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To the inner of the ceremony by the external rites

Author: ChenBiQiang
Tutor: YangZeBo
School: Fudan University
Course: Chinese Philosophy
Keywords: Mencius Ceremony External rites Inherent gift of Internalized
CLC: B222.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Abstract: The inheritance of the Duke of Zhou ritual music ceremony in Confucius and Mencius is not the same. Mencius said, \\produce the different and weeks holes rites. So, what the difference is, because it generated, and what consequences it will bring on to become a have to think about the problem. Confucius inherited mainly outside of the ceremony, the political system, a code of ethics, as well as down the ceremony moved to the level of social customs. The Mencius ceremony, he also concerned about the level of the political system in many innovative and groundbreaking rites of political system than Confucius terms. But when it comes to ceremony on the level of ethical norms, between Confucius and his differences. Confucius said level of ethical norms, the ceremony is still outside of the ceremony, that is, a complete set of code of conduct. But Mencius the premise certainly outside of the ceremony, go to this level on the route to the heart on Rites ceremony internalization become the hearts of moral rules and standards of conduct. The so-called \In this sense, I and in artifacts form is to distinguish the provisions ceremony, then put forward the concept of \The inward process can see from Confucius clues. Confucius salute to find a heart according to Ren release ceremony. Benevolent visible Ren immanence. This interpretation opens the way for later Mencius further incorporated into the ceremony in the heart one possible dimension. Introverted development after Simeng school to Mencius, where the ceremony eventually became respectful politely refuse the heart has become the heart of the moral law and standards of behavior, became a moral basis. Inherent gift of belonging to the category of ethics, Mencius ceremony into the hearts of the moral law and standards of conduct in terms of the level of the ceremony on ethical norms, it is not in terms of the level of the ceremony on the political system, it should be noted. Through research Ritual Thought of Mencius, we can see the internal differentiation of Confucianism after Confucius, especially Simeng School embody Confucian internalization process of evolution. The article is divided into four chapters. The first chapter discusses Discussion of Confucian thought behind the of Confucius to Ren auxiliary ceremony, a split between Germany and bit, he made every effort in order to compensate for the rift between the two. Second chapter deals with the external rites of Mencius, pointed out that the the Mencius external rites include two aspects of political systems and ethical norms, he is foreign in the gift of the interpretation and the interpretation compared to a lot of innovations and breakthroughs in Confucius . The third chapter discusses the inherent gift of Mencius, that certainly outside of the ceremony, Mencius further the ceremony into the hearts of the moral law and standards of conduct by Confucius said \. The fourth chapter analyzes the reasons from outside to inside, and the resulting significance and impact of Confucianism, pointed out that Confucius benevolence release ceremony later Mencius will be included in the ceremony of the four-terminal to become respectful politely refuse the heart, opening a possible dimension and the positive and negative consequences it brings a careful analysis.

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