresignificant and the efficiency factor has its unique role, it is suggested that the teacher aim atthe specific teaching situation, integrated apply a variety of performance incentives, in orderto better improve the students’ self-efficacy belief. At the same time, teachers should also payattention to students’ integrated ability (information processing cognitive skills level) thecultivation and improvement, so that the students can effectively use all kinds of informationresources, obtain favorable factors.Second, in view of the efficiency factors on self-efficacy belief and self-efficacy ofdifferent effects, it is suggested that the teacher in the sports teaching the role as far aspossible to large degree of effectiveness factors as the main stimulus factors, at the same timecomplementary with other types of incentives, in order to get the best effect of stimulationpreferred.Third, in view of self-efficacy belief improve need a certain amount of time to ensurethat, it is suggested that the teacher in the sports teaching the if applied self-efficacy factorsstimulate the need for a long time teaching plan, to ensure the effectiveness of variousstimulus to play its full role.

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