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Studies on Quality Standards of Marsdeniae Tenacissimae Caulis, Polygoni Cuspidati Rhizoma Et Radix and Xiaoliu Capsule

Author: LiHuaLi
Tutor: ChenDaoFeng
School: Fudan University
Course: Pharmacognosy
Keywords: Xiaoliu capsules Quality standards Content determination Marsdenia H Marsdenia glycosides Polygonum cuspidatum Emodin Polydatin HPLC UPLC Microwave extraction Salvianolic acid B
CLC: R286
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Xiaoliu capsule from Yunnan folk recipe Xiaoliu bulk, by Cyperi, Marsdenia Salvia, Polygonum cuspidatum, Achyranthes, citrus aurantium 20 herbs for the treatment of uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. Our group has been completed of Xiaoliu capsule and its intermediates preparation process and quality standards. Xiaoliu taste a few main drug capsule, Marsdenia still lack specificity determination method, Polygonum cuspidatum the Missing Pieces quality control standards. The quality standard of papers on the vine herbs and Polygonum cuspidatum Pieces of clearance, to better control the quality of the drug substance, to prepare for the production of safe and effective Xiaoliu capsule formulation. And salvianolic acid B Determination Xiaoliu capsule, so that the the capsule quality standards of Xiaoliu more perfect. The Marsdenia dill mushroom Division milk Genus pass the relations rattan Marsdenia tenacissima (Roxb) Wight et Arn dry cane. For the treatment of many types of cancer, bronchitis, is a promising anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine. The 2010 version of \This paper choose the ingredient specificity Marsdenia - Marsdenia glycosides H (tenacissoside H) HPLC determination as index components. This experiment were collected the 11 herbs batch Marsdenia, the test solution extracted with methanol, and acetonitrile - water (50:50) as the mobile phase, evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD) detection and determination of the 11 batches of herbs Marsdenia Marsdenia glycosides H content, and calculate the content of dry goods. The experimental results show that the glycosides H, Marsdenia in 0.5625-36.00μg quality within the injection volume showed a good linear relationship between the logarithm of the number of peak area (r = 0.9998), the average recovery rate was 99.40%, RSD = 1.75 % (n = 6). The 11 batches Marsdenia herbs calculated on dry goods, 0.1483% -0.6871% glycosides H content Marsdenia different the vine herbs in clearance rattan glycosides H content of different origin clearance. According to the experimental results, it is recommended that the calculation of dry goods, clearance rattan the glycoside H content shall not be less than 0.12%. This thesis is to establish a HPLC method for the determination of customs clearance of rattan in rattan glycosides H content and develop content limits for the the quality evaluation Marsdenia provides a scientific basis. Polygonum cuspidatum has the dampness Tuihuang, Qingrejiedu Polygonaceae plant Polygonum cuspidatum Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb.et Zucc dried rhizome and root. The 2010 version of \quality standards. Traits to identify the subject of a collection of 16 batches of Polygonum TLC identification, moisture, total ash, acid insoluble ash checks, Determination of alcohol-soluble extract and emodin, polydatin Determination. Experimental results show that the the Polygonum moisture content of 8.90% to 10.93%, total ash content of 2.07% to 4.23%, acid insoluble ash 0.14% to 0.89%, the alcohol-soluble extract content of 11.38% to 15.62%, emodin content calculated on dry goods 1.41% to 2.25%, the The Polydatin content of 1.37% -3.91% calculated on dry goods. According to the experimental results, it is recommended that no more than 12.0% moisture, no more than 5.0% of the total ash, acid insoluble ash not more than 1.0%, the extract of not less than 9.0%, of not less than 1.10% of the dry goods count emodin, Polydatin many 1.05%. This thesis is to develop the Polygonum quality standards provide the basis and reference. Reflect the quality of Polygonum cuspidatum herbs for a more comprehensive, more efficient, this paper established the UPLC-microwave extraction method for the determination of emodin and Polygonum cuspidatum Polydatin five main active ingredient in the emodin, resveratrol, anthracene glycosides B the content, results showed that the content of the five ingredients Polydatin gt; anthracene glycosides B gt; emodin gt; resveratrol gt; physcion, the content of each component trends are basically the same. The UPLC-microwave extraction method for the determination of the cuspidatum five main active ingredient content of this thesis, for Polygonum cuspidatum herbs quality control to provide an efficient, controllable method. Xiaoliu capsule quality standards, the paper added that new Xiaoliu capsules Determination of salvianolic acid B, determination of the three batches Xiaoliu capsules salvianolic acid B content, and develop content limits. Sodium bicarbonate solution in methanol extract, prepared for the test solution and extracted with ethyl acetate, methanol - acetonitrile -0.5% formic acid (5:21:74) as the mobile phase, 286nm detection. The experimental results show that the linearity of salvianolic acid B at 0.0027 ~ 1.500mg/ml concentration range a good relationship (r = 0.9998), the average sample recovery was 96.5%, RSD = 2.59% (n = 5), 3 batches Xiaoliu Capsules salvianolic acid B 0.2522 ~ 0.2696mg / g. Proposed removing tumor capsule contents salvianolic acid B shall not be less than 0.24 mg / g. Established HPLC method the determination Xiaoliuwan capsule salvianolic acid B content, and develop content limits, improve the quality standards of Xiaoliu capsules.

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