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Experimental Studies of Cellular Adhesion Motif RGD(S) on Controlling Gastric-tumor Cell MKN-45

Author: BaiJiaHui
Tutor: WangQingGuo
School: Jilin University
Course: Clinical
Keywords: RGD-peptides Survivin Caspase-3 gastric-tumor cell MKN-45 apoptosis
CLC: R735.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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L-arginine-glycine-l-aspartic acid (Arg-Gly-Asp, RGD) three-peptide sequence is the basic composition of multiple Extracellular matrix (ECM) protein Extracellular matrices and plasma protein structure, Many pathology processes are related with abnormal ECM functions. The adhesion of RGD peptide, integrin receptor mediated cells and extracellular matrix is the important foundation way of cell migration and recognition which closely related with many biological processes, using RGD peptide competitive combination integrin receptor for preventing cancer cells and ECM combination and achieving inhibiting tumor cell adhesion and transfer effect. With the development of research, people find that RGD sequence is widely distributed in different evolutionary levels of biological species, even in the same kind of organisms, the extracellular matrix and blood and variety of ingredients, and studies havefound that cell surface also exists RGD sequence. So the peptide or compounds containing RGD treatment of some important disease is expected to become the new preparations. Such peptide adhesion also becomes a new target for drug designing. We studied the influence of human cancer cell lines RGDS MKN-45 from two aspects.1) studied on cancer cell lines RGDS proliferation of MKN-45 growth impact.2) studied on RGDS induced gastric cancer cell lines of people MKN-45 apoptosis mechanisms.Objectives:To validate the influence of cancer cell RGDS and to provide theoretical basis for its application in cancer therapyMethods:1) studied on cancer cell lines RGDS proliferation of MKN-45 growth impact: with different concentrations and at different time points (12,24 and 48,72 h) after RGD stimulation with different concentrations MTT method for detecting RGD peptide MKN gastric cancer cell is the influence of cell proliferation capacity.2) studied on RGDS induced gastric cancer cell lines of people MKN-45 apoptosis mechanisms:MKN-45 cells within 20 mu g/ml,50 mu g/ml, and 100 muon g/ml RGD concentrations after 12 hours and 48 hours, through the Western blotting method to detect cells caspase-3 Survivin protein and the expression level.Results: 1) with different concentrations MTT method for detecting RGD peptide MKN gastric cancer cell is the influence of cell proliferation capacity, MKN cells RGD to cancer of the stomach that specific binding,After RGD peptide processing by the stomach cancer cell proliferation capacity significantly reduced.2) through the Western blotting law shows in the inside the cell RGD Survivin under the effect of lower positie. Cell apoptosis caspase-3 landmark protein also has become activated dependently by RGD concentration. The results showed that RGDS suppresses antiapoptotic protein expression of Survivin, thus facilitating cell apoptosis.Conclusions:1) RGD human cancer cell lines can inhibit the growth of MKN-45 cells.2) RGD can induce gastric cancer cell lines MKN-45 apoptosis.

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