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Effects of High Efficiency Feed Enzyme and Microecology Complex Preparation in Piglets

Author: LuQun
Tutor: YangHuanMin;YanHongChang
School: Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University
Course: Cultivation
Keywords: Enzyme microecology Ferment Growth performance Immunodeficiency Intestinal flora
CLC: S828.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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With the development of China's factory pig piglet diarrhea caused by the loss. Enzymes and probiotics with its natural, no residue, safe and reliable and does not produce drug resistance, etc. become antibiotic alternatives, is the research hotspot. The test through the study of the effect of application of enzymes probiotics, formulated on the piglet production performance, immunity, anti-diarrhea and other quality enzyme microecology complex preparation, which will bring about development of pollution-free green pig industry has important theoretical significance and practical value. Test: prepared by solid state fermentation production of Lactobacillus casei, Luo Yishi Lactobacillus liquid fermentation culture of Bacillus natto. In this study, optimization Lactobacillus casei Luoyi Shi Lactobacillus fermentation conditions: temperature 37 ° C, pH 6.5, medium volume 60%, 3% of the inoculum size; the Bacillus natto fermentation conditions for the temperature 37 ° C, pH6 .0, shaker at 180 rpm, liquid volume in 20%, inoculum size 3%. Test preparation probiotics containing probiotic viable count of 3 × 109 cfu / g or more. Test: the the Application Test prepared the microecology composite formulations and Guangdong Zhaoqing Hua Fen the feed enzymes Ltd. production Huafen enzyme by a certain percentage ratio to produce a highly efficient feed the enzyme and microecological composite formulations. The selection grew up in around 15 kg Du ternary hybrid lean piglets 150 test, set up two control groups and three test groups. Were fed different proportions of the enzyme microecological composite preparations and its application effect is observed after feeding 30d. The results showed that the enzymes and probiotics has a certain synergy; 0.3% in the proportion of added enzyme preparation on piglet weight gain, improved feed conversion rate, prevention of diarrhea, increase economic efficiency aspects of the effect of the most significant. Test: the collection of blood samples after the end of the trial, the separation of the serum, serum lysozyme content, leucocyte phagocytosis, lymphocyte transformation rate determination. The results show that, the best ratio of enzymes and probiotics has a significant role in the improvement of serum lysozyme content. Add probiotics little effect on lymphocyte transformation rate and leucocyte phagocytosis, but can continue to add the enzyme preparation leucocyte phagocytosis and lymphocyte transformation rate were increased by 12.58% and 17.71%. Instructions the enzyme the microecology composite formulations of the body's cells and humoral immunity are very good results, you can enhance the body resistance. Experiment 4: various dates after the start of the test, respectively, collecting fecal samples were analyzed the intestinal flora. The results show that the addition containing Lactobacillus casei, Luo Yishi Lactobacillus the Bacillus natto probiotics can improve intestinal Clostridium number of anaerobic digestion lactis, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and effectively reduce E. coli quantity. But the difference was not significant change in the number of enterococci. This indicates that feeding probiotics can effectively regulate the the piglet intestinal microflora, increase the number of beneficial bacteria, reduce the number of harmful bacteria such as E. coli, thereby reducing the incidence of diarrhea. The test on the basis of adding probiotics, add a different proportion of complex enzyme preparation, the test results show that a certain increase in the number of beneficial intestinal flora of piglets adding different proportions of complex enzyme, but the difference was not significant . To sum up, the enzyme microecological composite formulations can significantly improve piglet growth performance, feed conversion rate, and enhance the ability of the immune regulating the piglet intestinal microbial flora, and the prevention of the occurrence of diarrhea, and improve economic efficiency.

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