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The Changes of Intestinal Barrier Functional in Rats with SAP and the Effection of QingYi Ⅱ

Author: CaiZhiFang
Tutor: DuiDanHua
School: Zunyi Medical College,
Course: Surgery
Keywords: Severe acute pancreatitis Diamine oxidase D-lactate Intestinal--barrier functional Traditional Chinese medicine QingYiⅡ
CLC: R657.51
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Objective:To observed the injury of intestinal barrier function in rats with SAP.and explored the effection of the traditional Chinese Medicine QingYi II on rats with severe acute pancreatitis complicated with intestinal barrier functional distur-bance (IBFD). which provided experimental basis for QingYiⅡto further clinical development and applications.Methods:104 healthy SD rats were randomly divided into five groups:sham operation group (A group, n=8);SAP model group (Bgroup, n=24); QingYi II-treated group (Cgroup, n=24); Glutamine-treated group (Dgroup, n=24); QingYiⅡand Glutamine-treated group(Egroup, n=24). Animals in group A were only flipped the intestinal canal; SAP model was established by retrograde injection of 3% sodium taurocholate into bilio-pancreatic duct of rats in group B、C、D、E.Rats in Group A、B were fed with saline; the group C were fed with QingYi II and the group D were fed with Glutamine.the group E were fed with QingYi II and Glutamine. after SAP model had been established,rats were sacrificed respectively at 6h、12h and 24h.blood, pancreatic and intestinal tissue samples were clollected. the Concentrations of serum-AMY、TNF-a、DAO、D-lactate were measured.Pathologic change of intestinal and pancreatic were observed by microscope.The ileum were observed by electron microscope.Results:Compared with the group A, the ascites、serum-AMY、TNF-a、DAO、D-lactate in group B、C、D、E were increased significantly at 6h、12h、24h (P<0.01),and those were diffrences significantly at 6h、12h、24h in respectively group B、C、D、E. Compared with the group B, the ascites、serum-AMY、TNF-a、DAO、D-lactate in group C、D、E decreased at 6h、12h、24h (P<0.05), and there were diffrences at 6h、12h、24h but the ascites. Compared with the group E, the ascites、serum-AMY、TNF-a、DAO、D-lactate in Group C and D were increase at 6h、12h、24h (P<0.05).Compared with the group A, The Pathological scores of pancreas in group B、C、D、E increased at 6h、12h、24h (P<0.01);Compared with the group B, The Pathological scores of pancreas in group C、D、E decreased at 6h、12h、24h (P<0.05), The Pathological scores of pancreas were not diffrenct between group C and group D; but that in group E was less (P<0.05).The Pathological scores of the ileum in Group B、C、D、E were higher than that in Group A at 6h(P<0.05);Compared with the group B, The Pathological scores of pancreas in group C、D、E were significantly decreased at 12h、24h (P<0.05), and notdiffrence between group C and groupD(P>0.05); that in group E was less than group C at 6h、12h、24h (P<0.05).The intestinal microvilli is clear, the number of multiple,vertical,raised and arranged in neat in group A;the intestinal is ischemia,necrosis,loss of microvilli in group A,the intestinal microvilli in group C is less than that in group A,and more than group B. its surface microvilli atrophy got short and arranged less neatly. Transmission electron microscopy showed the A group of intestinal epithelial endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria slightly swollen microvilli normal structure in group A; microvilli damage, swelling, swelling of intestinal epithelial cells significantly, showing early apoptotic cells in group B.Conclusion:There is the injury of intestinal barrier function in rats with SAP. The traditional Chinese medicine QingYiⅡplayed an important role in prtecting in rats SAP complicated with IBFD.Combinating QingYiⅡand Glutamine is better.

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