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A Study on Confucian’s Thought of Women’s Education in Han Dynasty

Author: YangYi
Tutor: RenYiMing
School: Southwestern University
Course: History of Education
Keywords: Han Dynasty Confucian Women's Education Educational Thought Biography of Women Female Commandments
CLC: G529
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Education is an important practical activities of human society, and to enhance the quality of its human, the formation of the national character, cultural heritage and innovation, the development of social civilization and plays an important role. Women accounted for half of the total amount of human, their growth and development is of great significance to the development of human society as a whole, and education in the female growth, increasing importance in the development, but difficult. Chinese women's education has always been social emphasis on family. China has a long tradition of women's education, especially in the Confucian woman education impact most significantly, the form and content of their education, not only the continuation of thousands of years, but there is still a profound impact on modern China and even in today's society. Therefore, in-depth study of the Chinese Confucian woman education, try to explore the law of development, summed up the historical experience of Chinese female education is good for national benefit humanity, good for education. Han Dynasty China's feudal era pioneered period Confucian Women education ideas with far-reaching impact on the history of women's education in ancient China. This article explore the main content of the educational ideas of the Han Dynasty Confucian woman, characteristics, evolution, spread mainly through its emergence and development of the social and historical background and factors, to spy on Chinese Confucian characteristics of the Women's Educational Thought and its revelation to the educational development of the contemporary woman, at the same time educational thinking of the Han Dynasty Confucian woman can provide useful lessons for today's education and women's education, in order to benefit the cause of education is more robust, harmonious development. This thesis study from the following five aspects of the Han Dynasty Confucian Women's Educational Thought: The first part, namely the preamble, the main reason to introduce the study of topics and research object, content and concept to define and study the ideas, methods, and the focus of the study, the difficulties and innovation. The second part of a brief exposition of ancient Chinese women's education and women's education thinking. Educational Thought and practice as the two major factors of the development of education, the development between the two is not always synchronized, there is a relationship between action and reaction. The development of ancient Chinese women's education and women's education thinking as well. Their formation and development over time and gradually formed. China's feudal society, Confucianism as the guiding ideology, women's education as an integral part of the Confucian education, both Confucian Educational Thoughts the extended and implement in the field of women's education, is also an integral part of the Confucian education and its ideological development process. The focus of the third part explores the main content of the Han Dynasty Confucian woman education thinking, characteristics and evolution. Han Dynasty Confucian important formative years of women's educational theory, and had a profound impact on future generations, especially in the Western Han Dynasty Liu Xiang Biography of Women and the Eastern Han Ban Zhao's \Includes four major areas of the main features of the Han Dynasty Confucian Women's Educational Thought \Discrimination of Women's Educational Thought \The sexes Development designed for women, women's educational content development consists of seven \The fourth part of the main social background and causes of the formation and development of the Han Dynasty Confucian Women's Educational Thought. Education is an important part of the practice of human society, educational philosophy stems from the understanding of human social, political, economic, cultural and education is a part of social awareness, therefore, the formation of the Women's Educational Thought of the Han Dynasty Confucian is a combination of factors results. Specifically, the Han Dynasty political, economic, social customs constitute a particular social and historical conditions, social and cultural atmosphere of \the social background of the development, but also contributed to its development. The fifth part of the historical influence of the Han Dynasty Confucian Women's Educational Thought and Its Contemporary Enlightenment tentative discussion. Han Dynasty Confucian woman thinking on education, on the basis of the pre-Qin Confucian woman educational theory, combined with the Han Dynasty actual the creative inheritance and development for the Han Dynasty and its reference model after the ancient development of the education of women. Once its formation, deep into the lives of ordinary people of the lower from the upper social strata gradually spread through family education and social education, making the concept of Confucian education for girls. As can be seen, typical characters and the overall development of women have a key role in the emergence and development of the process of the educational ideas of the Han Dynasty Confucian woman; The national advocacy thinkers played a powerful role in guiding lead; non-synchronization between educational practices and educational thought , but are interdependent and mutually reinforcing.

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