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Research on Broussonetia Papyrifera Homogeneous Particleboard

Author: JiangXuePing
Tutor: LuJiSheng;HouLunDeng
School: Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: Papyrifera Homogeneous Particleboard Crafts Performance Mechanism
CLC: TS653
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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China's forest resources are scarce, many domestic wood plant are facing a shortage of raw materials predicament, vigorously develop artificial fast-growing trees to ease the contradiction of China's timber demand is one important way. The fast-growing institutions tree has a wide distribution, fast growth, adaptability, strong resistance, suckering strong, high economic efficiency, ease the shortage of raw materials of wood-based panels new resources. Homogeneous particleboard the table core layer density differences narrow, relatively uniform sheet structure, excellent performance, a wide range of uses, is particleboard considerable vitality and prospects for the development of new products. Therefore, has become a fast-growing paper mulberry wood developed homogeneous particleboard new research topics in the wood based panel industry in China, has a practical significance. In this paper, the speed the raw the papyrifera timber homogeneous particleboard developed, study the chemical composition of the structure tree wood shavings fiber morphology, modified UF curing mechanism, through interaction the orthogonal experiment repression papyrifera Homogeneous Particleboard, get the most The good process parameters, in-depth study of the influence of the main process parameters on the performance of the boards, and for the plate performance testing and mechanism to explore and provide a theoretical basis for the production. The chemical composition analysis, papyrifera wood shavings the morphological and shavings screening analysis results show that: the papyrifera xylem holocellulose content of 84.01%, the holocellulose content phloem 79.04%; cellulose content of the xylem and phloem are about 42% ; xylem lignin content of 17.63%, 11.69% lignin content of the phloem. Papyrifera wood fibers have an average length of 0.9mm, and an average width of 23 μm, an aspect ratio of 37.39, and the average wall to lumen ratio of 0.33, belonging to the scope of the intermediate fiber. Homogeneous Particleboard shavings papyrifera average thickness is 0.3mm ~ 0.4mm, the thickness of the core layer shavings range between 0.45mm ~ 0.9mm; surface shavings thickness in the range 0.20mm ~ 0.45mm between. Papyrifera shavings fibers having the ability to better interleaving can be used as a preferred raw material of homogeneous particleboard. Use JC2000A contact angle measuring device of MUF the surface moist performance determination learned: papyrifera wood shavings and MUF close contact to form a strong bond strength. Using differential scanning calorimeter (Differential Scanning Calorimetry, DSC) to study the different amount of curing agent curing reaction of modified UF. The results show that: the curing agent is added in an amount of 1%, the in uniform premise exothermic, can guarantee a certain time under the curing degree. Test Results: the surface shavings curing agent content is 1%, the core layer of wood shavings curing agent content of 1.5%, to ensure that the curing speed. Homogeneous Particleboard been developed Broussonetia orthogonal experiment optimum conditions: hot pressing pressure 2.5MPa, hot pressing temperature 160 ℃, hot pressing time 36s/mm, surface moisture content of 15%, the amount of sizing (surface: the core layer ) was 12%: 8%, 5% of the bark content. Homogeneous particleboard pressed papyrifera GB/T17657-1999 \MPa, thickness swelling of less than 8.0%, within the combined strength of 1.24 MPa, to GB/T4897-2003 \Analyzed by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (Fourier Transformation Infrared Spectroscopy, FTIR): Homogeneous Particleboard papyrifera at 2921 cm-1, 1736 cm-1, 1417 cm-1, 1070 cm-1 showed the absorption peak that papyrifera wood fiber surface chemical structure is not a major change by crushing, while the increase in the number of free hydroxyl groups, will help to improve the structure of tree shavings with adhesive bond performance. R-ray densitometer analysis: plate an average density of 883 kg/m3, uniform surface the highest density 912kg/m3, the core layer minimum density 849kg/m3, the density distribution of the core layer, there is no apparent lowest point minimum core layer density 849kg/m3 96% of the average density of 883kg/m3. Papyrifera homogeneous particleboard after sanding the VDP can be divided into an upper and lower surface layer and the core layer was distributed symmetrically on both sides, and along the slab center. Perforation extraction measured structure tree homogeneous particleboard formaldehyde emission E1 grade sheet to meet environmental standards.

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